New Book: The Electromagnetic Self

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

This book examines humans and other living beings as electromagnetic fields of energy. Learn about electromagnetic healing, the spine as an antenna, the subconscious manipulation of group-energy-fields and mass indoctrination, the electromagnetic causes of violence, human magnetoreception, street-lamp-interference and other paranormal phenomena, the memory of water, cities and landscapes as closed and open energy circuits, recharging yourself and many other arcane and fascinating topics unknown to most people.

Table of Contents

1 Humans as Electric Circuits and Batteries

2 Criminal Violence and Electromagnetic Fields

3 You are a Luminous Being

4 Your Spine as an Electromagnetic Antenna

5 The Bioelectric Influence of Human Beings

6 Human Magnetoreception

7 The SLI Effect

8 The Energy-Prison

9 Group Energy and Mass Indoctrination

10 Electromagnetic Healing

11 The Memory of Water

12 “Science” is repackaged Spirituality


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