Your Natural Telepathy

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Your Natural Telepathy is an 8 part audio-course in sending, receiving and blocking thoughts and feelings. You learn that Telepathy is native to every human being. It need not be trained, developed or learned. But most people suppress the talent because they don’t know how to process the overwhelming amount of knowledge gained. This audio course allows for a more conscious and relaxed approach to Telepathy. If you follow the exercises, you will teach yourself how to send and receive thoughts, how to block people from receiving your thoughts and how to block others unwanted energies and thoughts as well as how to act as a positive influence on those around you.

The course was a lot of fun for me to make and I trust it will be fun for you to practice.

The Course is available to Reality Creation Gold Members and can be accessed from this page.


Frederick Dodson



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