My adventurous escape from Covid Madness – Part 2

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

You can read Part 1 of my escape from the Covid Dictatorship of New Zealand here. (Ever since I wrote that article, New Zealand has updated its website, listing which people are exempt from Quarantine. It’s almost as if someone read my article).

I had taken a flight from New Zealand to Munich, Germany. I’ve lived there for many years, so I knew people there. I’d stay until my wife had her U.S. Visa restored. You’ll remember, civil life had broken down in New Zealand to a point where no Visa could be acquired because everything was “locked down”. “Lockdown” – a term that was coined to describe limiting the movement of prisoners. That is what I felt like in New Zealand. Like a prisoner. The Government wouldn’t let us go outside to play. There was no fishing, boating, swimming, walking, tennis or anything else. It’s a little confusing because in school, we were taught that sunlight kills viruses.

The madness also had a firm grip on Germany. Not quite has bad as where we had come from, but bad enough. One of the first scenes I saw there, in a subway: A petite granny was being escorted out of the subway by two large, muscle-packed police officers because she wasn’t wearing a mask. That’s how I learned rather quickly, that I still hadn’t arrived home.

As I navigated around daily life in Germany, I had all kinds of strangers asking about my vaccination status. None of them had any medical qualifications. Hotel staff, the restaurant staff, the restaurant in a train I took, the hospital where I went to visit a family member. Because I am unvaccinated I experienced discrimination. In the first week of stay here, I had to get covid-tests every 48 hours, getting a swab deep up my nose. It’s bizarre. Why does a perfectly healthy individual, such as myself, have to pay money get tested every two days? If I wanted to eat at a restaurant, I had to sit outside in the freezing November cold. But that was still kind of acceptable compared to what was about to happen.

Already in my second week there, the rules were radically changed. Now, getting a covid-test was no longer enough. You must be vaccinated if you wish to stay in a Hotel, eat out or do anything at all. If you’re not vaccinated, you don’t participate in public life. So decreed by the local Government.

I thought the media-gaslighting was bad in New Zealand, but in Germany it’s brainwashing on steroids. Some of the headlines I saw:

“We need Lockdown for the unvaccinated”.

“There is a Tyranny of the unvaccinated”, ”

“We need monthly booster shots to flatten the curve”.

The unvaccinated must be treated like felons“.

Germany has the most toxic press I have seen in the whole world – already long before Covid. Every major newspaper carries the same messages, with no variation or dissent.

The populace was double and triple vaccinated but they were having more Covid-cases than ever. You’d think this would prompt these foaming-at-the-mouth lunatic politicians to realize their vaccines aren’t working, but no, they are calling for more!

I overheard confused people talk how people got sick and died “even though they had all the vaccines”. I heard this exact conversation several times. When will it occur to people that these particular vaccines are ineffective? Here’s another really weird thing: Anyone I have heard of who has died of Covid, died in a hospital, not at home. Hmmm… OK, let’s not go there just yet. But it does make me scratch my head.

Never had going back home to the U.S. felt more appealing. 

After a few days in Germany, and numerous forced Covid-swabs, I came down with a serious case of the flu. What did they lace their swabs with? I’ve only had the flu once before in my life.

Every bone in my body hurt, I had high fever and had lost all sense of taste and smell. It was nasty. Was it finally happening to me? Maybe I had Covid! It certainly felt like Covid. But would I demand the whole country be locked down so that I don’t experience this discomfort? Of course not!

But get this:

I had to go get regular Covid-tests (so that I could stay in my Hotel). All tests turned out negative. I also had breathing difficulty. Isn’t that Covid? Apparently not. That means, I could walk around anywhere I wanted, with a highly contagious flu virus and all the symptoms of Covid, contaminate others and it was entirely fine, because it wasn’t Covid. How crazy is that? I might as well be carrying Ebola, but it’s fine as long as it ain’t Covid! That’s the problem with fixation. Did I walk around? Of course not. Except for the mandatory tests, I stayed inside.

And why don’t I just get the damn vaccine and be done with all the hassle? Honestly, I don’t mind vaccines. I miss the days where you got a vaccine once and it worked. Some people got a flu shot once a year and it worked for a year. But just yesterday there was a headline saying that people with two jabs are no longer considered vaccinated. I’m not kidding! What kind of marketing-strategy is this? They try to sell me on taking the first vaccine, while telling other people that the first and second are not effective. Some really compelling marketing there 🙂

More than covid, I am worried about the worlds descent into Idiocracy.

And how do I know all these headlines? They are presented every time I take public transportation. Subway stations and the trains are full of screens. These screens broadcast a strict diet of covid-propaganda and almost nothing else. Frankly, having all these radio-announcements, screens, posters and reminders everywhere is abusive. I wish to live in a world where I might see or hear about something other than this “Covid”. This is not a way to treat sane people, it’s just attempted mind-control. There’s no other way to describe it anymore, really.

On one of these screens, I saw an interview with German head-of-state where she said “Fortunately we live in a free country where there is no vaccine mandate”. Wait…what? Really? If this isn’t gaslighting, I don’t know what is.

An online definition of gaslighting:

“Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse where a person or group makes someone question their sanity, perception of reality, or memories. People experiencing gaslighting often feel confused, anxious, and unable to trust themselves.”.

Vaccines in Germany are mandated for most jobs and participation in public life. The mandates have been causing great social harm, dividing society, creating resentment between employers and employees, resentment between family members and plenty of job losses. It’s a daily issue with the people here. And there’s the head of state, calmly stating that “there are no vaccinate mandates”. This fits the definition of gaslighting or psychological abuse, because the head of state is asking people to believe the opposite of what is actually happening.

So my region of Germany went into “must vaxx” mode in only my second week there. We had to escape the Hotel and hunker down at the friends house for the time being. I’m lucky to have friends who will let me in.

How did I treat my flu? I didn’t take anything. I use my very own Emotional Releasing Techniques to soften the experience. The flu is not an enemy, it’s a welcome opportunity to get some rest and reflect on life. It’s a cleansing process. One phase of my life has come to an end. During the transition into the next phase, my body is ridding itself of all past toxins. It’s been a long time since I allowed myself to lie around in bed all day, which was fun. Yes, I know having the flu is associated with taking medication, but I prefer fully having the experience without resistance. That’s how one transcends it. That is why I rid myself of the flu within only four days. On the evening of the fourth day it was all gone. Respiratory problems, loss of taste, bone pain and all else, just faded away. Frankly, it was only really severe for one day. Maybe doctors should examine why I get healthy so quickly. This was only the second flu in my entire lifetime. Were they to examine me for that, they’d get some good answers on real healthcare. Unless of course the medical industry is not interested in healthcare – then they wouldn’t examine healthy people.

I’ve overheard this: “I’m a law-abiding citizen. It’s illegal to defy mask and vaccine mandates. People who follow the law, are the good guys. People who try to make their own rules and disrespect the community, are the bad guys. Don’t mix things up”. 

But: Does something being legal or illegal make it wrong or right? Not too long ago, in Germany, it was legal to burn Jews and illegal to hide them. Legality is not an absolute measure of right and wrong. Now again, there are friends who are letting me “hide” at their place to evade vaccines. The head of state is unilaterally imposing medical treatment for healthy people, as a condition of employment. Does that really seem legitimate to you? Seriously?

There was another headline that captured my attention: A Covid-outbreak in a German nursing home! Several people had died. A few days later, the new vaccinate-mandate-laws came into effect in the region. The pattern seemed familiar. The same scheme was played in New Zealand. I witnessed it first-hand. A nursing-home outbreak, then deaths, then new laws. Problem-reaction-solution. The same was played in other countries too. I can’t prove this, but this is what I really think is happening: They target nursing homes with their bio-weapon. They know the old are vulnerable and likely to die. Then those deaths are used as a reason for further control-measures. Does that sound crazy to you? Well, it’s not half as crazy as the stuff I’ve seen from Governments in the last months. I’ll tell you something truly crazy: A relative of mine knows a nurse who worked in a Pharmacy. She tested people for Covid. Among her tests, there were also many positive ones. Despite this, the nurse was never asked to Quarantine. I’ll say it again: She had been in touch with Covid-positives many times, but was never asked to Quarantine. Nor did she ever get sick.

Why not? Because being around people who have the Flu, does not necessarily mean you catch the flu. Prior to 2020, the flu killed up to a Million people a year. Just the “normal” flu. Flu death-rates are no different in 2021. The only thing that’s different are all the societal-control-measures being implemented, using flu deaths as the excuse.

The positive thing I found in Germany, the light in the darkness, where the subversives. When we went eating out, we went to the Turkish-Quarter and Immigrant-Quarter of town, because I suspected they wouldn’t ask our vaccine status there. I was right! Every single Turkish, African or Afghan restaurant we went to was defying the Governments vaccine orders. Every single German restaurant asked for our vaccine. I developed a sense of kinship with these Government-defying foreigners. Even after the police began raiding these restaurants (along with televised arrests and brutal violence against restaurant owners), the restaurants were still defying the Government and allowing us to eat there.

I also had several friends – four different people in fact – offering up fake vaccine passports. Wow! I declined for now. But I was impressed with how many doctors and pharmacists would have to be going rogue for four different people, from different regions, to offer me fake documents. These people to me, are not criminals, they are the real heroes of this whole thing. There are many doctors, pharmacists and nurses who are being thrown into jail over their belief in freedom.

And I’m personally not worried about the vaccine, by the way. It can’t hurt me, only fear can hurt me. The reason I refuse to take it is not medical or chemical, it’s spiritual: I will not be coerced, blackmailed or bullied to ingest something. Simple as that.

While writing these words, I have already escaped this country. I’ve been a refugee from two countries, both considered “free”.  I am now at a truly free place within the United States of America. I’m very glad to be away from these countries. It feels very good to be walking around without a mask and seeing other mask-less people. Where I am right now, 90% are mask-less. I’ve never been this relieved and happy to see free people. It’s probably the first time I have a real experience of what it means to be free.

It has been a long time since I’ve been able to walk among people who mind their own business. It has been a long time since I’ve been able to breathe the fresh air instead of these toxic masks. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to go to a lecture, to a book shop, to the tennis court or anywhere else, without having to show some test-result and without having to “sign in” by phone-scan. To the people of America that are still free: Your freedom is precious and worth fighting for.





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