Money is not the goal, it’s a side-effect of following your purpose

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Frederick Dodson

I wrote books for 10 years (1996-2006) before making any money on them.

When I say this, some respond “Can’t I manifest money more quickly?”

Sure you can. But I never wrote for money. If money is the goal I’d know a lot of much quicker ways than being an author. I wrote because I LIKE researching and writing things that fascinate me and others. Fascination is a high vibe state that sparks rapid learning.

Meanwhile the books make enough money that, if I were to stop working, I could live off them. That’s rare for self-published books and something I’m happy about. Independence is precious. I continue to write without considering whether a book will “succeed” (money isn’t the only criteria of success). Some of my books sell next to nothing. My book “The Secret History of Polynesia” for example, is a “total flop”. But that doesn’t matter to me. I love it, I’m glad I wrote it.

Book sales are often inversely proportional to how smart a book is. If you want a book to sell well, target mass-consciousness. But not all my books target mass-consciousness and that’s fine.

Money is good, prosperity is good, but measuring everything only by money is ignorant.

If something is your “life purpose” and “passion” you don’t have to motivate yourself to do it and you don’t care whether it pays or not. In the beginning I had to finance my life through other things – doing seminars, investing, etc. Be involved in what you love MOST of the time. That gets you into flow. Initially you may have to do work on the side – stuff you don’t enjoy so much. But don’t let the side-work become the main-work just because it “pays”. Don’t be a prostitute, be a reality creator.

Money is a natural side-effect of giving people good experiences, not the main object.

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