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You are joining a growing number Reality Creators on their quest for an enlightened civilization.

I look forward to meeting and interacting with you in this amazing Community.  I created the Membership Sections to reward those most eager to expand their consciousness. In improving yourself you contribute to the overall situation of the world. We need many more of you! My high-standard readers and students have pushed me to create ever improving products and it is to them that I owe my creativity. 

I cherish the last 25 years in which I have gone through highs and lows with my students, sighed in frustration and jumped in excitement over their successes. What drives me to do this work every day is the expression of relief, the tears of joy and the leaps of courage and faith I see students take. Everything I have learned, I have learned from the Community of Reality Creators that are willing to grow, take risks, question everything, dig deep, search high and low for solutions and breakthroughs. I have witnessed many fundamental changes in peoples realities, in their financial situation, their health, their relationships, their knowledge. It is for these precious people that I create these materials. 

Materials are continually improved and updated and made available as yearly-subscriptions below. 

It is my intention that your membership will be the most beneficial thing you did to improve your overall situation in the game of life. So come on in and enjoy the new heights!

Frederick Dodson

Reality Creation Gold

$ 777 Annualy
  • Live Seminar Footage
  • Charisma Training Video Course
  • The Money Training Course
  • The Levels of Energy Course 2023
  • The Reality Creation Live Course Dallas 2019
  • The Reality Creation Live Course Orlando 2022
  • Your Natural Telepathy Course
  • The Thought Ascension Tool
  • The Liquid Reality Course
  • 10% Off of Upcoming Live Seminars
  • Access to Silver Membership Materials
  • Your Electric Word Video Course
  • Take Back Your Energy Video Course
  • Live Webinars
  • Lucid Dreamscapes Course
  • The Trance-Ending Course
  • Breathing for More Energy and Calm
  • Remote Sensing

Reality Creation Silver

$ 299 Annualy
  • Videos
  • Audio Streaming of Live Course Excerpts
  • Podcasts & Interviews
  • Guided Audio Meditations
  • Recorded Webinars
  • The Reality Creation Video Course
  • Being Authentic Course
  • Reality Creation for Weight Loss
  • The Enlightnment Technique
  • The Emotional Clearing Course
  • The Reality Scaling Course
  • Advanced Energy Clearing Course
  • Setting Boundaries Webinar
  • The Levels of Energy Video Course
  • The stress-release course
  • Upgrade to Gold possible

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