Master Index of all Topics by Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

This is an alphabetically sorted index of topics written by me. On the left you find the keyword, on the right the book it is in. All books can be found here: All Books. The Index is work  in progress and will be updated periodically (more keywords to follow). If you wish to find out how many times a certain word appears on this page, type CTRL and F on your keyboard and type in the word you are looking for. Or, simply scroll down for an alphabetical search.


Aborigines               The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Abraham                  Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Abraham                  Levels of Heaven and Hell

Abraham-Hicks              Levels of Energy

Absolute, the                   Journeys in Spectral Consiousness

Abundance                       Increase Your Energy

Abundance, attracting          Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Abuse, healing                 Increase Your Energy

Acceptance, power of               Increase Your Energy

Accidents, no coincidence       Increase Your Energy

Acknowledgement, important           The Communication Course

Acting-As-If                       Being Higher Self

Acting-As-If                      Parallel Universes SelfScie

Acting Rich                       Prosperity Consciousness

Acting the Role                Parallel Universes of Self

Action, types of goal oriented          Essays 2

Addiction, Clearing            Increase Your Energy

Addiction, Clearing            Hidden Realities

Addiction, Screen             Essays 2

ADHD                    Essays 2

Advaita             Levels of Heaven and Hell

Advertisers, manipulative     Essays 1

Affirmation vs. Intention      Reality Creation and Manifestation

Afterlife               Hidden Realities

Afterlife            Lives of the Soul

Ahura Mazda                     Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Airports                      Realms of Consciousness

Akashic Library                     Being Higher Self

Akashic Library                     Levels of Heaven and Hell

Akkadian                                Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Akkakor               Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Alarmism, negative                        The Communication Course

Altered States, not higher states       Realms of Consciousness

Alcoholism                 Levels of Energy

Alexander Technique     The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Alien Contact                        The Pleiades and our Secret Destiny

Aliens Are Us                Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Aliens, CIA created        Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Alpha State                         Being Higher Self

Alpha State                   How to Learn a Language in 5 Days

Alpha State              Increase Your Energy

Alternating Technique      Parallel Universes of Self

Alternating Technique      The Reality Creation Technique

Alzheimers                    Essays 5

Ambivalence             Realms of Consciousness

Amen, meaning            Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Amharic              Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Amnesia, incarnational             Hidden Realities

Amnesia, Soul             Lives of the Soul

Ancient Astronauts                  Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Ancient Astronauts                  Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Ancient Astronauts                 Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Ancient Astronauts                Levels of Heaven and Hell

Ancient Drilling                      Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Ancient Flight                            Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Ancient Flight                         Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Ancient German                   Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Ancient Moon Flight                 Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Ancient Science, in religious texts        Hidden Realities

Ancient Spaceships        Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Ancient Technology           Levels of Heaven and Hell

Ancient Technology          Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Ancient Technology         Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Angels                                 Levels of Heaven and Hell

Angels                                  The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Angels                                   Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Angels, intervention         Intuition Training

Anger, dissolving              Increase Your Energy

Annunaki                                Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Annunaki                                Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Antarctica                      The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Antediluvian                           Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Antediluvian                         Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Anti-Ageing                          Essays 1

Antikythera                            Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Apathy                Levels of Energy

Apparitions, Mary                 Hidden Realities

Apparitions, Mary              Levels of Heaven and Hell

Apologize, when not to        Essays 3

Applied Kinesiology          Hidden Realities

Applied Kinesiology         Intuition Training

Appreciation, power of                  The Communication Course

Appreciation, power of               Essays 3

Appreciation, power of      Intuition Training

Appreciation, training       The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Approval/Disapproval         Being Higher Self

Aramaic                      Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Archangels                  Levels of Heaven and Hell

Architecture, energy         Realms of Consciousness

Archons                                   The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Arguments, solving         Love, Sex and Soulmates

Ark of Covenant, location        Hidden Realities

Armageddon               Levels of Heaven and Hell

Artificial moon            Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Ascending consciousness levels      Increase Your Energy

Ascending consciousness levels      Levels of Energy

Asphodel Meadows             Levels of Heaven and Hell

Assertiveness, Learn           Essays 1

Assertive, be more             Essays 5

Assets              Prosperity Consciousness

Astral City, movie           Essays 5

Astral Travel                         The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Astral Realm                       Being Higher Self

Astral Realm                   Lives of the Soul

Astral Realm, doppelganger            Essays 2

Atheism              The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Atlantis                            Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Atlantis                           Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Atlantis Artifact            The Reality Creation Technique

Attention creates reality          The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Attention creates reality           Reality Creation and Manifestation

Attention Deficit Disorder          Essays 2

Attention, manipulated         Essays 3

Attention release      Increase Your Energy

Attention release      The Miracles of Attention and Awareness

Attention shifting         The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Attention shifting        Reality Creation and Manifestation

Atra-Hasis                              Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Attract Anything           Essays 3

Attract Customers           Essays 1

Attraction, not Promotion   Essays 3

Attractive, being        Love, Sex and Soulmates

Attract Partner           Love, Sex and Soulmates

Attractor Fields             The Communication Course

Attractor Fields          Realms of Consciousness

Aura           The Communication Course

Authenticity             The Communication Course

Authentic Being      Success attracts Success

Authority, your       Reality Creation and Manifestation

Autodidactic          Success attracts Success

Avatar-Course        Levels of Energy

Awareness               Being Higher Self

Awareness               The Miracles of Attention and Awareness

Awareness not Knowledge       Intuition Training

Aware of Awareness      Being Higher Self

Aware of Awareness   The Miracles of Attention and Awareness

Awareness, total         The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Azores                                           Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Aztecs                                       Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Aztecs                                     Levels of Heaven and Hell

Baal                                         Levels of Heaven and Hell

Baal                                         Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Baalbek                                    Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Baghavad Gita                Levels of Energy

Bahamas, Atlantis             Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Balance, Life             Success Attracts Success

Basque                 Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Begin at End            Parallel Universes of Self

Belief and Action         Parallel Universes of Self

Belief-Clusters               Illumination of Consciousness

Belief Creation           Parallel Universes of Self

Belief-Levels               Illumination of Consciousness

Beliefs create reality      Parallel Universes of Self

Belief, power of          Reality Creation and Manifestation

Beliefs, exercises         Reality Creation and Manifestation

Beliefs, Subconscious        Illumination of Consciousness

Beliefs that make Rich        Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Beliefs that makes Rich       Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Belief-Wrappers             Essays 4

Being Right, don’t need      Essays 4

Being, everywhere and nowhere  Essays 4

Beauty, of Life                    Being Higher Self

Beauty, Perceiving             Levels of Energy

Behavior Pattern, dissolve         Essays 5

Be Cause          Reality Creation and Manifestation

Beings from Higher Realms      The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Being vs. Doing                 Being Higher Self

Being Source           Reality Creation and Manifestation

Benefit from Negativity        Increase Your Energy

Benefit People                Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Berbers                                        Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Best, to be                    Success attracts Success

Beyond Space Exercise          Time Travel

Beyond Time Exercise          Time Travel

Between Lives            Lives of the Soul

Bible                                   Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Bible                                   Levels of Heaven and Hell

Bible                                    Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Bible                              Hidden Realities

Bible                               Essays 5

Billionaire, mindset        Prosperity Consciousness

Bitcoin, created by CIA           Essays 5

Black Projects            Time Travel

Blessings, count            Intuition Training

Blessings in Disguise         Essays 2

Bliss, States of                Being Higher Self

Bliss, Exercise                    Increase Your Energy

Bloodlines                        The Pleiades and our Secret Destiny

Blue Beings                      Parallel Universes of Self

Blue Beings                       The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Bodhidharma            Levels of Heaven and Hell

Body Postures                 The Communication Course

Body Posture, well being       The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Body Scan                        Being Higher Self

Body Talk                 Increase Your Energy

Boredom              Levels of Energy

Boredom, subjective       Reality Creation and Manifestation

Boundaries, Setting          The Communication Course

Boundaries, Setting        Love, Sex and Soulmates

Box, get out of                 Essays 4

Brahma                                          Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Brahma, and Abraham         Hidden Realities

Brainstorming               Essays 5

Break Habits                  Essays 1

Break Routine                 Essays 1

Break Routine            Increase Your Energy

Breathing Techniques       Being Higher Self

Breathing for Health and Calm     Increase Your Energy

Bridges Across Time       Time Travel

Broken Agreements    The Communication Course

Broken Agreements        Love, Sex and Soulmates

Broken Trust                    Being Higher Self

Broken Trust             Love, Sex and Soulmates

Buddhism                  Hidden Realities

Buddhism                   Levels of Energy

Buddhism               Levels of Heaven and Hell

Buddhism               Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Buddhism              Realms of Consciousness

Bull, ancient            Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Business, with love          Essays 2

Business, how to thrive in        Essays 5

Business, simple      Success attracts Success

Business, spiritual           Prosperity Consciousness

Calm                              Being Higher Self

Calm vs. Laziness         Increase Your Energy

Camera-Technique       Parallel Universes of Self

Cancer, healing        Increase Your Energy

Career                    Essays 4

Career                  Success Attracts Success

Castaneda, Carlos       Levels of Energy

Caves            Levels of Heaven and Hell

Censorship, social media       Essays 5

CIA, created aliens           Extraterrestrial Linguistics

CIA, rogue organization           Essays 5

Cities in higher realms      Hidden Realities

Challenge, Embrace   Success attracts Success

Charisma                       Being Higher Self

Child-like, be           Increase Your Energy

Child sacrifice          Levels of Heaven and Hell

Child-Self                       Being Higher Self

Change Behavior       Success Attracts Success

Champions League, prediction      Hidden Realities

Channeling, discernment        Hidden Realities

Channeling, critique            Hidden Realities

Chanting          Increase Your Energy

Chakra Activation        Increase Your Energy

Chakra System, Chartres Cathedral         Hidden Realities

Chartres Cathedral, secrets       Hidden Realities

Chess, Life as a Game of             Being Higher Self

Chest, as center           Essays 5

Choice, exercise             Essays 3

Choice, freedom of       The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Choice, too much          The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Cholesterol, myth         Essays 5

Christianity           Levels of Energy

Christianity            Levels of Heaven and Hell

Church                Realms of Consciousness

Chthonic       Levels of Heaven and Hell

CIA, created Bitcoin           Essays 5

CIA, rogue organization      Essays 5

Civilization, lifecycles       Essays 2

Clapping Game       The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Clearing Doubts           The Reality Creation Technique

Clearing lower astral entities         Hidden Realities

Clearing thoughts         Increase Your Energy

Clutter, clearing         Realms of Consciousness

Color of Souls           Lives of the Soul

Collectivism           Levels of Energy

Collectivism, Covid           Essays 5

Coma, New Identity             Being Higher Self

Comfort Zone           Increase Your Energy

Comfort Zone        Success Attracts Success

Commitment, power of           Essays 4

Communicate with Higher Self        Being Higher Self

Communication              The Communication Course

Communication, definitive     Essays 2

Communication with Past        Time Travel

Communication with Future     Time Travel

Communism           Levels of Energy

Companies, reality creation for      Success attracts Success

Compassion, Power with      Essays 4

Competence, stages          Success attracts Success

Complainers          Increase Your Energy

Compulsions         Levels of Energy

Coincidence, no              Essays 2

Concentration           The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Confidence                   The Communication Course

Confident Personality          Essays 1

Consent, manipulated      Essays 2

Consent, do not              Essays 5

Conservatives       Levels of Energy

Conscious Action           Parallel Universes of Self

Conscious Behaviour       Parallel Universes of Self

Conscious Creation            Reality Creation and Manifestation

Consciousness, as cause        Illumination of Consciousness

Consciousness, Higher                Being Higher Self

Consciousness, time travel        Time Travel

Conscious Shopping           Essays 2

Conspiracy                        The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Conspiracy                         Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Conspiracy Theories       Essays 2

Consumerism             Realms of Consciousness

Context, power of          The Leadership Course

Controlled Folly                Essays 1

Copying Thoughts            Being Higher Self

Core Beliefs         Parallel Universes of Self

Coronavirus           Essays 5

Correspondence, law of      Essays 4

Correspondence, law of       Parallel Universes of Self

Cosmic Consciousness        Being Higher Self

Cosmic Conspiracy     Essays 5

Cosmology        Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Counterfeit Reality        Realms of Consciousness

Counter-Intentions        The Reality Creation Technique

Courage, power of          Levels of Energy

Covid-19                    Essays 5

Cryptozoology         Levels of Heaven and Hell

Curiosity, power of         Success attracts Success

Customers, attract           Essays 1

Cuteness, power of            Essays 3

Create, New State            Essays 5

Creative Learning            How to Learn a Language in 5 Days

Creative Visualization          Reality Creation and Manifestation

Creativity, enhance         Essays 3

Creation of Reality       Parallel Universes of Self

Creation of Reality        Reality Creation and Manifestation

Crime Reduction           Realms of Consciousness

Criminals             Levels of Energy

Crop Circles             Hidden Realities

Crowds, negative energy    Increase Your Energy

Crystalline Cities            Hidden Realities

Cyclopes                                       Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Cyclopes                                        Levels of Heaven and Hell

Dancing               Success attracts Success

Dancing             Realms of Consciousness

Dante                Levels of Heaven and Hell

Dante                   Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Dating and Flirting            Love, Sex and Soulmates

Dating and Flirting              Essays 1

DARPA             Essays 2

DARPA    Time Travel

Darwinism, Critique                 Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Darwinism, Critique                 The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

David Hawkins          Levels of Energy

David Icke                The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

David, King              Levels of Heaven and Hell

David Lynch          Parallel Universes of Self

Death, after                Hidden Realities

Death, as ally             Hidden Realities

Death, facing                  Essays 3

Decision, handling hard      Prosperity Consciousness

Decision, power of          Illumination of Consciousness

De-Creation        Parallel Universes of Self

Deep Relaxation        Increase Your Energy

Definitions, self         The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Definitions, reality       Parallel Universes of Self

Delay Gratification       Prosperity Consciousness

Delay Pleasure           The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Delta-State                       Being Higher Self

Delta-State            Increase Your Energy

Dematerialization       Time Travel

Demons                                    Levels of Heaven and Hell

Demons                                   Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Demons                                 Hidden Realities

Demonize            Levels of Energy

Density, of reality       Realms of Consciousness

Destiny vs. Free Will       Success Attracts Success

Devas                         Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Dilated Pupils          Realms of Consciousness

Dimensional Doorways         Time Travel

Dimensional Travel         Lives of the Soul

Disappear         Time Travel

Dissolving Technique            Parallel Universes of Self

Dissolving Pain          The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Dwarves              Levels of Heaven and Hell

Dwarves            Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Denial and Avoidance         Increase Your Energy

Depression, cure        Increase Your Energy

Desert                                          Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Desire and Belief             Parallel Universes of Self

Desire and Resistance         Increase Your Energy

Diamond Realm         The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Dieting vs. law of attraction            Increase Your Energy

Difficult People, Handling         The Communication Course

Difficult People, Handling         Essays 5

Disapproval/Approval             Being Higher Self

Discernment, spiritual            Intuition Training

Discouragement, overcome        Increase Your Energy

Disillusionment, good            Essays 4

Dissociative Identity Disorder          Essays 2

Dissolve Pain              Increase Your Energy

Dive, technique        Reality Creation and Manifestation

Divination                        Hidden Realities

Divination                  Intuition Training

Divine Will vs. Personal Will          Essays 4

Divine Will vs. Personal Will         The Reality Creation Technique

Divorce, help               Love, Sex and Soulmates

DMT                                 Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

DNA                                                Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

DNA                                                 The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Do It Yourself                       Essays 2

Do one thing, so do everything          The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Doppelganger                       Essays 2

Doubt                                  Essays 2

Dragons                                      Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Dragons                                      Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Dragons                                    The Pleiades and our Secret Destiny

Dragons, interbreeding           Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Drawing, the Soul           Essays 4

Dream, mutual             Parallel Universes of Self

Dreams, Dreaming           Being Higher Self

Dream, improvement       Essays 2

Dream, parallel life         Essays 4

Dreams, messages in         Intuition Training

Dreams, precognitive       Time Travel

Dressing Well                    Being Higher Self

Drugs, healing addiction        Increase Your Energy

Duality                                Being Higher Self

Dwarves                                       Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Ea                           Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Eagle, symbol        The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Earth, Level of Consciousness       Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Easter Island           Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Eck                 Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Eckhart, Meister               Essays 3

Economics                    Success Attracts Success

Ecstasy, States of              Being Higher Self

Ectomorph                      Essays 1

Edda                                       Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Education, Self             Success attracts Success

Effortlessness                 Prosperity Consciousness

Egypt, Ancient              Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Egypt, Ancient              Levels of Heaven and Hell

Egypt, Ancient              Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Ego-Self                             Being Higher Self

Ego, transcending            Levels of Energy

Egypt, Ancient                            Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Eli                                          Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Elohim                                  The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Elohim                                  Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Elohim                                  Levels of Heaven and Hell

Elysium                   Levels of Heaven and Hell

Emakua           Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Embarrassment, transcend    Essays 5

Embrace Challenge         Success attracts Success

Emotional Clearing          Increase Your Energy

Emotional Freedom          Increase Your Energy

Emotional Releasing        Essays 1

Emotional Contagion       The Communication Course

Emotions as navigation      Parallel Universes of Self

Emotions, Levels         Levels of Energy

Emotions, embracing        Increase Your Energy

Emotions, intensify          Increase Your Energy

Emotional Scale          Levels of Energy

Empathy         Success attracts Success

Employees, weed out too smart      Essays 5

Empty, the Mind                 Being Higher Self

Endomorph                        Essays 1

End Times                 Levels of Heaven and Hell

Energy, feeling              Increase Your Energy

Energy Drinks, bad           Essays 1

Energy, everything is

Energy Exchange             The Communication Course

Energy Fields                    Realms of Consciousness

Energy Fields                    The Communication Course

Energy Increase                Increase Your Energy

Energy Investment, return on        Essays 5

Energy, protect from negative       Increase Your Energy

Energy Reading                    Hidden Realities

Energy Wavesurfing           Increase Your Energy

Enki                                          Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Enlightenment                   Being Higher Self

Enlightenment, illusion        Realms of Consciousness

Enlightenment, Spiritual         Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Enlightenment-Technique        Being Higher Self

Enlightenment-Technique, full      Illumination of Consciousness

Entertainment, not much needed        Essays 5

Enthusiasm             Success Attracts Success

Enthusiasm          Levels of Energy

Entities                                   The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Entities                                   Levels of Heaven and Hell

Entities, Clearing lower astral          Hidden Realities

Entity possession          Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Evil, attracted by fear         Reality Creation and Manifestation

Ep, Planet                       Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Epstein, Jeffrey          Essays 5

Equinox              Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Escalator of Life       Realms of Consciousness

ESP                           Hidden Realities

Estonian                Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Etana Epic                               Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Eternity                           Hidden Realities

Etruscans                                     Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Euphoria, state           Increase Your Energy

Excellence                             Essays 3

Expanding Consciousness        The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Experience, held or released          Essays 4

Explorer, consciousness          Increase Your Energy

Expectations, none           Reality Creation and Manifestation

Extrasensory Perception             Hidden Realities

Extraterrestrials                    Parallel Universes of Self

Extraterrestrials                    The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Extraterrestrials                  Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Extraterrestrials                     Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Eye-Contact                     The Communication Course

Face, Facial Features            Being Higher Self

Facebook, bad                  Essays 2

Face, secrets in a            Reality Creation and Manifestation

Faith, power of             Reality Creation and Manifestation

Fake Choices                  Essays 3

Fake History                Hidden Realities

Fake History            Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Fake Media          Intuition Training

Fake News         Intuition Training

Fake News       Realms of Consciousness

Fake Peace                     Essays 4

Fake Self                             Being Higher Self

Fame, Illusion                                 Being Higher Self

Family                 Increase Your Energy

Familiarity, reduces fear     Increase Your Energy

Fantasy into Memory          Reality Creation and Manifestation

Fantasizing vs. Visualizing        Reality Creation and Manifestation

Fascination          The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Fascism               Levels of Energy

Fasting                      Essays 3

Fatigue, overcoming           Prosperity Consciousness

Fantasy-to-Memory           Being Higher Self

Fatigue, overcome      Increase Your Energy

Favor, doing a           Love, Sex and Soulmates

Floating                 Increase Your Energy

Floatation Tanks         Increase Your Energy

Flying Lessons                 Essays 1

Flying Saucers, ancient              Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Flying Saucer, Schauberger             Essays 4

Flying Saucers, human-made         Essays 5

Flying Saucers, questionnaire         Hidden Realities

Fear, how to stop        Increase Your Energy

Fear of Falling, transcend       Hidden Realities

Fear, release            The Communication Course

Fear of Death, Release         The Communication Course

Feedback, how to give     Essays 3

Feeling Alive       Increase Your Energy

Feeling Energy          Increase Your Energy

Feeling Good          Increase Your Energy

Feldenkrais           The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Fertility                         Essays 1

Fertility, coaching          Love, Sex and Soulmates

Finding lost items            Hidden Realities

Finding lost items          The Intuitive Awareness Method

Finding People          Intuition Training

Fight, Flight or Freeze       Essays 3

Fingerprint, Unique               Being Higher Self

Finger Trap       Increase Your Energy

Fire and Ice, Exercise          Essays 3

Flood                                            Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Flood                                            Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Flowchart, manifesting       Reality Creation and Manifestation

Flow State            A State of Flow

Flow State            Increase Your Energy

Flu, healing                       Essays 3

Forgiveness            Illumination of Consciousness

Forgiveness, instant        The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Forgiveness, miracles         The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Freedom          Increase Your Energy

Freedom of Choice      The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Free Energy             Hidden Realities

Free Market        Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Freemasons                             Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Free, your mind        Increase Your Energy

Free Will             Levels of Energy

Free Will vs. Destiny       Success Attracts Success

Frequencies, higher     Increase Your Energy

Friends              Increase Your Energy

Futurism                     Essays 3

Future Lives          Lives of the Soul

Future Lives         Time Travel

Future Self                              Being Higher Self

Focused Attention         The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Focus, Soft                 The Miracles of Attention and Awareness

Focus, Soft                 Essays 1

Focus, Soft                 A State of Flow

Focus, for calm           Increase Your Energy

Focus, Four-Way         Essays 3

Follow Pearl Necklace       Parallel Universes of Self

Food                       Essays 2

Force, don’t           Essays 3

Foreign Languages        How to Learn a Language in 5 Days

Fortune telling, nonsense     Hidden Realities

Ganzfeld          Realms of Consciousness

Gattaca              Essays 3

Garuda          The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Gematria             Levels of Heaven and Hell

Genetic Design, not preferred       Essays 3

German, Ancient            Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Ghosts, knocking on walls          Essays 1

Ghost Story, Versailles        Time Travel

Giants                                           Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Giants                                            Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Giving                                  Essays 1

Giving and Receiving          Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Giving, too little              Love, Sex and Soulmates

Giving, too much          Love, Sex and Soulmates

Glamour, illusory                  Being Higher Self

Glamour, fake                     Essays 1

Gluttony                  Realms of Consciousness

Gnostic                                      The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Göbekli Tepe                             Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Goals, manifest            Reality Creation and Manifestation

Goals, reaching          Success attracts Success

Goals, firm intent            Essays 1

Goals, value of             Prosperity Consciousness

God, experience of         Levels of Heaven and Hell

God                                     Being Higher Self

God                                     Levels of Energy

God                                    Realms of Consciousness

God                                   Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

God                                    Hidden Realities

God as source of Money       Prosperity Consciousness

Gothic Cathedrals, secrets         Hidden Realities

Google, Autocomplete     Essays 1

Google, not free             Essays 2

Google, manipulative               Essays 5

Gornaya Shoria                         Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Gospels, The              Levels of Heaven and Hell

Gossip, bad                     The Communication Course

Gossip, bad                Essays 2

Gratitude                   The Communication Course

Gratitude                     Levels of Energy

Gratitude                    Reality Creation and Manifestation

Gratitude, training      The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Great Flood                                 Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Greece, Ancient                          Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Growing or Declining, are either       Success attracts Success

Groveling                       The Communication Course

Guilt, healing      Increase Your Energy

Gym                Realms of Consciousness

Habit Breaking        Realms of Consciousness

Han                Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Hand healing                    Increase Your Energy

Hand healing          Levels of Heaven and Hell

Happiness          Increase Your Energy

Happiness cause, not effect        Parallel Universes of Self

Happiness, types of       Increase Your Energy

Harvest, Humans      Essays 5

Handwriting               Essays 4

Hades           Levels of Heaven and Hell

Hallaj, Mansour         Levels of Heaven and Hell

Hate         Levels of Energy

Haud, Al               Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Hawkins, David       Levels of Energy

Headache, release     Increase Your Energy

Healing                        Essays 2

Healing Accident Trauma    Essays 4

Healing Cancer      Increase Your Energy

Healing Flu        Essays 3

Healing Guilt          Increase Your Energy

Healing Inner Child   Essays 3

Healing in Silence       Essays 5

Healing Insomnia       Increase Your Energy

Healing Illness        Increase Your Energy

Healing Pain       Increase Your Energy

Healing Shame          Essays 3

Healing Shame      Increase Your Energy

Healing Trauma           Increase Your Energy

Healing with Hands     Increase Your Energy

Healing with Hands        Levels of Heaven and Hell

Health, better           Increase Your Energy

Heart-Centered        Essays 5

Heart, knows long before        Intuition Training

Heaven, real place             Essays 5

Heaven, Proof of                             Being Higher Self

Heaven, Levels of                      Levels of Heaven and Hell

Heavenly Realms                         Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Heavenly Realms                      Levels of Heaven and Hell

Hebrew                   Levels of Heaven and Hell

Hebrew                Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Hell                               Levels of Heaven and Hell

Hell                               Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Here Now Drill           Parallel Universes of Self

Hicks, Abraham           Levels of Energy

Hidden Realities             Hidden Realities

Hidden Information, finding        The Intuitive Awareness Method

Higher Awareness         The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Higher Frequencies              Levels of Energy

Higher Frequencies              Increase Your Energy

Higher Self                               Being Higher Self

Higher Realms                       Realms of Consciousness

Higher Realms                          Hidden Realities

Higher Realms                         Levels of Heaven and Hell

Higher Realms                         Levels of Energy

Higher Realms, Experiences          Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

High without Drugs          Realms of Consciousness

Hinduism                             Hidden Realities

Hinduism                           Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Hinduism                         Levels of Heaven and Hell

Hitler, Adolf                  The Pleiades and our Secret Destiny

Hitler, Adolf               Hidden Realities

Hittites                                          Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

History, Fake                    Extraterrestrial Linguistics

History, Secret                  The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

History, Alternative         Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Holographic Reality           Realms of Consciousness

Holocaust            Levels of Heaven and Hell

Hollow Earth               Levels of Heaven and Hell

Hollywood, Synchronicities         Hidden Realities

Holy Grail              The Reality Creation Technique

Holy Water                 Essays 3

Homocide                      Essays 4

Honesty         Success attracts Success

Hopi            The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Horus                                 Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Horus, symbol           The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Houses, Energy             Essays 2

Humility          Levels of Energy

Humility, power of      Realms of Consciousness

Humiliation        Levels of Energy

Humor                     The Communication Course

Humor, as high consciousness         Essays 4

Humor, as high energy            Increase Your Energy

Hunches             Intuition Training

Hungry Ghosts         Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Huang Po                      Being Higher Self

Hypnagogic State             Being Higher Self

Hypnosis            Reality Creation and Manifestation

Hypnotherapy         Lives of the Soul

Iapetus           Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Ibn Arabi               Levels of Heaven and Hell

Icke, David           The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Idealize               Levels of Energy

Ideal Weight                 Essays 2

Identity                          Being Higher Self

Identity and Reality         Parallel Universes of Self

Identity, as creating reality        Illumination of Consciousness

Identity, New                 Being Higher Self

Illnesses, spiritual roots    Increase Your Energy

Imagination and Reality      Parallel Universes of Self

Imagination as Information       Lives of the Soul

Imagination, matching reality      Essays 3

Imagination, training       Reality Creation and Manifestation

Imagination vs. Remote Viewing        Time Travel

Immersed Attention        The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Importance               The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Implants                           The Pleiades and our Secret Destiny

Improvement, perpetual        Essays 5

Improve Relationship         Love, Sex and Soulmates

Inca                   Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Incarnating, amnesia        Hidden Realities

Incarnating, virtual reality        Hidden Realities

Incarnation, choice          Lives of the Soul

Ineffable                     Being Higher Self

Infidelity                Love, Sex and Soulmates

Infinite, The                   Being Higher Self

Infinity                       Being Higher Self

Infinity                    Essays 3

Infinity                    Levels of Energy

Infinity, Nature of     Parallel Universes of Self

Information from Higher Realms        Hidden Realities

Influence                 The Communication Course

Initiative, power of        The Leadership Course

Inner Child                    Being Higher Self

Inner Child, healing      Essays 3

Inner Critic                      Being Higher Self

Insomnia, healing         Increase Your Energy

Insurance vs. Universe      Reality Creation and Manifestation

Integrate Feelings          Essays 5

Integrity                         Levels of Energy

Integrity                           The Leadership Course

Integrity                       Being Higher Self

Integrity                      The Communication Course

Intelligence            Essays 5

Intense Focus        The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Intensify Awareness      The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Intending for others        Reality Creation and Manifestation

Intention Focus & Forget       Reality Creation and Manifestation

Intention, higher       The Reality Creation Technique

Intention, power of          The Reality Creation Technique

Intentions, manifesting         The Reality Creation Technique

Intention, Objection              The Reality Creation Technique

Intentions and Doubts         The Reality Creation Technique

Intervention, from above      Intuition Training

Intuition           Intuition Training

Intuition         The Intuitive Awareness Method

Intuitive Healing      The Intuitive Awareness Method

Interest                      The Communication Course

Inventions       Realms of Consciousness

Investing          Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Investing in Real Estate       Prosperity Consciousness

Investing, intuitive      The Intuitive Awareness Method

Invisibility             Hidden Realities

Invisibility Cloak         Time Travel

Invisible, most things       Essays 4

Ishtar                                    Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Jainism             Levels of Heaven and Hell

Jesus Christ           Hidden Realities

Jesus Christ           Levels of Heaven and Hell

Jewellery, energy of        Increase Your Energy

Jewish Wealth          Prosperity Consciousness

Jinn                 Levels of Heaven and Hell

Job, right                Essays 3

Job applications         Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Journal, writing       Reality Creation and Manifestation

Joy                Levels of Energy

Joy               Realms of Consciousness

Joy             Increase Your Energy

Judaism               Hidden Realities

Judaism              Levels of Heaven and Hell

Judaism             Prosperity Consciousness

Judging                    The Communication Course

Kaaba                Levels of Heaven and Hell

Kaballah              Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Kahn              Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Karma                            Being Higher Self

Kauri                 Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Kerala                                       Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Kindness                    Essays 2

Kindess, random acts of        Intuition Training

Kiyosaki, Robert          Prosperity Consciousness

King David                  Levels of Heaven and Hell

Knocking sounds, paranormal          Essays 1

Knowing, everything            Essays 4

Kumari Kandam                   Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Kundalini, Attacks                Being Higher Self

Kybalion                               Being Higher Self

Labyrinth                        Essays 5

Labyrinth, walking the       Levels of Energy

Landmann, Erhard            Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Language, ancient            Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Language, antediluvian        Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Language, common origin        Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Language Learning             How to Learn a Language in 5 Days

Laos, Ancient                              Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Law of Attraction              Reality Creation and Manifestation

Law of Attraction            Parallel Universes of Self

Law of Attraction             Essays 3

Law of Attraction               The Reality Creation Technique

Law of Attraction for Politics      Realms of Consciousness

Law of Attraction refined        Reality Creation and Manifestation

Lawyers vs. Universe          Reality Creation and Manifestation

Laziness, Overcoming             The Communication Course

Laziness vs. Calm            Increase Your Energy

Leadership                     The Leadership Course

Learn easily                    How to Learn a Language in 5 Days

Lemuria                                  Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Learn, from the Best             Being Higher Self

Learning, quickly               How to Learn a Language in 5 Days

Leprechaun            Levels of Heaven and Hell

Let Be, people              Essays 5

Letting Go              Illumination of Consciousness

Letting Go of Thoughts         Increase Your Energy

Letting Go of Wanting        Increase Your Energy

Levels of Action         Realms of Consciousness

Levels of Attention        Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Levels of Awareness        The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Levels of Belief              Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Levels of Belief             Realms of Consciousness

Level of Consciousness, Earth      Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Levels of Consciousness         Levels of Energy

Levels of Consciousness        Realms of Consciousness

Levels of Consciousness          Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Levels of Consciousness         Essays 1

Levels of Consciousness, ascend      Increase Your Energy

Levels of Consciousness, ascend     Levels of Energy

Levels of Consciousness, energy gained    Essays 2

Levels of Consciousness, your     Essays 3

Levels of Energy, Reading         Hidden Realities

Levels of Existence          Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Levels of Motivation    Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Levinson, Lester           Levels of Energy

Levitation, causes              Hidden Realities

Liberals           Levels of Energy

Libertarianism       Realms of Consciousness

Lies, how to deal with        Essays 4

Lies, release                     Illumination of Consciousness

Life, as dream        Parallel Universes of Self

Life, as movie            Reality Creation and Manifestation

Life, as school                   Essays 5

Life, as Spiral                     Being Higher Self

Life Extension              Increase Your Energy

Life Purpose                       Being Higher Self

Life Purpose                     Essays 3

Life Purpose, unique        Increase Your Energy

Light         Levels of Heaven and Hell

Lighthouse, Metaphor       Being Higher Self

Limitless                 Essays 2

Lojong                       Being Higher Self

Loka                    Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Loneliness      Love, Sex and Soulmates

Looking Glass, Project       Time Travel

Lords Prayer              Hidden Realities

Lose Yourself              Being Higher Self

Lost Cities                              Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Love, money is             Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Love, Spiritual                       Being Higher Self

Love, Romantic                    Love, Sex and Soulmates

Love, Intensity Levels        Essays 3

Loved, you are                Hidden Realities

Love, healing viewpoint          Illumination of Consciousness

Love for reality creation      Illumination of Consciousness

Love-sickness, healing     Love, Sex and Soulmates

Love what you do        Success attracts Success

Lower Astral                 Hidden Realities

Lower Astral Realms         Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Lower Consciousness       Realms of Consciousness

Lucid Dreaming                 Being Higher Self

Lucid Dreaming              Lives of the Soul

Lynch, David             Parallel Universes of Self

Magical Action         Parallel Universes of Self

Magic Creation Box          Reality Creation and Manifestation

Magnetic Personality              Essays 1

Maharshi, Ramana           Levels of Energy

Maia                       Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Male and Female Polarity      Increase Your Energy

Male and Female Polarity      Love, Sex and Soulmates

Male and Female Energy          Increase Your Energy

Malta, Ancient                            Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Mandatory, nothing is           Essays 5

Manifestation Prayer            Reality Creation and Manifestation

Manifesting a Car              Essays 1

Manifesting a House      Reality Creation and Manifestation

Manifesting a movie role         Parallel Universes of Self

Manifesting and Commitment       Essays 4

Manifesting failed, blessing          Essays 2

Manifesting, how long until          Reality Creation and Manifestation

Manifesting Intentions        The Reality Creation Technique

Manifesting thoughts        Illumination of Consciousness

Manifesting thoughts        Reality Creation and Manifestation

Manifesting without Paying        Essays 1

Manifesting words          The Reality Creation Technique

Manipulation                The Communication Course

Manipulation of Attention   Essays 3

Manipulation of Consent    Essays 2

Manipulation, Mass          Essays 5

Manly P. Hall                     Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Maps, Ancient                     Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Maori                Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Marian Apparitions        Hidden Realities

Marian Apparitions          Levels of Heaven and Hell

Marketing             Success attracts Success

Mars              Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Mary, Virgin                 Hidden Realities

Mary, Virgin                Levels of Heaven and Hell

Marines, Training               Being Higher Self

Maslow, Abraham            Levels of Energy

Maslow, Abraham       Realms of Consciousness

Mass Attention           The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Massage                           Being Higher Self

Massage                          Increase Your Energy

Massage                          Levels of Energy

Mass Reactance           Essays 5

Mastery               The Leadership Course

Matariki            Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Matsya Purana                       Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Maui                                    Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Maya                                      Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Maze                             Essays 5

Meaning, creation of        Parallel Universes of Self

Meaning of Life                Being Higher Self

Meetings, important           Prosperity Consciousness

Meetings, make use of          Essays 5

Mecca                Levels of Heaven and Hell

Meditation                           Being Higher Self

Meditation                           Increase Your Energy

Meditation                          Levels of Energy

Megaliths, Monoliths                 Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Megaliths, Monoliths           Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Meister Eckhart             Essays 3

Melek Taus          The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Memory, long-term              Success attracts Success

Memory, Accessing      Increase Your Energy

Memory, Accessing      Essays 5

Memorizing              How to Learn a Language in 5 Days

Memory Techniques            How to Learn a Language in 5 Days

Merkabah             Levels of Heaven and Hell

Mermaids                                     Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Mesomorph                      Essays 1

Meth            Realms of Consciousness

Military                     Essays 5

Milky Way, travel      The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Mimicking, thoughts         The Reality Creation Technique

Mind, Calm                              Being Higher Self

Mindfulness          The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Mind, free from prison of        Essays 3

Mind, on diet              Essays 4

Minerva             Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Minimalism            Increase Your Energy

Mini Intentions       Reality Creation and Manifestation

Minoans                                       Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Min, Planet               Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Miracles, normal              Essays 4

Miracle Experiences        Intuition Training

Miraculous Healings      Increase Your Energy

Miracle Rescue      Intuition Training

Mirror Earth                Essays 5

Mission, in life      Increase Your Energy

Mission of the Soul         Lives of the Soul

Modern Academia                   Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Modes of Attention            The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Mohorovic Discontinuity       Levels of Heaven and Hell

Moksha           Levels of Energy

Moon Landing, fake      Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Moloch          Levels of Heaven and Hell

Momentum       A State of Flow

Momentum        Success Attracts Success

Momentum       The Leadership Course

Momentum, breaking negative     Prosperity Consciousness

Monitoring Self, vs. Spontaneity      Essays 4

Money, making        Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Money, making        Prosperity Consciousness

Money, not about             Essays 4

Money, slave system               Essays 2

Money, spiritual     Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Money, deeper wishes than      Prosperity Consciousness

Monism             Hidden Realities

Monotheism            Hidden Realities

Monroe, Robert      Lives of the Soul

Montauk Project    Time Travel

Moods, game        The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Moses         Levels of Energy

Mosque          Realms of Consciousness

Motivational Seminars, ineffective         Essays 1

Mountains, Spaceship landing        Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Move on, time to           Essays 4

Movie, not Snapshot         Intuition Training

Movie Star Process          Parallel Universes of Self

Multiverse                          Being Higher Self

Multiple Personality Disorder         Essays 2

Multiple Worlds         Parallel Universes of Self

Murder                  Essays 4

Murder                Levels of Heaven and Hell

Muscle testing          Hidden Realities

Music, of higher spheres         Hidden Realities

Music, subconscious influence          Essays 1

Music, 528 Hz                    Essays 2

Mystics                       Hidden Realities

Mystics                     Levels of Heaven and Hell

Mysteries, solving       The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Mythology        Levels of Heaven and Hell

Mythology         Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Mythology, Pleiades        The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Names, are Destiny           Hidden Realities

Names, Importance         The Communication Course

Names, Remembering         Essays 1

Names of God             Hidden Realities

Names of God        Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Narcissism                          Being Higher Self

Narrow Attention        The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

NASA, shady               Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Native Americans                Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Near-Death Experience        Hidden Realities

Near-Death Experience    Lives of the Soul

Nebra Sky Disc            The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Nebra Sky Disc            Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Needy, pretend needlessness                     Essays 1

Negative Energy, protect from         Increase Your Energy

Negativity, use of                Increase Your Energy

Negative, no such thing as        Parallel Universes of Self

Negotiation                Prosperity Consciousness

Nephilim                                      Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Neural Interfaces              Essays 4

Neutralize Energy             Increase Your Energy

Neutralize Emotions            Increase Your Energy

New Age                The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Neville Goddard          Reality Creation and Manifestation

Nez Perce            The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Nikola Tesla            Time Travel

Nisargadatta Maharaj         Being Higher Self

Nisargadatta Majaraj         Realms of Consciousness

NLP                               Levels of Energy

Noah                                        Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Noah                                         Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

No-mind                       Being Higher Self

Non-Duality                      Being Higher Self

Non-Duality, course     Realms of Consciousness

Non-Duality, state         Levels of Energy

Non-linear Causality          Time Travel

Non-local, paranormal events     Hidden Realities

Non-personal, paranormal events        Hidden Realities

Non-verbal communication      The Communication Course

Norse Mythology         Levels of Heaven and Hell

Nosso Lar                 Essays 5

Not wanting, after wanting         Essays 4

Now, thought created            Essays 4

Numbers, mystical         Hidden Realities

Nutrition                  Essays 2

Nutrition, energy levels        Essays 5

Nuwa                                   Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Obama                   Hidden Realities

Objects, energy of          Increase Your Energy

Observer-Consciousness    Being Higher Self

Obsession, healing        Increase Your Energy

Ocean Beach           Realms of Consciousness

Oceanic Consciousness       Levels of Energy

Occultism                 Levels of Heaven and Hell

Om                                Being Higher Self

Om, chanting              Increase Your Energy

Omnipresence             Being Higher Self

Omniverse                   Being Higher Self

Oneness             Levels of Energy

Open Attention          The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Ophiucus          Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Opinions, see beyond          Essays 4

Osmosis                    The Communication Course

Od                      Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Ot                          Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Out of body Travel       Hidden Realities

Out of Body Travel             The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Other Lives            Hidden Realities

Outmoded Realities        Realms of Consciousness

Oversoul                Parallel Universes of Self

Oversoul                 Essays 5

Overwhelm          The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Owls                Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Oxygen Bar          Realms of Consciousness

Pain, Release                Being Higher Self

Pain, Release            Increase Your Energy

Pain Dissolving Technique      Increase Your Energy

Parent-Self                     Being Higher Self

Passion                             Being Higher Self

Passion             Increase Your Energy

Passion and Polarity        Increase Your Energy

Paradise                Levels of Heaven and Hell

Paradise, personal         Lives of the Soul

Paradise, state of mind      Increase Your Energy

Paradox              Increase Your Energy

Parallel Earth          Essays 5

Parallel Lives, in Dreams         Essays 4

Parallel Selves      Parallel Universes of Self

Parallel Timelines Technique         Time Travel

Parallel Universes        Parallel Universes of Self

Parallel Worlds         Parallel Universes of Self

Paranormal Skills          Hidden Realities

Partner, attract           Love, Sex and Soulmates

Partner, manifest           Reality Creation and Manifestation

Passive Income          Prosperity Consciousness

Past Lives               Hidden Realities

Path of Higher Self            Being Higher Self

Pattern Changing         Success Attracts Success

Peace of mind            Increase Your Energy

Peace, real vs fake                      Essays 4

Peace, real vs fake        Love, Sex and Soulmates

Pendulum, use               Hidden Realities

Perfectionism, Releasing        Being Higher Self

Perceive, must first know to        Essays 3

Perception of reality            The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Perception, extrasensory          Hidden Realities

Performance, not needed for love    Essays 5

Performance, Peak           A State of Flow

Performance Scale       The Leadership Course

Peripheral Awareness        The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Personal Experiences        Parallel Universes of Self

Personal Experiences       Intuition Training

Personal Experiences         The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Personal Will vs. Divine Will            Essays 4

Personal Will vs. Divine Will           The Reality Creation Technique

PURE-Technique         Parallel Universes of Self

Purpose                            Being Higher Self

Peak Experiences         Essays 1

Peak Performance       A State of Flow

Peak Performance      Success Attracts Success

Pedophiles                         Levels of Energy

People, good                Essays 3

People, let be             Essays 5

People, give right of way       Essays 5

People, similar types       Essays 5

People, difficult            Essays 5

People, difficult           The Communication Course

People, Wavesurfing        Increase Your Energy

Perpetual Light                  Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Phoenicians                                 Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Physics, time travel             Time Travel

Physical Body, visualize          Reality Creation and Manifestation

Physical Fitness, Exercise        Essays 1

Physicalizing            Reality Creation and Manifestation

Places, energy field     Realms of Consciousness

Placebo, scams          Realms of Consciousness

Placebo Effect          Reality Creation and Manifestation

Planning                  The Reality Creation Technique

Planets, other           The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Plants, talking to           Parallel Universes of Self

Play-Acting            Reality Creation and Manifestation

Pleasure Delay              The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Pleiades                                The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Pleiades                                Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Poise                   Parallel Universes of Self

Poise                   Success Attracts Success

Polarity               Increase Your Energy

Politics              Realms of Consciousness

Pornography, as waste of energy          Love, Sex and Soulmates

Portals, to other worlds            Time Travel

Poseidon                              Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Possession, demonic       Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Power, let go of wanting        Increase Your Energy

Power          Success attracts Success

Power, with Compassion          Essays 4

Practice, power of      Success Attracts Success

Pragmatism       Success Attracts Success

Prayer, healing       Increase Your Energy

Prayer, healing       Levels of Heaven and Hell

Prayer, mystical               Hidden Realities

Predictions, accurate      Essays 1

Predictions, accurate      Hidden Realities

Precognition           Hidden Realities

Precognition        Intuition Training

Precognition       Time Travel

Premonition       Intuition Training

Pregnancy Coaching         Essays 1

Prehistoric Mining                Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Presence                              Being Higher Self

Presence                             The Communication Course

Presence of God             Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Presentation                      The Communication Course

Prioritizing              The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Prioritizing                Success Attracts Success

Prioritizing              Illumination of Consciousness

Privacy           Realms of Consciousness

Productivity           Success attracts Success

Professionalism           Success attracts Success

Prosperity and Belief       Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Prosperity and Belief        Prosperity Consciousness

Problem solving             Essays 3

Problem dissolving        Increase Your Energy

Project Pegasus   Time Travel

Projections, Psychological         Being Higher Self

Prophetic Dream       Intuition Training

Psalms                Levels of Heaven and Hell

Psychic Training      Intuition Training

Psychic vs. intuitive          Essays 3

Psychic Walking         Hidden Realities

Psychometry              Hidden Realities

Psychosis             Levels of Energy

Public Speaking                 The Communication Course

Pure Land                    Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Pyramids                                      Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Pyramids                                      Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Pyramids                                      Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Pyramids, Hidden                 Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Quran                                    Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Quran                                    Hidden Realities

Quran                                 Levels of Heaven and Hell

Qi Gong                       Levels of Energy

Question, stay in            Essays 5

Quit Smoking              Increase Your Energy

Ra                       Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Rainbows, secret of          Hidden Realities

Raising Vibration         Reality Creation and Manifestation

Raja                     Levels of Energy

Reaction and Creation        Parallel Universes of Self

Reaction is Creation      Reality Creation and Manifestation

Reactive state               Realms of Consciousness

Reactive vs. Creative       Reality Creation and Manifestation

Real Estate               Prosperity Consciousness

Reality Breaking            Parallel Universes of Self

Reality surpasses Imagination        Intuition Training

Reality Creation           Parallel Universes of Self

Reality Creation from Identity       Illumination of Consciousness

Reality Creation from Identity    Parallel Universes of Self

Reality Creation from Thought      Illumination of Consciousness

Reality Creation Procedure       Illumination of Consciousness

Reality Creation Process         Illumination of Consciousness

Reality Creation Technique         The Reality Creation Technique

Reality Frames               The Communication Course

Reality, levels of            Essays 4

Reap and Sow           Prosperity Consciousness

Receiving Answers         Being Higher Self

Reiki       Levels of Heaven and Hell

Reiki         Increase Your Energy

Reincarnation           Lives of the Soul

Rejection, transcending        Love, Sex and Soulmates

Rejection, releasing          Reality Creation and Manifestation

Relationships          Love, Sex and Soulmates

Relationship, before leaving    Essays 3

Relaxation                      Being Higher Self

Relaxation        Increase Your Energy

Relaxation, fake      Increase Your Energy

Release Attention       Increase Your Energy

Releasing             Illumination of Consciousness

Releasing Emotions            Increase your Energy

Releasing Emotions          Essays 1

Reliability        Success attracts Success

Relief              Increase Your Energy

Religion, corrupted             Levels of Heaven and Hell

Religion, compared             Levels of Heaven and Hell

Religion                            Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Religion                              The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Remote Healing               Essays 2

Remote Viewing            Hidden Realities

Remote Viewing          Intuition Training

Remote Viewing vs. Imagination       Time Travel

Repeating Thoughts         Realms of Consciousness

Reptilians                         The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Research, power of          Essays 3

Responsible for effort, not result          Reality Creation and Manifestation

Responsibility        Parallel Universes of Self

Responsibility          Illumination of Consciousness

Responsibility        Success attracts Success

Restaurant, success         Essays 2

Respect                      The Communication Course

Restlessness, calming       The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Retro-Futurism          Essays 5

Rich, get               Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Rich, get              Prosperity Consciousness

Rich energy field      Prosperity Consciousness

Rich inside          Prosperity Consciousness

Rigid Attention           The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Rituals, power of            Reality Creation and Manifestation

Robert Monroe         Lives of the Soul

Roles, People Play            Being Higher Self

Rongo              Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Rosary                    Levels of Energy

Rosewell                Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Royal Bloodlines                 The Pleiades and our Secret Destiny

Royal Bloodlines                 Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Rumi               Essays 3

Sacred Places       Realms of Consciousness

Safety, let go of wanting      Increase Your Energy

Saints               Levels of Heaven and Hell

Sales              Success attracts Success

Samadhi                 Being Higher Self

Sanskrit               Hidden Realities

Sanskrit              Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Satan                Levels of Heaven and Hell

Saturn            Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Satori                    Being Higher Self

Sattva             Levels of Energy

Sara, Sarah           Hidden Realities

Savant Syndrome        Hidden Realities

Scale of Being         Realms of Consciousness

Scale of Business Success        The Leadership Course

Scale of Emotions       Levels of Energy

Scale of Emotions       Realms of Consciousness

Scaling Technique        Illumination of Consciousness

Schauberger, Victor      Essays 4

Schooling                Success attracts Success

Science-Fiction, as Spirituality      Being Higher Self

Science, in ancient texts         Hidden Realities

Scientism              The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Screen, reduce time at        Increase Your Energy

Scripting Technique         Reality Creation and Manifestation

Secrecy                       Hidden Realities

Secrets, amplified        Illumination of Consciousness

Secrets, not good Keeping             The Communication Course

Secret Pay-Offs               Being Higher Self

Secret Benefits                 Being Higher Self

Secret Libraries                  The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Secret Reality Creation Technique           Increase Your Energy

Secret Societies                  Hidden Realities

Secret Societies                Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Secret Space Program        Hidden Realities

Secret Space Program       The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Secret, the movie, falsehood         Reality Creation and Manifestation

Security, let go of wanting      Increase Your Energy

Sensory Deprivation         Being Higher Self

Sensory Deprivation        Realms of Consciousness

Self                                   Being Higher Self

Self Confidence          The Communication Course

Self Control           Success Attracts Success

Self Healing              Essays 2

Self Image                Being Higher Self

Self Image               The Communication Course

Self Image vs. Public Image        Realms of Consciousness

Self Knowledge         The Leadership Course

Self-love              Love, Sex and Soulmates

Self-reduction, stop     Essays 4

Self-reliance          Prosperity Consciousness

Self-Respect              Essays 1

Self Responsibility    Parallel Universes of Self

Self-Sufficiency          Essays 2

Self-Therapy           Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Serpents                                    Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Serpent-Human Interbreeding        Levels of Heaven and Hell

Serpent Rule           Levels of Heaven and Hell

Service, to customers           Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Service, to society        Success attracts Success

Seven, Number                             Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Seven, Number                    The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Seven, mystical               Hidden Realities

Sex                    Love, Sex and Soulmates

Shapeshifting           Parallel Universes of Self

Shadowbanning       Essays 5

Shams of Tabriz             Essays 3

Shock, Healing             Increase Your Energy

Shopping Carts, return       Essays 5

Shopping, Conscious           Essays 2

Shopping Malls, sap energy         Realms of Consciousness

Shame, about money       Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Shame, healing            Essays 3

Shame, healing        Increase Your Energy

Shoe Soles, affirmations        Reality Creation and Manifestation

Shyness, release           The Communication Course

Silence, Power of            Being Higher Self

Simon Says, game          The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Simplicity                  Success attracts Success

Singing                     Realms of Consciousness

Single-Pointedness              Being Higher Self

Single-Pointedness        The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Sirius                                     The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Sixth Sense                 Hidden Realities

Skulls, Enlarged                       Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Slave system               Essays 2

Sleep, Better                     Being Higher Self

Sleep, Better                  Essays 1

Sleep, Better                  Essays 2

Smartphone, reduce usage        Essays 4

Smoking, stop          Increase Your Energy

Social Awkwardness, Release       The Communication Course

Social Class, not about      Essays 4

Social Etiquette, breaking     Essays 4

Social Masks            Levels of Energy

Social Media, censorship          Essays 5

Society             Levels of Energy

Solomon, King           Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Songs into Affirmations            Reality Creation and Manifestation

Soul                                         Lives of the Soul

Soul                                          Being Higher Self

Soul, drawing the          Essays 4

Soul Family             Lives of the Soul

Soul Guide             Lives of the Soul

Soul, living from          Essays 4

Soulmates           Lives of the Soul

Soulmates             Love, Sex and Soulmates

Soul Travel              Lives of the Soul

Source                               Being Higher Self

Soul Retrieval                   Being Higher Self

Source, Ultimate         Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Spaceships, Ancient          Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Spatializing           Realms of Consciousness

Special Access Program    Time Travel

Specialization         Success attracts Success

Spending                  Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Spontaneity                          Being Higher Self

Spontaneous Being, vs. Monitoring       Essays 4

Sphinx                                       Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Spiral Dynamics           Levels of Energy

Spirits                   Journeys in Spectral Consciousness

Spiritual Plane                 Being Higher Self

Spiritual roots of Illnesses      Increase Your Energy

Sports, benefits               Increase Your Energy

Sports, consciousness levels       Increase Your Energy

Stage Fright, Release         The Communication Course

Stalin          Levels of Heaven and Hell

Stargate, Project               Time Travel

Stargazing                  Essays 3

Standards, higher        Prosperity Consciousness

State, create new       Essays 5

State, improve quickly    Essays 5

Sternenfels              Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Stock market, Intuition            Intuition Training

Stone Spheres                        Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Stop Thinking, how to      Being Higher Self

Stop Smoking          Increase Your Energy

Stream of Life         The Reality Creation Technique

Strength, Mental        Success attracts Success

Stress, artificial             Essays 5

Stress, subjective         Increase Your Energy

Stuckness, dissolve        Increase Your Energy

Styx             Levels of Heaven and Hell

Subconscious, Programming     Being Higher Self

Subconscious Beliefs               Being Higher Self

Subconscious Identities             Being Higher Self

Subconsciousness           Illumination of Consciousness

Subconsciousness Levels       Illumination of Consciousness

Subconscious Reality Creation           Reality Creation and Manifestation

Subjective vs. Objective           Reality Creation and Manifestation

Subterranean Civilization          Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Subterranean Civilization          Levels of Heaven and Hell

Submerged Cities                     Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Success, easy                    Essays 1

Success                         Success attracts Success

Successful Restaurant           Essays 2

Successful People, learn from       Success attracts Success

Success in Business           Essays 5

Success, predictable       Success attracts Success

Success Trajectories          Essays 3

Suffering                Increase Your Energy

Sufi                                  Essays 3

Sufi                     Levels of Heaven and Hell

Suicide                           Essays 4

Sul                   Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Sumerian                                   Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Sundaland                                Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Sun Gods                            Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Sun Wheel                         Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Supernatural Abilities         Parallel Universes of Self

Surprise, joy of              Increase Your Energy

Surrender, state of         Being Higher Self

Swahili                   Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Swimming, with Sharks     Essays 4

Symbolism             Levels of Energy

Symbolism             Hidden Realities

Synchronize, with people       Love, Sex and Soulmates

Synchronicity                 Being Higher Self

Synchronicities, Hollywood        Hidden Realities

Synchronicities, Strange        Time Travel

Synergy               Essays 5

Synergy          Success attracts Success

System, don’t need the         Essays 4

Tai Chi                 Levels of Energy

Tai Chi                   The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Talk, how to                  The Communication Course

Talmud                               Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Talmud                            Hidden Realities

Tamas                    Levels of Energy

Tamil                                            Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Tane Mahuta            Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Tartarus               Levels of Heaven and Hell

Teacher, good ones dangerous        Increase Your Energy

Team, create an unstoppable       Essays 5

Technopathy             Hidden Realities

Telekinesis                   Essays 4

Telepathy Training           Hidden Realities

Teleportation  Experiment             Hidden Realities

Television, stop watching          Reality Creation and Manifestation

Temperature, transcend        Tension, release           Essays 3

Temples             Realms of Consciousness

Tense and Relax      Increase Your Energy

Tension, release           Essays 3

Terma                  Hidden Realities

Terrorism           Realms of Consciousness

Tesla, Nikola           Time Travel

Testoserone         Love, Sex and Soulmates

Time Anomalies      Time Travel

Time Capsules, of consciousness       Hidden Realities

Time Dilation          Time Travel

Time Dilation          Levels of Heaven and Hell

Timeless, exercise           Essays 3

Timelessness         Parallel Universes of Self

Time loop, stuck in         Essays 4

Time Out            Parallel Universes of Self

Time Slips             Time Travel

Time Slips           Parallel Universes of Self

Timeless, State              Being Higher Self

Time Stretching        The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Time, to move on          Essays 4

Time Travel  Methods             Time Travel

Time Wasting            Prosperity Consciousness

Theta-State                   Being Higher Self

Theta-State               Increase Your Energy

Think Big           Reality Creation and Manifestation

Think-Say-Do          Prosperity Consciousness

Theosophy       Levels of Energy

Theosophy            The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Thoughts about people          Love, Sex and Soulmates

Thoughts, clearing      Increase Your Energy

Thought, created now        Essays 4

Thought-levels            Illumination of Consciousness

Thoughts create reality         Illumination of Consciousness

Throne of God             Levels of Heaven and Hell

Torah                                   Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Torah                         Hidden Realities

Total Awareness         The Miracles of Awareness and Attention

Touch                   Love, Sex and Soulmates

Touching Texture, for calm      Increase Your Energy

Transgression         Illumination of Consciousness

Transhumanism        The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Trans-Oceanic Contact        Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Trans-Religious              Hidden Realities

Trauma, Car Accident      Essays 4

Trauma Clearing            Essays 2

Trauma Healing            Increase Your Energy

Traveling           Realms of Consciousness

Trinity, meaning         Hidden Realities

Triptych                    Hidden Realities

Trump, Donald             Levels of Energy

Trump, Donald, predicted            Essays 1

Trump, Donald           Time Travel

Trump, consciousness level     Essays 4

Truth and Falsehood       Intuition Training

Truth testing             Hidden Realities

Truth testing           Intuition Training

Trust                 Essays 2

Trustworthiness    Prosperity Consciousness

Trying Hard, stop        Success Attracts Success

Twin Peaks          Parallel Universes of Self

Types of Beings       The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Types of People            Essays 1

UFO, ancient           Extraterrestrial Linguistics

UFO, bell shaped       Extraterrestrial Linguistics

UFO, human-made         Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Ummo                    Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Unconditional Love          Being Higher Self

Unconditional Love        Levels of Energy

Undefine Yourself             Essays 1

Underwater Ruins             Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Underworld               Levels of Heaven and Hell

Unemployment          Success attracts Success

Unique, Fingerprint            Being Higher Self

Unique Self                    Being Higher Self

Unique Soul               Lives of the Soul

Universe                       Being Higher Self

Unlimited Being            Being Higher Self

Unstoppable, becoming        Success attracts Success

Utsorbune        Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Vaccines                  Essays 5

Value Creation          Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Vallee, Jacques         The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Values                      Essays 4

Vampires          Levels of Heaven and Hell

Vedic              Levels of Energy

Verbal Reality Creation        The Reality Creation Technique

Versions of Self     Parallel Universes of Self

Vibration        Reality Creation and Manifestation

Vibration, Shifting            Reality Creation and Manifestation

Vibration, Raising         Reality Creation and Manifestation

Viewpoint Shifting         Parallel Universes of Self

Viewpointing Technique   Parallel Universes of Self

Viewpoint Shifting        Levels of Energy

Virtue                     Essays 5

Victor Schauberger        Essays 4

Vimana                              Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Viracocha                        Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Viracocha                        Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Virtual Reality, incarnating into        Hidden Realities

Visionary, Leadership      The Leadership Course

Visualizing                      Being Higher Self

Visualizing                      Reality Creation and Manifestation

Visualizing, physical body         Reality Creation and Manifestation

Visualizing vs. Fantasizing         Reality Creation and Manifestation

Vocabulary, most used       How to Learn a Language in 5 Days

Vocabulary, Use of         The Communication Course

Voice, Training                  Being Higher Self

Voice, Training               The Communication Course

Void, the                Levels of Energy

Voynich, manuscript        Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Waiting, let go of           Essays 2

Wanting, after not wanting          Essays 4

Water, cold or iced    Increase Your Energy

Water, holy         Essays 3

Water, living               Essays 3

Water, living              Essays 4

Water slides               Hidden Realities

Water, walking on         Hidden Realities

Walk Away, when to        The Communication Course

Wavesurfing, Human

Wealth                 Prosperity Consciousness

Wealth               Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Wealth Test         Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Weather Influence     Essays 5

Weather Modification      Essays 1

Weather Modification   Realms of Consciousness

Weight Loss             Essays 2

Weight Loss         Increase Your Energy

Well-Being          Increase Your Energy

Wellness            Increase Your Energy

Westworld           Essays 4

Westworld             Essays 5

White Noise                Being Higher Self

Who, is experiencer       Reality Creation and Manifestation

Willpower           Success Attracts Success

Wish into Memory         Reality Creation and Manifestation

Wingmakers        Time Travel

Wishful thinking          Parallel Universes of Self

Workaholism      Success Attracts Success

Work, right            Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Wormhole          Wurmloch

Wifi, turn off              Essays 2

Wordpower              The Communication Course

Word, Keeping      The Communication Course

World, getting better         Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Xenoglossy                 Hidden Realities

Yazidi             The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny

Xhosa         Extraterrestrial Linguistics

Yoga                Levels of Energy

Yonaguni                                Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Zuni                                  Ancient Aliens of Atlantis









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