Manifestation Reports

This page will collects some of the Manifestation reports collected over the years, for your Inspiration.

Manifesting “I am a Real Estate Investor” within a few weeks

This report was sent in by Enrique in California:

Hi Fred,

I hope this email finds you well.

I wanted to reconnect and give you great news! After our phone call, I continued to meditate and stay within the state of a wealthy real estate investor. I didn’t “want to own” real estate. I walked around (per your suggestion) “as if” I owned real estate. I became the investor now instead of waiting for some non-existent future.

Shortly after our Skype call, I was contacted by a company looking for someone to help build a portfolio of apartment properties with their equity and for their investors. I joined the company and within one week I had my first income-producing property under contract. Furthermore, my compensation nearly doubled and I am an investor in each property that I buy. I AM A REAL ESTATE INVESTOR. There was no long uphill battle. There was no struggle. It came effortlessly as soon as I identified with the reality and focused on being that which I chose to be.

Also, I lost 12 lbs without changing anything significant and I continue to build muscle, lose fat.

Furthermore, My overall state is improved. I continue to release tension, live abundantly, and improve my relationships, health, so on and so forth.

I became exactly what I felt!!!!

Cheers to you and I look forward to keeping in touch.



Manifesting a Spot at the University

This report was sent in by Aviva T., Netherlands:

Hi there, I wanted to report back on my manifesting experiences. It’s an ongoing process for me, using my imagination to visualise how I would like things to proceed in my life and interestingly the lives of my children. Since about December 2015 I have been using your manifestation techniques to meditate on and visualise the successful application of my eldest daughter at the university of her choice. Visualising her passing the entrance exam, visualising our euphoria upon receiving the news of her acceptance, seeing her graduating (this still needs to happen of course) and all the accessories that go with this. I must say I did have, and continue to have some difficulty imagining all the tiny details. Nevertheless, it has paid off, together with her own hard work of course (visualised her desiring to study furiously, seeing her motivated and enthusiastic about the work that she needed to get through). She has been accepted at the university of her choice to do the study of her choice! I feel strongly that your manifesting techniques have played a pivotal role in me steering the course of events for the best on behalf my children, my husband and other loved ones. I also visualise my other children doing well in their exams, getting excellent grades, excelling in all areas of their lives. And so it is. I am so happy with these results that I felt I needed to share this with you. Thank you for all your articles, your meditations, your website in general, I read or listen to something almost daily from your site. The items in the member download section (I am naturally a member) are invaluable. Whilst using these downloads and following your instructions, I experience an uplifting of my spirits and feel more in control of events in my life than ever before. Please continue to do this work. It makes a huge difference in my life and I am sure in the lives of many others.

Dreams Come True – an Interview with Miss Luna
(originally published 2013)

Reality Creation Coaching has interviewed Miss Luna, music producer and DJ from Ibiza on “Dreams come true”. About 5 years ago Miss Luna was a participant in the Reality Creation Course and this opportunity was taken to catch up on her thriving career.

1. Miss Luna, what dreams have come true for you?

To be able to make music in my own studio that I have been carrying around for decades. The dream to leave Germany and find my true place in this world and now live on the Island I fell in love with many years ago. To have found the partner who is a match for me.

2, How did your dreams come true?

At first through my stubbornness and absolute will. But the whole thing did not flow from the onset it took much longer time to succeed than I had thought.

Often I was at a point where I just wanted to give it all up, go back to Germany and sit in some office work for “other people”.

The shifting point was when I visited the Live Reality Creation Course with Fred and Bryan. I had already read many of Freds books and knew instinctively that that is the direction I needed to go. After a few weeks of Email Coaching and a week of intense live coaching I finally understood the mechanics of our own creations and how reality creation works. I stopped wanting to “be understood” and trying to get external approval.

It was time to adjust my focus. It was about persistence and stamina and if possible, to doubt as little as possible:-)

I used to regred never having been a “real” sound engineer, so today one of the things I am most proud of is to be creating good sound-scapes. On my path I have always had support from people who could do it better than me. Mentors and real Pros. But I was always willing to accept this help and to learn – and still am. The path goes on and on…

3. What are your next dreams for your future?

I have the dream that my music is heard even more. To become better at what I do. To learn all my life. To inspire others. To even more believe in what seems “impossible” in a conventional sense. To treat new paths spiritually and to combine that with my music. Specifically: to successfully build my own radio station, create my own record label and to travel, travel, travel and to make even more plans :-)

4. As a music producer, what is your most used instrument or gadget of all time?

For music creators technology opens up all possiblities if you know how to use them. My instrument is my computer. With it and my keyboard I can create all music I want. Everything I “hear” in my head I can implement into an external shape. If the result is not good or smooth I ask a professional to help me.

5. What does a typical Sunday morning or Friday evening in your life look like?

Whether Sunday morning or Friday evening…I am very lucky to be able to live according to my personal preferences rather than weekdays. Maybe I sleep through an evening at the weekend or I work through Saturday and Sunday. Then I retreat to “planet music” the whole weekend and don’t even step outside. Or I look forward to monday morning because the people in my network are finally back to work. Likewise I don’t need a “vacation”, neither do I have the “its finally weekend”-syndrome. Of course I can adapt to day-to-day requirements of my friends, partners and environment, otherwise Id probably have no professional or social life. :-)

6. What advice do you have to younger DJs and producers? What do you know now that you didn’t when you were younger?

Newcomer DJs have an entirely different starting position than I had in my DJ Generation. 20 or 30 years ago you needed the insticts of a gold miner to collect good records and in that way you grew into playing records. Die roots of the styles of music that DJs currently play are in Rock and Roll and Black Music and Soul. I think youngsters should get a musical background and research the origins of their music. They should learn the basic technique of DJing and not only rely on technology. They ought to find their own style not not just replay Top 100 tracks. It is beneficial to simultaneously create their own music – thats the way to separate themselves from the crowds of other DJs and maybe even become a superstar. I think these days its more difficult to assert oneself as a DJ because there is literally a flood of DJs. The most important thingfor an up and coming DJ in my view is: If you are only doing it for fame and recognition, then don’t do it. Your drive should be passion and love of music…

7. What is the most beautiful place on the Island of Ibiza?

Ibiza has many nice places…numerous bays and coves with sunsets that could make it into any movie. One of my favorites is the magical island Es Vedrà. You can really see and feel the high energy at Cala d’Hort. They say that many people can’t take the energy of that place for a long time and move away, but that others that wish to grow with it, flourish and thrive there.

I love the sea but even more the inner country, especially in the winter; the lemon and organge trees, the smell of the wood ovens, peaceful herds of sheep, the way the light falls. Its really great and despite new highways and high-rise apartments, after 12 years I still discover new things.

8. What do you NOT like about your life?

When the good old acquaintances “doubt”, “lack of self-confidence” and the feeling of “not being good enough” pay me a visit. When things are stalled instead of flowing. When I don’t recognize and get rid of energy-suckers. When the people I love are not well. But I know I create and attract all of that with my own attitudes and realize I can accept them and then have a chance to learn from them and to grow yet a little more.

9. What do you LIKE about your life?

There is little in my life that I dont love. Every day I try to express gratitude about what Ive been allowed to live, for the people in my life, my strong and silent friends that I can feel while working. I am also proud to have overcome many things that blocked me in life, proud to have overcome old patterns of learning and behavior and to have opened my mind and soul very wide.

10. If you could take three things to an empty island, what would you take?

My husband, my i-pad and my solar-charging station so that I always have electricity (yes, I am a technology-addict!)

11. How would you describe your music? How are tracks made?

The music styles I produce are lounge/chillout, downtempo, deep and tech-house. They must always contain melodies and harmonies, I am not a fan of “just beats” and leave that up to the minimalists of the scene. I work with singers and musicians from many different areas and love combing live-played-music and music produced with technology. For current dancefloor versions I have a great network of fantastic remixers that give my tracks the final dance-able spin. New productions are made when I hear a melody, a rhythm, a voice or instrumentals and suddenly the track is”there” and just wants to emerge. All I do then is help it be born:-) Every track to me is really like a child I give birth to and release to the world…

Thank you for the inspiring interview Miss Luna!

These are three sample music pieces she likes to showcase:

Miss Luna & Q DeRHINO: Heaven Sent

Miss Luna vs. Azoulay & Rousso Smart Guy

Miss Luna & Q DeRHINO Rise and Shine (Steve Jacobson and HP Hoeger Remix)

Miss Lunas website is at

Learning to Fly

One of my favorite “dreams come true” experiences of the last years was with an Italian lady.To protect her identity we will call her by her first name, Lauretta. She was dreaming of becoming a pilot for at least 10 years. Money was no issue for her; she could afford any pilot school in her area. So why didn’t she just sign up for pilots school?

Of course, like Loretta we all have dreams we would like to make come true where the astonishing thing is that we could instantly make them come true – but somehow fail to take action. Many dreams are as simple as what she would have to have done…go to pilots school, register, study, be a pilot. And yet we don’t. Of the millions of good ideas a human has throughout a week maybe only one (if any) gets acted upon.

Lauretta explained that she was afraid of going to pilots school. The external action of learning to fly would be a reflection of the inner wish to soar as a soul. So I offered: Then move forward in spite of fear. “Just register for pilots training and take it one day and one step at a time”. This was our pre-coaching talk on the phone where I try to persuade a person to do without coaching, because my time too is precious and I wouldn’t want to travel all the way to Italy for something she could easily do on her own. But she insisted on private one-on-one coaching. So I got into an airplane, landed in Rome, drove a few hours north and arrived at a pleasant little gardened and estate she called her home. It was beautifully lined with cypress trees, which is perhaps normal for the region, but did make a nice impression on me.

Talking to her over coffee and most delightful cookies I quickly realized what the problem was. She kept telling herself that at the age of 55 she lacked the energy, strength, ability to memorize and concentrate. I thought 55 might be a little too early to feel senile, but she insisted that her mental capacity was waning.

Her issue was that at 55 she felt that her inner strength and energy as well as her ability to keep things and concentrate was not enough. She also had the idea that as a woman she would be disadvantaged in terms of orientation and physical stamina. And she also believed that at 55 nobody would admit her to pilots training. But the dream – inspired by a book by Richard Bach – remained.

Once again it became obvious that our biggest limitations are our beliefs, not factual reality. She preferred to work on the beliefs first and then take action, but I suggested another route: Why not just take action and then process the fears and beliefs that come up as a consequence of the action? From many years of working with people in this manner I knew that her desire to “first work on it mentally” was, in this case, simply a strategy to postpone her dream even further. Judging from her bookshelf she had already been “working mentally” very, very extensively.

Within a few hours we found an instructor (not a school) that would admit her. Her first session was scheduled right there and then. And this, at last, brought up all the fears and worries in real-time. For processing such things there is nothing better than going ahead and taking action in spite of fear. Courage is to move forward anyway. We then spent the rest of the day dissolving the fear piece and piece. This was now possible because a Decision had been made. After our first day she went to sleep calm and relaxed. On the second day I taught her a number of mnemonic techniques that I used to apply to clients who wanted to learn languages more rapidly. We would need these for the theoretical part of flight training. With the help of Google we found a few flight instruction manuals in her language and went through the motions of how one might learn the admittedly massive amount of data more easily. For large amounts of information to be learned more quickly, they should be broken down into digestible chunks and then put into a context or story one can imagine. The data should be studied in a relaxed posture and calm attention. If these factors are considered, the number of repetitions required to learn something is greatly reduced. So instead of needing a dozen repetitions, she only required about three per lesson. Our second and last day of coaching was rounded off with a number of visualization-techniques where she operated the actual plane in a calm and lucid manner. Visualization techniques work the very best when they are applied to future actions you intend to take.

Our dear Lauretta passed her private pilot test within only 57 hours of training. As with so many things in life, she did not really need the help of a coach to get a pilots license but she was only willing to step up to the task with an external injection of inner strength and energy. Thus her dream came true.

The breakthrough sparked a number of other consequences she had not predicted back then. It is often the case that one breakthrough will domino and create a number of other breakthroughs. With her new found confidence she attracted a new partner and remarried. She sold-off a company that had been troubling her. Her overall health improved. She had not only learned to fly externally but also internally.

A rapid turn of events

I just received the following happy manifestation news by someone on Facebook. I share it here so that you are inspired at how easy “intention manifestation” can be. We all have a collection of gifts waiting for us that are only delivered when we specifically ask for them. I have copied screenshots of three of his messages here:

(Facebook Clips)

A Reality Creation Article in New Dawn Magazine

Between 1997 and 1999 I was a regular reader of “New Dawn Magazine”, an Australian “alternative topics” publication . Back then I thought “Someday I want to have an article of mine published there!”.

That thought has now come true, albeit 17 years after it was first sent out into the Universe! They say “ask and it is given” – but they never mentioned anything about WHEN it is given ;-). I am always thrilled about such long forgotten desires manifesting. It’s a little like time-traveling. What’s interesting is that a few other desires I had in the late 1990s have also come true this 2014 (among them coaching at a soccer club I was a huge fan of and publishing in the same book as an author I was a huge fan of in the 90s). Following this odd pattern, the stuff I wanted in the year 2000 might be scheduled to come true in 2015…

The latest issue of the magazine, with it’s typically delicious mix of spiritual new-age, alternative history and conspiracy-topics, carries my article “Will the ‘Universe’ fix your life?” The print or online-version of the November-December issue of New Dawn can be acquired here.

Playful Manifestations

“Wish Manifesting” is about a playful “soft-touch”, not about impatience or neediness. A recent example:

Last week, while relaxing in the night desert of Saudi Arabia (see Image 1 below, Fred and Tai Chi Trainer Mary Lea), I thought about “remote viewing” ancient history or practicing “psychic archaeology”. I had this hunch that below the desert sands of the Middle East, there were a few ancient sites yet waiting for discovery.

As a private experiment, I began putting mental attention on Ancient Egypt. I continued “remote viewing ancient Egypt” for a few days while falling asleep.After a few days I forgot about the whole thing and flew from the city of Riyadh to Jeddah where I conducted another Seminar. I had no expectation whatsoever about “manifesting” anything ancient Egypt related, it was just something I was moderately interested in.

Yesterday I arrived in Dubai for yet another Seminar. Upon arriving at the airport I found out that the company I was working for, had booked me into a place called “Raffles Hotel, Dubai”. Arriving there, I discovered that the Hotel-Complex is Pyramid-shaped. Not only that, the entire Hotel is Ancient Egypt themed! I shot a few pictures this morning to show what I mean (Image 2: Lobby of Hotel) (Image 3: View from the Breakfast Area)

What does this mean? Well, it reflects the typical kind of “literal interpretation” of the things we program our subconscious with. It did not “manifest” what I actually wanted (information about Ancient Egypt), it literally manifested some of the images I was holding in mind, such as Egyptian statues, pyramids and obelisks.

This is both funny and beautiful. The reality we experience is indeed a reflection of the contents of our consciousness, but sometimes it does not reflect quite the way we (our Ego) had in mind.

I experience these kinds of “wayward manifestations” more often than I write about them. They are quite common actually. You`ll see more of them in your own life when you understand that everything you experience is a manifestation of something you consciously or subconsciously had attention on at one point in time.

I was not thinking about ancient Egypt in order to manifest something, get something, find relief, etc. I was playfully and curiously putting my mind somewhere. The subconscious or universe (depending on whether you use a scientific concept or spiritual concept you can call it either “subconscious mind” or “universe”) simply delivered what is in “next proximity” to what I had visualized as well as “aligned with my other intentions”. My other intentions revolve around holding a seminar in Dubai, so this mysterious “universe” would not send me to Egypt. It would have to manifest “the next best thing” close to where I am.

If I really want to send out an intention regarding “psychic archaeology” and learn the mysteries of ancient Egypt, rather than only imagining pyramids, statues and obelisks, I would have to specify what I want on a timeline.

“It’s just a coincidence!” a skeptic might say. “If another Hotel had been chosen, you ‘d find some previous thought that supposedly “attracted” that. You are ignoring all the things that have happened to you that you did not pre-think”. And thats a fair point. But my experiences in these regard go way beyond “selective perceiving”. It is a fact that I haven’t experienced any serious trouble, health issues, money issues, relationship issues in more than 15 years. Is that also “only a coincidence”? I think not. I think its a consequence of keeping my thoughts clear of fear. If I were to think like a skeptic of “consciousness creates reality”, I´d be having to say “It’s just a coincidence” a dozen times a day. Just a small example: Today my seminar translator wore black. So did I. The seminar day before that, my translator wore a white shirt. So did I. The day before that, my translator wore a blue shirt. So did I. The day before that he wore again white. So did I. That’s 5 non-prearranged color-matches in a row. Me and my seminar-translator wearing the same colors became so common that people asked us whether it was pre-arranged. And with only one exception, it wasn’t. Coincidence? After a while the “it’s just a coincidence” explanation is no longer plausible.

When a person is “in the flow”, synchronicity abounds.

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Some Amazing Manifestations

In my coaching work of the year 2015, there are a few cases that stand out the most. For the sake of privacy I will not share the names of the students involved, but I will share their amazing stories. I will tell you what realities they manifested and how they did it.

A couple of weeks ago a woman contacted me telling me she had been unable to get pregnant although she had been trying for several years. Three years ago she had a miscarriage that had been most horribly painful physically and emotionally. I produced a “Custom Made Meditation” for her in which I first guided her through that painful experience while she was to remain relaxed and forgiving. Then I asked her to invite the child into her. The final part of the approximately 25 minute audio-session was about imagining life with her child. Three weeks after I had sent her the recording and had asked her to listen to it every day or every second day, she reported that she had gone to the doctor and he told her she was now healthily pregnant.

That was not the first time these methods had worked on pregnancy. I recall two other instances in 2014 and one in 2013 and one in 2012 where the same had happened…and also with Custom Made Meditations. However, of these four, one pregnancy actually failed. But rather than simply repeating the same procedure and this time with more optimism, that student simply gave up and resigned herself to her situation. So that’s altogether 5 Meditations on pregnancy, resulting in 5 actual pregnancies (albeit one that eventually failed), among women who reported they had been “unable to get pregnant”. I wondered why the success-rate of “imagining things into reality” was so rapidly successful in regards to children. I believe the answer is: Such desires come from the heart and sincere ones usually do manifest.

The most stunning manifestation of the year was of a woman who lived in a war-zone in Syria. The 40-year old woman contacted me heart-broken and desperate because her village had been overrun by gun-toting men. Several of her close neighbors and friends had been killed. Moreover, she lived with her parents and could not convince them to leave with her. Her father, upon hearing of her plans, took away her passport. We began our session with the intention that she would stay and remain safe and healthy. But as time passed it became apparent that she just wanted to leave. So rather than visualizing every detail of safe passage outside of the country or the resolution of the conflict with her father, I had her keep her mind on the desired end-result, which was a pleasant house at a lake in Austria. We did this in spite of the fact that millions of refugees from Syria do not end up at a “pleasant house at some lake in Europe” but rather in asylum shelters, barracks and previously unused buildings. One could say that we were imagining the “impossible”. After some time of daily visualizing, nothing really happened (on the physical plane….yet!). Eventually she included her parents in her vision. After some more time, she went over to “scripting”. I asked her to write daily stories and conversations of her new life in Austria. Her frustration was high and her faith wavered many times. “How am I supposed to get out of Syria, let alone afford a house at the lake?” she once asked exasperated. “How? Tell me how!”. But as veteran reality-creators know, its not about the “how”. Leave the “how” up to the higher powers that be. Simply immerse your mind and emotions in the end-result and stay there as much as you can. The “how” of her manifestation was rather wild and unexpected and so typical of universe-intervention. It was her long-forgotten brother who – unbeknownst to the whole family – had made a fortune in real estate abroad. He happened to have a house at the lake…in Austria. He invited them over. None of them had known that her brother was such a financially well-off man. Her father gathered their savings stashed away in their house and they took an old village bus all the way to Damascus and there to the airport. Would they be safe on the trip? She knew they would because she had been dreaming of that house for such a long time.

Her story taught me – once again – that nothing is really impossible. Outer reality must eventually give way to what you imprint with your Imagination and Emotions.

Another stunning success involved a guy who had to give up his sports career due to injury. He was a soccer player in Germany in the 3rd league…which meant moderate success and good income. But through his injury at the fairly early age of 26, doctors and relatives were recommending he give up his career. In his case, he knew nothing other than soccer from a young age. The center of his life having fallen away he felt lost when he came to me. We started out with one-month email coaching. His conversation in the beginning was about “what he should do now” and “finding his lifes purpose”. Once we considered all options, I suggested: Why not heal your injury and go back to soccer? That’s what he really wanted, but he had lost faith. He had bought into his surroundings who told him “your career is over”. I instructed him to remember his soccer playing over and over again. To regain his sense of “I am a professional soccer player”. Initially he thought he’d be lucky to even be considered for little leagues. But we soon got him to mentally target 1st league soccer and make that his “normal, habitual environment”. He recovered from his injury rather rapidly. Then he started training again. Finally, he was employed at the amateur team of a 2nd league outfit. Now, just a few weeks ago, he performed for the “main team”. He is now a second league player. What makes this story so extraordinary is that he came back stronger than before. Rather than ending his career, he progressed from league 3 to league 2. Has he made 1st league? No, not yet. But that could still happen.

I owe it to these and many other experiences that my method and teachings drift further and deeper into the “Imagination Creates Reality” paradigm. It is the “acting-as-if-something-is-already-true” (lovingly and patiently) method that beats all other methods out there.

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The most empowering question you can ask yourself is: Where is my awareness right now and where would I like it to be?