Success without Strings Attached

Much of “reality” is make-believe

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

How easy is it to fool crowds? Fairly easy. Just dress up like a celebrity and have two bodyguards with “security” written on their shirts accompany you. People will go wild.

The Video below shows examples of fake celebrity. Watch the first one to get an idea of  how it works.

The interesting thing: There is not that much difference between real and fake celebrity. A real celebrity is also a human being, yet they are treated like “stars” and make people starry-eyed. Bottom line: What is driving people crazy is not what is actually happening, but what they think is happening. If you think you are in the presence of an extremely important person, you’ll feel excited. But that sense of elevation in a persons presence will only stay, if it’s a genuinely high-energy-high-consciousness person. If the person is only faking it, then his assistants and aides quickly have to whisk the celebrity away, before it shows.

Human Behavior is motivated by perception of facts more than by facts. For instance, there is no pandemic. And yet, most people behave as if there is one, because “the media” told them to. I have received sharp criticism and cancellations for claiming there is no pandemic. From people who consider themselves smart and educated and just don’t want to admit they have been misled. It’s daunting to consider that the whole world has been mislead. But it wouldn’t be the first time in History, frankly. It’s easier to fool people who think they are smart. It’s difficult to fool the humble. There are thousands of health factors – getting oxygen, sun and movement among the foremost. Putting good things into your body is another. But these smart and educated people tell you that cutting off oxygen, sun and movement and putting bad things into your body will keep you healthy.

I’ve always kissed my spouse when she has the flu. Why? Am I ignorant of the fact that the flu is contagious? That might be your belief.  But the fact is, that I have never gotten the flu just because people around me had it. I kept kissing my spouse and hugging friends and relatives, because I am immune to the flu. What makes me immune? Probably the BELIEF that I am, coupled with fearlessness. You tell me it’s a “scientific fact” that flu is contagious. But that’s never been my experience.

What should I trust: My own experience, made time and time again, or what “the news” tells me?

All the headlines above, made certain people very rich. It’s the fear-to-riches scheme which has been running for thousands of years. But none of the headlines resonated with me, so I did not pick up any of these illnesses, despite frequent travel (including travel into danger-zones). All along I experience that thoughts and beliefs are contagious.

But enough of that. We can get into complaining about how easily people are fooled or we can use the power of belief to our advantage.

Just knowing that “monkey see, monkey do”, can help you achieve business success. I advised a restaurant owner to have friends and family sit in the restaurant. Before that, the restaurant was empty. After people saw it’s already filled, they believed it to be good and wanted in. Just that one little shift,  changed the trajectory of his restaurant. I was his “last resort” coach before bankruptcy. A tiny change, and today his Business is thriving.

Much of reality is make-believe. Monkey see, monkey do.

Sounds cynical, doesn’t it. But, it’s not all make-believe. This restaurant owner is also a fun character and makes decent food. You can fake it till you make it, but you can only succeed long-term if there is some substance to what you are doing. Something real behind the packaging. See the image above? What does it have to do with this article? Nothing. It’s just packaging. Putting someone attractive up to attract people is the most common form of marketing, used since thousands of years. Make-believe. But then this article better have some real substance. If packaging vs. content are too far apart, it angers people off. There are some who have deluded themselves into thinking they can run a Business on packaging and promises only, but these don’t last.

I’m not a fan of packaging. That’s why my books don’t have a preface, introduction and foreword. I want to keep it real and get right to the heart of the matter. Nor do I pay for marketing. If I were more into packaging, I could probably sell more books, but I really prefer quality to quantity.

We live in times where much of what people think they “know” was made up by a PR firm. You’ll realize that most of politics, news, information and education is without substance when it feels like you read a 10 000 page menu without having a meal. If something is of substance, then it makes a difference in your life. It moves your bank account. It sparks a feeling. It leaves you stronger. It makes you more forgiving. Or it’s actionable.

We live in a monkey-see, monkey-do world. People tend to do what they see others do. It begins early on. We watch how our parents behave and talk, and copy their example. This has both negative and positive implications. The empowering take-away is this: You can stop doing and thinking things just because “everyone else” does and thinks them and start listening to your heart. “Set your Course by the stars, not by the light of every passing ship”. Set your course by your heart, not by the noise of every passing trend.



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