Magnetic Wealth Attraction

“Your financial prosperity is a measure of how much you benefit people. The universe is set up in a way that encourages us to take care of each other. The money you receive is meant to measure how much you have contributed overall”

– Frederick Dodson, Magnetic Wealth Attraction

The rules of wealth have remained the same for thousands of years. Learn universal mindsets that will increase your financial abundance regardless of who and where you are. Results: Confidence in your ability to be of unique service to your fellow humans, comprehensive knowledge of simple Business Models that always work, the skills to generate passive income and the ability to fundamentally change your belief-patterns around the subject of money for lifelong financial stability from within. Frederick Dodson, author of Prosperity Consciousness and Success Attracts Success guides you through the most important processes to turn your life into an unending flow of riches for the benefit of yourself and the people you love.

There are many reasons it’s unwise to focus on money as a goal. The first reason is, that you don’t really want money. You want the stuff you think you can buy or do with money.

– Frederick Dodson, Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Reviews of ‘Magnetic Wealth Attraction’

Very very good book that covers many ideas that are not covered in other sources. I highly highly recommend ALL of Frederick Dodsons books, the author is intuitive, smart, and explains subjects from many perspectives.

Jon Cruchfield

Another Homerun! This book is packed full of activities to bring your mind around to a wealth mindset. Great author with a great thought process..

Audible Review

This is the key to finding out how to move forward As always does not disappoint. I’ve listened to this audiobook over and over. all the points are spot-on and have learned many lessons.

Audible Review by Jeff

A part of scarcity-consciousness (the belief that there is not enough) is to look for solutions and abundance primarily in the future. A part of prosperity consciousness (the belief that there is more than enough), is to make use of the abundance, resources, information and knowledge already available.

– Frederick Dodson, Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Listen to excerpts from the Audiobook:

Don’t think in terms of income but in terms of value. For instance, I have written books that will have value for many decades, whereas my monthly income is only temporary – it comes and goes. I own a piece of real estate that will have value for more than a hundred years whereas my monthly paycheck may or may not go on. Income is meaningless. The poor-mind measures wealth by temporary income. The rich-mind measures wealth by assets and equity.

– Frederick Dodson, Magnetic Wealth Attraction

The Italian translation is available here: Attrarre Magneticamente La Ricchezza

An arabic translation is available here: Magnetic Wealth Attraction

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