Magicians, Automatons and Conscious Creators

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Frederick Dodson

Magicians, Automatons and Conscious Creators

When a magician asks you to choose from two cars, he can influence the card you pick.


By briefly looking at the card he wants you to choose.

This must happen so quickly that your conscious mind doesn’t pick up on it. Your subconscious notices and takes the cue.

Experiments have shown that in 90% of the cases people will choose the card secretly suggested through the rapid eye movement of the magician.

Where does this leave free will?

You have free will, but your choice can be manipulated if you haven’t educated yourself on how stuff works. If you’ve taught yourself not to go with your first impulse, you might choose another card.

If you’ve taught yourself not to go with what is expected or what everyone else is doing, you might choose another path.

The basis of stage magic is the idea that people can be manipulated and wouldn’t even know it. Our social engineers are stage magicians. To stand a chance against their manipulation attempts, you should see them as such.

Much is made of free will, but until conscious awareness of “how stuff works” is awakened, a “person” is nothing other than an automaton: Robotic, reactive, impulsive – desiring this, resisisting that, opinioning on this and that, consuming this, consuming that.

The sequence of awakening: First one goes from

non-player-character to conscious player.

Then from conscious player to co-creator of the contents of the game.

Then to a place outside the game, from which one can view, enter, exit or create one’s own games at will.

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