Luminous and Electric People

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

This is a continuation of my previous articles “Humans as Electric Circuits” and “Criminal Violence and Electromagnetic Fields“.


You are a Luminous Being

An excerpt from an article published in Scientific American 152:323 in the year 1935.


Certain animals and plants are well known to give off phosphorescent light, and from time to time luminous human beings have been reported. Generally, but not always, this emission of light has been noticed just before death. Little is known of the cause of this luminosity, and curiosity has been quickened by Anna Monaro, the Luminous Woman of Pirano, of whom Dr. G. Protti, of Venice, has recently published an account. Dr. Protti first collected the evidence of eye-witnesses. The usual time of the light’s appearance was during the early part of the night, never in the daytime, or when Monaro was only lightly asleep; it lasted never longer than three to four seconds, it always appeared in the region of the heart, it varied in color from green to red. Monaro herself was unaware of the light and it left no trace of odor, heat, or color.

The case was declared genuine by police officers, scientists and even by the famous inventor Guglielmo Marconi who said “there is no doubt that the phenomena is authentic”.

What’s going on here? Well, the lady simply had more glow than others.

But Everyone has the glow, even though reports about it were more common in older times. From a 2020 article titled “Your body is bioluminescent and can be photographed in Darkness“.


Did you know that your body is bioluminescent? That’s right — the human body actually emits visible light and can be photographed by an ultra-sensitive camera in complete darkness.

This strange discovery was made during a study back in 2009 by a team of Japanese researchers led by Masaki Kobayashi of the Tohoku Institute of Technology.

Five male volunteers stripped down, cleaned their skin, and entered a light-sealed chamber for 20 minutes every 30 hours between 10am and 10pm. The researchers used a special ultra-sensitive camera kept at -184°F (-120°C) that can detect individual photons.

The team found that the subjects’ bodies glowed by emitting visible light photons throughout the day in a rhythmic cycle — the most light is emitted from the forehead, cheeks, and neck at around 4pm in the afternoon, and the least photons were seen late at night.


(for more visit the link).

The camera just needs to be sensitive enough to pick up on what intuitive people have known all along: You are energy!

These researchers found most energy in the forehead. But I believe heart-centered people have more in the chest and the chest is meant to be our energy-center under ideal circumstances.

The following are small excerpts from a much longer article published in the American Journal of Science 1:33:394-398 in the year 1838. Bolding mine.


Electric Fingers



The facts stated below, were, by my request, kindly communicated for this Journal by Dr. Willard Hosford, a respectable physician of Orford, New Hampshire, the place where the occurrence happened. Being in that place in September, and finding the belief  in the facts to be universal, particularly on the part of persons of judgment and science, (as at the neighboring University, Dartmouth, at Hanover, eighteen miles south,) I became desirous of preserving a record of them. Dr . Hosford remarks in the letter accompanying his communication, that abundant evidence from the most intelligent persons is at hand for the support of every point in the case. He observes also, that the appearance of the aurora during which the electrical excitement of the lady took place, “was precisely the same as that described by some gentlemen at New Haven.” Speaking of it Dr. Hosford adds, that “the heavens were lighted with a crimson aurora of such uncommon splendor, as to excite no ordinary emotions in every observer, and we had, he observes, in addition, an electrical exhibition much less dazzling, but more singular and to the parties concerned more interesting.” A lady of great respectability, during the evening of the 25th of January, 1837, the time when the aurora occurred, became suddenly and unconsciously charged with electricity, and she gave the first exhibition of this power in passing her hand over the face of her brother, when, to the astonishment of both, vivid electrical sparks passed to it from the end of each finger. The fact was immediately mentioned, but the company were so sceptical that each in succession required for conviction, both to see and feel the spark. On entering the room soon afterward, the combined testimony of the company was insufficient to convince me of the fact until a spark, three fourths of an inch long, passed from the lady’s knuckle to my nose causing an involuntary recoil. This power continued with augmented force from the 25th of January to the last of February, when it began to decline, and became extinct by the middle of May. The quantity of electricity manifested during some days was much more than on others, and different hours were often marked by a like variableness; but it is believed, that under favorable circumstances, from the 25th of January to the first of the following April, there was no time when the lady was incapable of yielding electrical sparks. The most prominent circumstances which appeared to add to her electrical power, were an atmosphere of about 80° Fah., moderate exercise, tranquility of mind, and social enjoyment; there, severally or combined, added to her productive power, while the reverse diminished it precisely in the same ratio. Of these, a high temperature evidently had the greatest effect, while the excitement diminished as the mercury sunk, and disappeared before it reached zero. The lady thinks fear alone would produce the same effect by its check on the vital action. We had no evidence that the barometrical condition of the atmosphere exerted any influence, and the result was precisely the same whether it were humid or arid. It is not strange that the lady suffered a severe mental perturbation from the visitation of a power so unexpected and undesired, in addition to the vexation arising from her involuntarily giving sparks to every conducting body that came within the sphere of her electrical influence…

I suspect that the old fairy tales around wizards and warlocks using electricity from their fingers, electric scepters, magic wands and magic bones from which electricity flows are maybe not fictitious but based on a time when people knew how to use their personal energy.

In our culture, having electricity come from your fingers is often associated with evil and destructive behavior. The image below is from the movie “Star Wars:


But even the movie admits that “The Force” can be used for good or bad, even though none of the good-guys are shown using electric fingers. When the good-guys use it, the energy is an invisible power-field. If there’s any intentional meaning behind that, it’s perhaps to say that “higher energy” is not visible to the eye (only guessing here, maybe there’s no meaning behind it).

And why is it linked to evil? Maybe because power in the hands of the immature always leans toward destructive ends. Another possibility is that humans, having lost their power, try to regain it by getting possessed by negative spirits. That would be cheating.

I believe we have energy coming out of the tips of our fingers whether we generate it or not and this is why people don’t like when we point fingers at them. In old cartoons, hypnotists are portrayed as sending rays of electricity through their fingers at their subjects. I’m not sure where this idea comes from, but it implies that some people use their electricity to put others into trance. People who speak with fingers pointed upwards are seen as firm or strict. This implies an energy connection to the skies. And villains are often portrayed with crooked fingers and for that very reason, called “crooks”, which possibly implies a waning of electricity.

To show that this phenomena was not uncommon in the past, here’s another example from Popular Science Monthly, 6:588-592, 1875, written by Louis Figuier. I’m only quoting small excerpts.


Electric Telekinesis


In the beginning of 1846…Angelique Cottin was a girl of fourteen, living in the village of Bouvigny, near La Perriere, department of Orne, France…

On January 15th of the year named, while the girl was with three others engaged in weaving silk-thread gloves, the oaken table at which they worked began to move and change position. The work-women were alarmed; work was for a moment suspended, but was soon resumed. But, when Angelique again took her place, the table began anew to move with great violence; she felt herself attracted to it, but, so soon as she touched it, it retreated before her, or was even upset. The following morning similar phenomena were observed; and before long public opinion was very decided in affirming that Agelique Cottin was possessed of a devil, and that she should be brought before the parish priest. But the cure was a man of too much common sense to heed their request for an exorcism, and resolved to see the facts for himself. The girl was brought to the cure’s house, and there the phenomena were repeated, though not with the same intensity as before: the table retreated, but was not overturned, while the chair on which Angelique was seated moved in a contrary direction, rocking the while, and giving Angelique great difficulty in keeping her seat. These effects were so remarkable as to attract a great deal of attention; and so many came to see the demonstrations that the girl’s relations, who were in straitened circumstances, thought to make a lucrative business of her singular faculty by exhibitions from time to time. Various professional men testified to her performances, of which the following letter from Dr. Beaumont-Chardon, of Mortagne, gives the usual account:

“This is what I saw,” says this physician. “1. Repulsion and attraction, bounding and displacement of a massive table; also of another table, mounted on casters, about three metres by two; another square table, in oak, about a metre and a half in size; an arm-chair, of mahogany, very massive. All these movements took place from the voluntary or involuntary contact of Angelique’s clothes. “2. When she was seated, overturning and repulsion of the young girl and the person who was occupying the same chair; a momentary adherence of the chair to the girl’s dress was seen several times. Cessation of these effects when the chair and the young girl were placed upon glass or oil-cloth, or when the girl was placed upon the chair without having the feet of the latter touch the floor, effects generally less upon waxed floors or carpets “3. Great disturbance noticed in the girl, recalling that which is produced by an electric discharge, when a piece of wood, a stick, a shovel, or tongs, was brought in contact with the vertebral column. My finger held toward her forehead, or the top, and above all, the back of her head, either by actual contact, or at a distance of two centimetres, produced the same effect as it had done when brought in contact with the elbow of the left arm- -disappearance of this effect when a piece of oil-cloth was interposed between the arm and the object. “4. Painful and insupportable sensation of itching when one or two iron rods, strongly magnetized, were held several centimetres from the extended fingers of her left hand, or from her head; non-magnetized iron did not produce this effect. A magnetized needle, suspended horizontally from the ceiling by a long thread, deviated from the direction of the terrestrial magnetic axis, and oscillated at the approach of the girl’s left arm.

“The young girl was generally heavily charged when I was near her, because I did not arouse in her any feeling of mistrust, but always endeavored to spare her suffering; I thought that, in order to appear to the best advantage, her mind must be free, and she herself gay and lively, although her will seemed to be entirely void of influence.”

The story is much longer. Eventually a committee examines her and confirms its relation to electrical charge.

I am sharing this because I believe that humans have these skills. Telekinesis and other paranormal displays are people making use of our inherent electric energy. These things can be experienced without spirit possession. Possession is merely a foreign entity taking control of our body. The ancients said that demons were disembodied creatures who were made of “smokeless fire”, which literally means they were made of electricity. Even so, we don’t need a foreign entity, we can generate energy on our own.


Shining Eyes

Excerpt from an article published in published in Nature Magazine 145:737 in 1940.


From time to time, reports have appeared of the occurrence in human eyes of the phenomenon of “night- shining, ” which as was indicated in a recent paragraph (Nature , March 30, p. 506) has been observed in many animals by Ernest P. Walker, assistant director of the National Park of the Smithsonian Institution. It was there stated that Mr. Walker had no definite proof of such cases, although he had encountered reports of them. That statement has led Denis G . A. Dyson, King Edward VI School, Stratford-on-Avon, to write saying that for many years he has known of an “undoubted case” of shining eyes in a shop assistant in Birmingham . Although , not being aware of the rarity of such an occurrence he made no particular observations, his impression is that the glow was of a “dark red colour”. In view of the apparent lack of information about such a condition in human beings, it would be of interest if some scientific worker could follow up Mr. Dyson’s clue.

In most cultures around the world and also in modern movie-making, we associate shining eyes with evil and demonic possession. And perhaps today it really is a sign of a foreign entity controlling the body. But is it possible to glow, shine and radiate from our own soul, from the heart? Certainly. It’s common to say that someone is radiant or shining when they are in a good mood. That’s a linguistic hint that when we are in “high energy” or “high spirits” we have more luminosity and electricity.

Quoted from a Live Science article from 2019 titled Man’s Glowing Iris was a sign of rare eye syndrome

A man’s eye exam showed something unusual: His iris appeared to be “glowing.” This eerie appearance turned out to be a sign of a rare disorder that caused his eye pigment to flake off, according to a new report of the case. The 44-year-old man went to an eye clinic after he moved to a new area and wanted to get set up with an eye doctor there, according to the report, published today (Nov. 13) in The New England Journal of Medicine. 

(to read more about this, follow the article link)

The obvious reason his eye pigment was flaking off is because of the presence of electricity. It’s not a “rare disease”, it’s a capability of the body that we have forgotten how to control.

Another related phenomenon which I won’t go into here is that of “magnetic people”, by which metals are attracted to people’s skins. Some people also have a “magnetic sense of direction and orientation” and can navigate based on “feeling”, similar to animals.  Another strange phenomenon I won’t detail here is called “Spontaneous Human Combustion” by which people suddenly burn up and disappear.


Healed by Lightning

One phenomenon I’d like to address, quoted from an article titled “Healed by Lightning” posted 2014 in The Guardian.

It hardly seems credible that anyone could benefit from being hit by lightning, but there are some curious reports of people cured of chronic medical conditions after lightning strikes.

In 1911, a bolt of lightning tore through a house in Connecticut and struck a 65-year-old woman, Mrs Jane Decker, who had been deaf since childhood. “Mrs Decker was lame and sore for a number of days,” reported the New York Times. “Her hearing is now so good that she is able to carry on a conversation in an ordinary tone of voice.”

A woman in Oklahoma who had been paralysed by multiple sclerosis and used a wheelchair was struck by lightning inside her bathroom.

The lightning passed through metal piping, hurling the woman out of her wheelchair, but despite the trauma she gradually regained feeling and movement in her legs over the following months and eventually walked again.

In England, a lightning strike several years ago blasted a shop front in Birmingham, throwing a woman inside to the floor and leaving her temporarily paralysed down her righthand side. But the next morning she woke up and found the severe arthritis that had crippled her right hand had completely disappeared. Over the following weeks the swelling in her hand also vanished. There seems no rational explanation for any of these incidents – and medical experts warn that anyone seeking a medical cure by deliberately getting hit by lightning is more likely to be killed, or at least seriously injured.

What is this strange relation between lightning and healing? My best guess is that a lightning strike could possibly drive out negative entities stored in the energy body. If these negative entities were causing the illness and the electric shock drives them out, people get healed. Again, I’m only guessing. But sure enough, various doctors and hospitals do offer Electroshock Therapy to treat all kinds of ailments. In the old days this kind of “therapy” was fairly harsh, but today it’s softer version is called Electroconvulsive Therapy.

About a year ago I moved to Central Florida which has the highest occurrence of lightning in the country. I’ve noticed that I generally feel more energized during one of the many electrical storms in the area. Even though everyone advises against it, I enjoy taking a walk when the air is charged with electricity. 🙂


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