Lucid Dreamscapes

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Frederick Dodson

Lucid dreaming is knowing that you’re dreaming while you’re dreaming. The heightened state helps you experience the out-of-body dream-state that you’d normally miss because you are sleeping.  Advanced stages of this state go along with deep insight, extrasensory perception, precognition, telepathy, travels to other realms and even time-travel. First and foremost, lucid dreaming is FUN and allows people to “feel high” without the need for drugs and other external substances.

Lucid Dreamscapes are a series of 14 guided audio-processes that you listen to before sleeping or taking a nap. The audios have been uploaded to the Gold Members section of this website. They are exclusively available there. If you don’t have Gold Membership, which entails access to hundreds of courses, audios and videos, you can get it by clicking here.

Sweet Dreams,

Frederick Dodson



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