Lives of the Soul

What happens when the soul leaves the body? Did you have past lives? Can you catch glimpses of your future lives? What happens in the afterlife? Do soulmates exist? How can you detect them? How can you connect to your Higher Self? What is your lifes purpose? Join Frederick Dodson as he describes his insights based on his own out-of-body experiences, Lucid Dreams, past-life-regression techniques and Meditation practices. Learn what the soul does in its “lives between lives” and how you can better connect to your memory of your Souls Intentions and your Intuition.

Reviews of Lives of the Soul


Magic starts happening and continues to happen while reading! Reading Fred Dodson books always feels like Having one of these conversations with a friend ,where u wish time can stop and u keep on talking for eternity !

Rasha, Amazon Customer
Thank you!

Amazing book! Thank you! Read this book!

KM, Amazon Customer
Amazing work

As expected from Fred, this is another insightful book which simply clarifies this complex subject. An original work from an expert..

ST, Amazon Customer

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