List Of Videos By Frederick Dodson And Where To Find Them

This is the regularly updated Master-List of Videos by Frederick Dodson, sorted by general topic with links to the pages they are posted on. Videos with an asterix* are non-public. This page is updated regularly. Brand new videos published in the last few days are bolded.

Videos on Attention, Awareness and Presence

Presence and Timelessness (2016)(2016)

Presence and Timelessness (2016)

Total Presence (Short Version) (2016)

Total Presence (Long Version) (2016)*

The Miracle of Focus Shifting (2013)

The Miracle of Focus Shifting 2 (2013)

Attention and Reality 1 (2014)

Attention and Reality 2 (2014)

Attention and Reality 3 (2014)

The Practice of Presence 1 (2016)*

The Practice of Presence 2 (2016)*

The Practice of Presence 3 (2016)*

Take Back Your Time (2017)

Videos on Generating High Energy

Passion is your Energy Source (2013)

Quickly change your state of Energy and Consciousness (2012)

Raising Your Frequency (2014)

The Energy of High Places (2016)

Taking Back Your Energy and Feeling Alive (2013)

Levels of Energy Meditation (2016)*

Refill Your Energy (2016)*

The Happiness Process (Short Version) (2016)

The Happiness Process (Long Version) (2016)*

How to Improve Your Sex Life (2016)*

Densities of Reality (2016)*

Using Your Body for Higher Consciousness (2017)*

Videos on Parallel Universes of Self

Parallel Universe Meditation (2016)

Timeline Shifting (2014)

Parallel Universes of Self (2016)

Embody a New Character - Attract a New Reality(2016) (Long Version)*

Videos on Reality Creation

The Reality Creation Process (2013)

The Reality Creation Procedure (2014)

Creating Reality is a Decision (2012)

Which goal is right for you? (2016)*

The Power of Imagination (2016)*

Rapid Goal Achievement (2013)

The difference between fantasizing and visualizing (2016)*

Interview on Reality Creation (2013)

Reality Creation (2010)

The Power of Acting-as-If (2016)*

The Power of Commitment (2016)*

Scaling - A Method to change Beliefs (2014)

Reality Reframing (2014)

Thoughtpower (2016)*

Building Belief (2015)

From Doubt to Certainty (2016)*

The Guided Reality Creation Technique (2016)*

The Power of Your Words (2016)*

Projected Expectations (2016)*

Favorite Manifestation Techniques (2016)*

Leaving Your Comfort Zone (2016)*

A Secret Little Manifestation Technique (2016)

Being Source (2016)*

Self-Image, Authenticity and Reality (2013)

The Power of Focusing (2016)*

Scenes from the Reality Creation Course (2016)

Ask Me Anything Response 2016

The Email Scripting Manifestation Technique (2016)

The Manifestation Drill (2017)*

The Magic Diary (short-version) (2017)

The Magic Diary (long-version) (2017)*

If you're firm in your goal, nothing will stop you (2017)

Do thoughts really create reality? (2017)

The reliable power of Belief (2017)

How to remove unwanted thoughts (2017)

How to remove unwanted thoughts (Long Version) (2017)*

Doors to Other Universes, "New Identity Meditation" (2017)*

The standards you set, create your reality (2017)

Ask Me Anything (2017)

Video Footage from Live Seminars

Coaching Session "Creating a New Reaction" (2016 Switzerland)*

Manifesting Meditation (2016 Switzerland)*

Converting Fantasy to Belief (2016 Switzerland)*

Creating Something Out of Nothing (2016 Switzerland)*

Videos on Levels of Energy and Consciousness

The Negative Levels of Energy (2016)*

The Mid Levels of Energy (2016)*

The Energy of Faces (2016)*

The Positive Levels of Energy (2016)*

Levels of Energy Meditation (2016)*

The Energy of Places (2016)*

The Energy of Sports (2016)*

Levels of Experience (2016)*

Higher Imagination (2016)*

The Practice of Intuition (2016)*

The Self-Empowerment Process (2016)*

Refill Your Energy (2016)*

Scenes from the Levels of Energy Course (2016)

Releasing Hidden Agendas (2016)*

Videos on Communication and Leadership

Creating a Confident and Magnetic Personality (Short Version) (2016)

Creating a Confident and Magnetic Personality (Long Version) (2016)*

How to Connect to People if you're socially awkward (2016)

Let Go of Needing Attention and Approval (2016)

Relationship Polarity (2016)*

How Actors Succeed at Auditions (2016)*

Gestures - Communications of the Subconscious (2017)

How to Improve Your Voice (2017)*

Videos on Releasing and Clearing Emotions

A Technique for Clearing Limitations (2013

Letting Go of Limiting Emotions (2013)

Dissolving Problems (2016)

The Self-Empowerment Process (2016)*

Beach Release (2011)

What to do when you feel down....Nothing (2016)

Videos on Prosperity and Wealth Creation

Creating Wealth From Within (2016)*

What you Give is What you Get (2016)*

Don't settle for less (2016)

Million to Billion Meditation (2016)*

Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams (2016)*

Character Traits of the Self-Made-Rich (2016)*

Audio-Visual Wealth Programming (2016)*

If you were a Millionaire (2016) *

Luxury Meditation (2016)*

What you take is what you get (2016)*

Acting the Role (2016)*

Being Rich (2016)*

Money Attracts Money 1 (2016)*

Money Attracts Money 2 (2016)*

Feeling Energy Levels for Investing (2017)*

Work does not Equal Money (2017)*

Videos on Spiritual Development

Break Out of the Dull Circles of Life (2016)

Find Your Calling (2016)

What is Meditation? (2016)

Relaxing Deeply while Staying Awake (2016)

Undefine Yourself (2016)

Doing vs. Being (2016)

Learn more Quickly by softening your attention (2016)

How to Contact Aliens (2016)*

Energetic Prayer (2016)*

The Quest (2017)

Into the Unknown (2017)

Be Here Now (2017)

Soulmate Attraction (2017)

Soulmate Attraction (Intro) (2017)*

Higher States of Consciousness (2017)

How to Find Things Out By Intuition (2017)

How to Transcend Mass Consciousness (2017)

Walking Meditation (2017)