The Liquid Sky

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

When I was a child, I lie in bed at night trying to stretch my mind beyond this world or even the cosmos. I had the definite sense that there was something I’m meant to remember after crossing the Amnesia barrier coming to Earth. There were vague memories of me strongly promising others that I would remember them and their world, even while on Earth. Regrettably, I forgot much of it. 🙂

But as a kid, I was determined to remember “it”, whatever “it” was. Creative Imagination let me reach distant places and planes of existence. But as much freedom as it gave me, there were worlds beyond my current imagination, just beyond my grasp. I gave myself projects to focus on at night, until I “figured it out”. For example, I wanted to know if there is life after death. I couldn’t rely on books or the word of my parents or teachers. It seemed strange that people could accept or reject an idea without serious inspection.

Why aren’t more people wondering what is going on? They work, eat, get entertainment, sleep and repeat this cycle daily with little apparent desire to get to the root of their existence or purpose. This was what most mystified me.

So I contemplated on the afterlife for many weeks. I thought about all I’d been told about afterlife, and let it go. I asked questions and listened into the void for an answer. I stretched my feelings toward answers. I let those go too. After a few weeks, there came a night when I was thrust into one of the most intense experiences of my life. A waking dream or vision. There was an ocean below me and an ocean above. A liquid sky. I was able to see into a vast expanse (unlike the distance limitations of earthly eyes).

I received the hunch that to reach higher realms, I’d have to burst through the liquid sky. I suddenly became terrified of doing that. Would I have to hold my breath? How do I really know what’s behind the ocean wall? Can I ever return home?

Thirty years later I read about what the ancients called the cosmic ocean, the waters above or the big blue. This is a realm one passes before reaching Heaven.

This spiritual adventure affected me greatly. My first website domain (which I no longer own) was oceanofsilence. That’s still the name of my Youtube channel ( My first email addresses contained the liquid sky and oceanic theme. When I was in my early twenties I asked an artist to paint the liquid sky for me. It was the only time in my life, that I paid for a painting. All this was inspired by these “dreams” (there was more than one). I learned in childhood, at around age 11 or 12, that before I could reach higher realms, I’d have to break through the big blue. It was only much later that I realized this was the teaching across many ancient spiritual texts. In the 1980s I saw the French movie “The Big Blue” and understood it as a metaphor of the journey through the cosmic ocean and beyond.

Today I know of many mystics and lucid-dreamers that report of the liquid sky. I accept that my child-self “knew stuff”.

My continued focus led to me soon break on through to the other side. Bringing up the courage to dive into waters above me took some time. But if I kept being shown the opportunity, I’d just have to take the leap.

To my surprise, it was only a brief moment of going through water. There were beings on the other side. They seemed exuberant to see me, as if breaking through the barrier was a rare accomplishment. Theirs was a shimmering, bright appearance even though they looked like humans (whose bodies would stay young and healthy forever). The energy-state both below and above the liquid sky are intense. Imagine the greatest joy you have ever felt. Now multiply it by a thousand.

People ask me: “How can I have this kind of experience?” Well, all of this happened because I sincerely wished to know. I kept putting attention on it, until I got a result. I knocked and it was opened. Whatever you own in your heart, manifests on the outside.

I don’t know where this liquid sky is. Directly above earth? Or at the end of the universe? Or is it not in our physical realm, is it a spiritual barrier one goes through? There are a lot of things about this that I don’t know. But I guess with some determination, I could find out.

I share this for people who have also experienced the liquid sky as a specific location and barrier, to reassure you that this is a real state, shared by many other people.


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