Success without Strings Attached

Life is a crazy school to help you raise your consciousness

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Do you remember going to the amusement park as a child, hopping on rides that terrified you and now as an adult they don’t worry you at all?

What changed?

Have you ever gone to the Gym and practiced something that was at first so difficult it left you trembling and tired and then, after a couple of weeks it felt fun and easy?

What changed?

You faced it and practiced it. Then you grew bigger than it.

As negative or challenging Life on Earth appears to you, do you think it appears that way to the infinite, eternal and invincible consciousness that your Soul is part of?

If you were infinite and eternal, wouldn’t you think “Hm, I wonder what feels like to be run over by a truck. That must be interesting”. From the perspective of a finite physical being, the idea of being run over by a truck, sounds horrifying. But from an invincible perspective, it could be amusing.

From the perspective of an adult, the rides at the amusement park are not scary. Whether something impacts you negatively or not, depends on perspective, on the meaning you give it. Who you are “being”, determines what you “see”.

You can either see yourself as victim of a mean old world that is out to get you or you can take life as a job-training for an adventurous afterlife mission. Then you embrace life and use its challenges and problems to your growth and learning benefit. When you define yourself as mere human, you are a victim, a labor-slave programmed to eat and work, a cog in the wheel who gets swept to and fro by the powers that be. As a spiritual being, you are infinite consciousness who has come here to enjoy some limitation and craziness in order to feel your potential and power more fully.

Life is like a prolonged game of peek-a-boo, where you first mask who you are and fall into oblivion and amnesia and then reawaken and realize you never were limited at all. And just like peek-a-boo, it’s hilarious and fun in the grand scheme of things, even if temporarily, you have lost sight of the game as a game and taken it all much too seriously.

Life can be seen as a school, a crazy school, but one made with love. A school can be seen as either an ordeal to endure or an opportunity to learn and grow.

Which do you think is more empowering?

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