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Your Level of Responsibility correlates to your Level of Power.

Most people are willing to assume responsibility for their own actions most of the time. But sometimes we blame others for what we did. That creates powerlessness. “I don’t get to decide what I do, others decide”. Any person can increase their level of personal power by making more decisions of any kind.

Most are also willing to take responsibility for what they say. Your spoken and written word has power and consequences. I weigh carefully what to say and when to say it. If I carelessly spread falsehood, I am spiritually responsible and it falls back on me (this kind of karmic consequence can be softened with apology, forgiveness or amends). The more goodness and truth I spread, the more I get back.

Much fewer people are aware that they are also responsible for their thoughts and emotions. Humankind are misinformed about thoughts & emotions being things that radiate outward from you. Thoughts are not just nothing and emotions are more than chemicals. For example, I won’t sexually molest a person in my imagination because it’s not “just imagination”, it’s my etheric-self molesting another’s etheric self. If my mind were to go that direction I’d end it by thinking “cut it out”.

Some think this level of responsibility is too strict and that engaging in fantasies is a relief that prevents worse from happening. It’s true I can imagine punching someone in the face but not act on it. It’s also true that just thinking less of an effect than doing. You are more free to think whatever you like than to do whatever you like. Even so, you are depleting energy when you think it without doing it. And if you get obsessed with thinking about it, you’re either going to deplete a lot of energy or soon go ahead and do it. So there’s a lot of merit to learning to drop thoughts.

You are responsible for what you feel. The majority of people feel a certain state and think “that’s just the way it is. Nothing to do with me. These states just come”. In reality, you can stop, start and change your emotional state.

At level 5 you know what happens to you is no coincidence. Sure, around 20% of the events in your life are random but most things that happen have some link to your past choices. Denying involvement is not smart. When something bad happens to me I don’t ponder on how cruel life is but on why this might have happened to me, what my part in it’s manifestation is. This goes beyond what most people are willing to take responsibility for. I’ve seen people get upset at this concept. They quickly pivot to extreme examples: “Oh, so you’re saying I’m responsible if I get raped? That’s victim-blaming!”. Well, first of all, I’ve said that 20% of events are random. I think these were added to the game-of-life to keep things spicy. We’re fortunate to live in a free-will universe but that also means that some beings will use their free will to harm others.

Even with random events, it’s still your responsibility how to deal with them, process them, what to learn from them and whether you let the event make you weaker or stronger.

I dealt with weight issues for a long time, but not once did I resign myself to the idea that there’s nothing I can do about it because of the “evil food industry”. Even though the “food” industry in my country is bad and there’s plenty of evidence that addictive substances are added to foods, it’s still my responsibility what I eat, how much I eat and what I do to educate myself.

At level 6 I assume some responsibility for what happens around me. If I am witnessing it, it has something to do with me. If my wife, husband, child or pet is not well, I can do something about it, with loving attention. I didn’t say “I am to blame for it”, I said “I can do something about it”.

You are never responsible for others, you are responsible toward others. Don’t assume responsibility for another’s thoughts, words and actions. Assume responsibility for your own thoughts, words and actions. Just that principle alone can fix your relationship issues.

A person in a position of power must, to some degree, take responsibility for what happens around him or her. Not to the point of trying to influence, manipulate or harass. It’s an expanding of your field-of-interest to include anything things outside of self. You perceive a thing because you can do something about it. You’re not a passive spectator in life, you’re an active participant.

Level 6 requires energy but also gives energy. Walking around saying “that’s not my problem”, “I don’t care what goes on beyond me, me, me” is not very energizing. The world is in a weakened state because there are too many individuals waiting for someone to do something about things. But if you don’t do it, who will? People wonder how I get so much done. Well, if I don’t say it and do it, who will?

(Lecture transcribed from the Reality Creation Live Course held in Munich, Germany in 2010).





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