Levels of Listening

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Levels of Listening

Level 1: Someone is talking but you’re ignoring what they’re saying.

Level 2: You pretend to be listening but are self-absorbed in your own memories or thoughts

Level 3: You’re trying to listen but are preoccupied preparing a response

Level 4: You are listening but also forming opinions about what is being said. Attention is split between your internal dialogue and what the person is saying.

Level 5: You are listening but it requires effort. Maybe you’re bored or disagree with what is being said.

Level 6: You are listening and present. Attention is extroverted. You hear the words, notice the tone, the facial expression and comprehend the meaning of what is being said.

Level 7: You are listening and highly interested in what is being said. Attention is effortlessly extroverted.

Level 8: You are listening, highly interested and are also receiving the context from which the person is speaking – the underlying emotion and motive for what is being said, with empathy.

Level 9: You are full present with the other, with infinite patience and are radiating a beam of appreciation and amazement in their direction because you recognize their precious humanity and brilliance.

Level 10: You are one with the other. There is no other.

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