Levels of Heaven and Hell




Are Heaven and Hell real places or states of consciousness? Or both? 

Are angels and demons real? Are they extraterrestrials we have mistaken as spiritual Beings? Or is it the other way around and they are demons posing as extraterrestrials? 

Is the Earth Hollow and are there subterranean civilizations? 

Is Paradise within or outside of our Universe? 

Was there one original language shared by all humanity? Why are Maya and Aztec languages nearly identical to ancient German? And why has this fact been covered up? 

What is the Direct Experience of God?

 These questions and many more are explored within this epic, groundbreaking and fascinating new book by consciousness researcher and success coach Frederick Dodson.


For the time being, this book will only be available as a limited Edition high quality Hardcover Print this year, not as a Paperback, eBook or Audiobook. 

The book is currently only and exclusively available from the Lulu Bookstore: