Levels of Heaven and Hell




Are Heaven and Hell real places or states of consciousness? Or both? 

Are angels and demons real? Are they extraterrestrials we have mistaken as spiritual Beings? Or is it the other way around and they are demons posing as extraterrestrials? 

Is the Earth Hollow and are there subterranean civilizations? 

Is Paradise within or outside of our Universe? 

Was there one original language shared by all humanity? Why are Maya and Aztec languages nearly identical to ancient German? And why has this fact been covered up? 

What is the Direct Experience of God?

 These questions and many more are explored within this epic, groundbreaking and fascinating new book by consciousness researcher and success coach Frederick Dodson.

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Reader Feedback

Dear Fred,
what a great new book and what a great way to publish it. I have been following you (reading your books and applying your meditations), I think, for almost a decade. I was very excited to learn about „Levels of Heaven and Hell“ and, of course, at first disappointed when I could not IMMEDIATELY download an E-book. But then I just went with it and ordered the hardcover. At that time I was moving, so a couple days in at the new place, your book was my first package there 🙂
I read the beginning of the chapter about hell but skipped to the chapter about heaven. Thank you for „warning“ about reading the hell chapter. I was very stressed at that time and I felt very clearly that it wasn’t the right time for me to read those parts. I will come back to it when I feel more centered. But, oh boy, did those first couple pages make sense!!! 😀 I haven’t finished reading the whole book, but it is very interesting, like a puzzle that is put together and the reader gets to see more and more of the picture. I love it!
Now, I really like having a real book. I often stop reading e-books, I don’t know why exactly. And I love it, that this book is a „fairtrade“ book. I didn’t know that amazon gets (takes) most of the money! So, this is really nice! I can’t wait for the next book, not after your announcement today! 😀 Mindblowing?! HELL yeah! 😉








Hi Fred, I must say, this book brought me closer to God. That’s all I need to say. Thank you


I was fascinated with tales at age 5-9 and remember reading probably around 100 books in that area. Tales and myths from various cultures. Fred’s book helped to put all that unused knowledge and memories into an adult context.
Chapters about heaven and hell expanded upon earlier levels of energy books and even though I don’t recall, at least right now, experiencing higher dimensions, I’m happy to have this knowledge as a contextual building block for the future experiences. Also it reinforces a more serene worldview, where you don’t expect to be suddenly dropped into hell. You will see it coming long before and will be able to do something about it.
Whenever I was researching planetary history I felt quite confused about the subject and it felt like juggling many opposing beliefs. Information about ancient Language provided a solid ground to stand on in this area and increased my perceived sense of certainty when intuiting that which is true and that which isn’t.
Last chapter about God was the most important to me. It have changed my whole relationship with the Most High and my life was different since then, in a good way.
Thank you for another upgrade to my consciousness, Mr Dodson.
Dovidas T

Hi Fred,

I’m sending you these pictures of your new book, just pick one, or both. Recently I discovered that in my area in Germany are quite a few “dolmen”. I thought that this was a very nice surrounding for a Fred Dodson book 🙂 So I took the book to this huge dolmen, the top stone is 4.5 meters long. In the second picture I’m sitting under the stone.
My Feedback:
Dear Fred, I highly enjoyed reading your new book. Thank you for collecting and sharing all of these ancient so called myths. I’m very interested in ancient cultures and to see the many things they have in common is amazing to me. The chapter about God was very inspiring to me.

Dear Fred,

When I first learned I could buy your book outside of Amazon, I rejoiced on the inside. For quite some time I had wished for books to be available for purchase elsewhere and would have gladly supported that! I love the look and feel of this book and the ability to hold this in my hands. The organization is an improvement from your prior books.

I have been following you for a few years ever since I discovered Parallel Universes of Infinite Self, and that book was life changing. I have been my happiest since then.

Levels of Heaven and Hell, like Parallel Universe Of Infinite Self, has taught me that there is much more to the universe than meets the eye. Life is much more interesting than you think when you open up your interest and start seeing the magic and abundance that is around you. I’ve always thought there has to be more to life and to what we’ve been taught by the mainstream, and to my relief, there is. Your book answered some questions I didn’t realize I had. It has been educational in showing that heaven and hell are not only very real, but they also have multiple levels. Reading has been an adventure in getting a picture of the cosmic tree of life, the depths of hell and the highs of heaven.

Your book also brought back memories of my fascination with folklore, legends and so called mythology. Used to bury myself in these stories as a child and borrowed tons of such books from the school library. So when you referenced the world religions and mythologies, you gave me a much needed context that put the bigger picture together – everything started to make more sense. I also wanted to add the connection of Aztec/Mayan language to ancient German is absolutely fascinating and revealing! I have been reading more about Pleiadians (already read your book on them) and so that really connected some dots.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and perspective, Fred. The world needs more voices like yours. And thank you for teaching me that life is magical because that has been my experience ever since.

I will continue to purchase your books whenever you release one (hopefully outside of Amazon too).



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