Levels of Energy

Infinity is everything, therefore it is my only point of reference. My relationship with it is immersed in everything I am and do in everyday life. Infinity is absolute. It is the only thing not subject to relativity. There is no worldly authority. I am answerable and accountable to the Most High only. The Supreme Creator of Universes is both the source of Infinity and is everything “within” it. This is not an attitude learned in books or from teachers but rather one cultivated through meditation, contemplation and unbending, eternally focused dedication and devotion to the highest truth no matter whether that highest truth agrees with my or any others opinion or not.
– Frederick Dodson, Levels of Energy

An Introduction to Spectral Consciousness. This book on Levels of Energy, Emotion and Reality is dedicated to the Spiritual Development of mankind.

Reviews of Levels of Energy

Life changing insights
Life changing. This book explains a lot of things that I have been studying and thinking about for many years. It helped me to make better decisions in my life and life direction as well as being truly fascinating. It elucidates the structure of reality from a specific vantage which opened my eyes to aspects of ordinary and extraordinary reality. Thank you Frederick E. Dodson.
Anonymous Purchaser
Awesome read!

Wonderful! I highly recommend this book for anyone on a spiritual path. Fleshes out Dr David R Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness material.

Marcel L. Diano

I have read virtually every spiritual and self development book out there and this one I would put at the top. The Levels of Energy are virtually the same scale used by Abraham-Hicks, The Release Technique, The Sedona Method, Divine Openings and Scientology. I have often wondered where this all originated and this book is the first I’ve read that discusses it. And it discusses the chart so fully that it makes it so much more understandable because of going into such detail. There are some details that one’s knee jerk reaction is to feel that it’s wrong. But when you read on, he explains how and why and it makes sense. This book is life changing and I’ll definitely be rereading it.

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“The premise of this book is that there are clearly definable, perceivable and achievable qualities or “levels” of energy and that each level corresponds with the following: Specific states of mind and emotion. Specific words, behaviors and actions. Specific surroundings, environments, objects and places. Specific qualities, moods and intentions. Specific methods of “moving upward”. Specific modes of perception and truth.”

– Frederick Dodson, Levels of Energy

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