This Training Program provides a complete path to Mastery of your Levels of Energy and Consciousness. You will become an expert at releasing negative emotions within yourself and others, raising your frequency vibration, and allowing your life and the lives of those around you to be more free, strong, healthy, kind , successful and happy. This page is the Map that points you to a prioritized selection of Tools that will accomplish the goal, but you are responsible for walking the path. Make sure to take the information given and convert it into real activities and experiences. Apply what you have learned to situations that present themselves to you in daily life. And enjoy the Journey. 

Frederick Dodson

Level 1: Free Training

Your Training begins by viewing these tools and resources that are available for free. Of the hundreds of Videos I have produced on Spirituality and Higher Consciousness, these are the ones I’ve selected as most relevant to your Mastery of the subject. The two Videos in the Center are guided processes which you are asked to repeat a few times over the next weeks, even if you have already done them (Beginners Mind = Enlightened Mind). 

Recommended Reading

If these books and Videos have benefited you in all areas of your life and you experience a real sense of improvement, then you will benefit even more from the next Level. Do not proceed to the next level if the already given tools have created no or little change. Level 2 does not substitute lack of progress in Level 1. Level 2 will allow you to put into practice and experience what you learned in Level 1. The entirety of level 2 is exercises and techniques with which to use your emotions, awareness and actions to Master Levels of Energy. 

Level 2: Experiential Training

All of the materials below (and many more), can be accessed in the Members Section of this website, which is available for a mere $299 (which is a small fraction of what it would cost to attend each of these Courses separately). If you do not have access, you can get it here.  Please follow the Path in the order and context given below. Feel free to write down thoughts, intentions and observations in a Notebook or Journal – this will improve your awareness of the thoughts and emotions that influence your Life. 

Begin with the program “Feel Better Meditations” which you can find here: Audio Downloads Page. Complete the 15 Meditations all at least once. These are your “warm up” exercises and you should be feeling much better very soon. Whenever you get stuck throughout this path, refer back to one of these Meditations to get you un-stuck. 

Now that you feel better, complete the Entire 7-part Awareness Meditations on the same page. Meditations 4,5,6 and 7 should be repeated at least three times each over the Course of three weeks before moving on. They convey important skills needed for the Journey ahead. 

Now the time has come to complete the entire Emotional Clearing Audio Course. Should you get stuck here, refer back to the “Feel Better Meditations” to un-stick yourself. Clearing Out most low energies and emotions is absolutely necessary before moving on, so take your time on this (a few weeks). 

Finally you are truly ready for the Infinity Course, which you find on the Member Streaming Page. Do this 15-part Course slowly and consciously, it will literally blow your mind. 

Recommended Viewing

This completes your Level 2 Training. You now own a level of competence and ability that is very rare on Planet Earth. Use it responsibly and with Kindness. If these tools benefited you and you are already experiencing a whole new Being, then you are ready to proceed to Level 3 where you not only collect experience but achieve Mastery. Notice how your life has changed since beginning this Journey. How this page, this map looked when you first saw it and how it now feels, now that you have gone through several weeks or even months. These positive changes will continue to increase in the weeks and months to come. Amazingly, things still keep getting better and there is more to come. 

Level 3: Masters Training

What separates an amateur from a Master is that the Master prefers doing, feeling and experience to thinking, hoping and trying. 

Your first step in the Mastery of Levels of Consciousness begins with Being Authentic. This Video Course is available in the Members Section. It addresses the deep seated childhood experiences that cause us to lose Authenticity and Integrity – two vital prerequisites for ascending on Consciousness. Give yourself a week or two to explore this for at least 10 Minutes a Day. 

The most Advanced Video Course of the Members Section is “The Enlightenment Technique“. View all Videos within the Course of a few days (or weeks) and practice them generously. After completing this, apply the Technique for another few days or weeks without using any of the tools…spontaneously and in real life. Do not rush on this, haste makes waste. Take all the time you need to explore and experience who you are, with loving kindness. 

The Levels of Energy Video Course is not available in the Members Section, it is a separate product which can be accessed here. Please complete the entire Course (except for the Audio parts). Pay special attention to the Live-Course material. Some of the material here you already know, some of it is new, and some of it are unexpected gems that make all the difference in ascending to new heights. The Course was originally designed to take 10 weeks, but thanks to your path so far, you will probably be able to complete this within 4 to 7 weeks. 

The Final Step in your Mastery of Reality Creation is to visit a Live Course, which is conducted about once a year. Some experiences cannot be made online, they are best made with other people and an experienced Coach. Alternatively, you can also book Personal Coaching with Frederick Dodson. 

This particular Journey has come to an end, but another amazing chapter in your Life has just started. Take what you have learned to bring better quality, better energy, better love, better confidence and true wisdom into the World. Having now cleaned up within, you might feel inclined to support others or take responsibility for bigger projects. Or you might just enjoy having fun for a while. As you now know for sure, there is no limit upwards or to what you are able to experience, so enjoy your perpetual expansion throughout this life and the next. 

Frederick Dodson

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