Levels of Energy – 2nd Edition is now available

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Frederick Dodson

The 2nd Edition of Levels of Energy is now published and available as Paperback, Kindle eBook and High Quality Hardcover. (Even if Amazon has not updated the book-covers yet, these are the new versions). It is expected to come out as an Audiobook in half a year.

If you have the Kindle eBook version, it will be updated automatically and for free.

This book was originally published in 2009. For this 2023 second edition I removed a falsehoods that crept into the original version. I’ve also added paragraphs. While the changes are only few, they are significant enough to elevate the energy-level of the book itself. Most importantly, I have removed approximately 200 typos on grammatical errors.

Important note: I have not added commentary on events or people post-2009 but maintained the 2009-perspective while editing according to my updated understanding of the levels. I’ve also made the book more timeless by removing reference to some things and people that likely won’t be relevant one hundred years from now.


Frederick Dodson



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