Let go of negative Beliefs even if they are true

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

There are a lot of methods to release negative beliefs. The most basic method is to simply notice a negative thought as a negative thought, notice how you feel about it, breathe with it for a moment and then decide to stop giving it attention, dropping it on the out-breathe. Notice. Feel. Decide.

A few repetitions might be required, in one sitting or several.

Some assume that they should only get rid of negative thoughts that aren’t true. But if something is really true, you don’t need to hold it in mind, because it’s self-evident. Let’s say you know an unpleasantly aggressive person who is causing trouble at your workplace. When you check how you feel about it, you feel a pressure in your chest. Letting go of the belief that this person is aggressive and unpleasant, may not always change the person (but it can, and I’ve seen that happen many times!), but it will disappear the pressure in your chest!

Holding on to negative thoughts even if they are true, only doubles the negative reality. Unpleasant person plus unpleasant thought. Remove the thought, and all that’s left is the unpleasant person. Added benefit: Your experience of the person can improve, when you no longer hold that person in a fixed viewpoint. And if it doesn’t and the person is still negative? Then letting go of your own negativity, will open an opportunity where you no longer have to interact with the person. You are only ever stuck to what you resist.

This is not the same thing as denial of reality. I am not asking you to pretend that a negative event or person doesn’t exist. That’s just as ignorant as holding on to negative thoughts. When you act like the negative doesn’t exist, all you are doing is postponing the time in which to handle the issue. You are also making yourself naive. Life is a balance of positive and negative. Denying the negative, blinds you toward half of reality. But focusing too much on the negative, blinds you toward the other half. So first you confront and acknowledge. From there, you proceed to release thoughts and feelings around it (there are dozens of audios and videos in the Members Section to assist you with this).

Have a look at the image above. Holding too many negative beliefs, even if they are true, is like carrying around a bunch of images of the scenery. That’s not necessary. The scenery is what it is. It’s self-evident and obvious (unless you are in denial and pretending the scenery is something else). Drop all those images and you are left with more energy to deal with whatever reality presents itself.

We tend to carry too many thoughts around – thousands a day in fact – because this generation was brought up with “mass media”. The job of “mass media” is to override observation and intuition with all kinds of thoughts, advertising for all kinds of external realities.

Notice the above paragraph as a thought, a belief. Perhaps you read it and agreed (or disagreed), without noticing that it too, is also just a belief. It’s a negative belief. And while it’s true that the media operates this way (some are still in denial about this, meaning they haven’t reached the pre-release stage of confronting), it’s not necessary for me to hold on to this thought to the point of anger. If I were to get angry about it, that would be the first sign that I’ve been holding on to a thought for too long. If I can see it with humor, it means I am acknowledging it lightly, without being affected by it.

If you are afraid of or upset by this aggressive colleague, you have been holding on to a negative belief. You could just as well carry the situation lightly – to be in the world, but not of it.

I even release neutral and positive beliefs if I find myself thinking them too often. For example, when I was in my early twenties, I had a lot of sexual thoughts. The sexual thoughts generally felt good. But carrying them around too often, was soon recognized as a burden. Even the most positive thing can become a burden if it is carried around all the time. If you know the formula for Gold, you don’t need to carry a bag of gold around all the time. I was having so many sexual thoughts because I wasn’t getting any! In my late twenties, I was having a lot of thoughts on money, because I wasn’t getting any! Release and let go and things come to you more easily.

Of course, every negative reality also contains several positive purposes. In the grand scheme of things, there are no negative realities. One of the positives contained in every negative, is that you can grow through it and become light despite heaviness.

Different people have different ways of releasing. I know a person who, in any situation of trouble, simply says “God Decides”. Her faith in God is so strong, that the statement “God Decides” releases all thoughts and beliefs around a situation. A strong belief to release all other beliefs. Thoughts have different levels of intensity and strength. Another person I know, says “This is not me” to the unwanted thoughts. I know another who simply thinks “Cancel” to any unwanted belief. That’s right – just “Cancel”. The simplicity of this brings a smile to my face. There’s no drawn out process, just the thought “Cancel” on all other thoughts. These methods work because the people using them have built a habit. Over time, the habits have become dominate thoughts and effective delete-buttons.


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