Journeys in Spectral Consciousness: Levels of Energy Book II

This is Book 2 in the “Levels of Energy” series. Book 1 dealt with the spectrum of emotions and consciousness in everyday life. Book 2 addresses even lower and even higher realms of consciousness and the authors personal journeys through these realms. It also shows that the inner circles of the World Religions and ancient traditions are familiar with the levels of consciousness and are in fact puzzle pieces to understanding our place in the Universe. This book is fundamentally empowering and will help you understand the purpose of life and guide you to more freedom, love and ability.

Reviews of Journeys in Spectral Consciousness: Levels of Energy Book II

Simple, yet powerful teachings

I love all of Frederick’s work as I find he brings a very unique, soft, neutral perspective to spirituality, which is quite a rare thing to find. Many books contain a lot of hard judgments about what is and isn’t, but with Fred’s work you’ll always find an approach to sharing wisdom that’s coming from a place outside the realm of normal “right vs wrong”. His work seems to me to be about bringing more awareness to your own consciousness rather than giving you a set of rules about how things should or shouldn’t be. This latest book from Fred really builds upon all his previous books and you can sense how he’s evolved on his own journey. What he shares in levels of energy II seems to me to be from a perspective of someone who has realized the beautiful simplicity of existence and is gently offering that wisdom to anyone who’s interested in listening. Some of the concepts that have really stood out for me in the book are that love/loving attention is a key thing that will always bring improvement to whatever is focused on and that being in a higher level of energy isn’t about sitting about meditating, but using/sharing your energy with the world. Higher energy levels come with more responsibility. If you’ve read and applied some of Fred’s other work then you’ll really enjoy what he shares in levels of energy II. If you’ve not read anything from him then my personal recommendation is to start with the first levels of energy book. The first one brings awareness to many of the patterns that exist with people/ourselves.

Five Stars

Excellent as usual. Love Fred Dodson’s books.

His best yet. Don’t spend thousands on an Avatar course

Absolutely stunning. His best yet. Don’t spend thousands on an Avatar course, just read all of Frederick Dodson.

Dave Greig

An Excerpt from the Book

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