I’ve been blocked on Facebook, join me on Telegram

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

After more than 10 years of posting there, Facebook has blocked access to my account. I have spent a week trying to regain access, but they don’t like me. I’m not upset – it’s no secret that I don’t like them either 🙂 I only posted there for followers. The page will lie dormant (if you see someone posting there, it’s not me!).

I won’t be opening another Facebook account. I’ve been blocked many times, for nonsensical reasons and there are many forums nowadays that are much more attractive and do not censor people with unique viewpoints. I’ve also had problems viewing peoples comments and many followers have been unable to see my posts. Facebook is dysfunctional in so many ways and I should have gotten rid of it years ago. 

I hereby invite you to join me on my Telegram Channel here: https://t.me/realitycreationcoaching

My main social media, communication, update, article and meme tool until further notice, will be my Telegram Channel. 

My topics will continue to be success, levels of consciousness, reality creation and discerning truth.

If you wish to follow articles and publications only, simply bookmark this page: www.realitycreation.org/articles or hit the “receive articles by email” button at the bottom of the front page: https://www.realitycreation.org.

If you wish to meet me Live, come to the next Reality Creation Live Course in Orlando, Florida from 4-6 of March.


Frederick Dodson



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