It’s ok to be competitive, boisterous, assertive, daring

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Frederick Dodson

. Society tends to look down on these things, making people more timid and small, like walking on eggshells.
“Don’t be loud. Don’t rock the boat. Better be careful. Be safe. Competition and Comparison is not good. Be decent. Look good in front of others. Never make mistakes. Never get upset. Never lose control. Never offend anyone”.
I saw kids playing at the playground yesterday and it was nice to see how crazy and boisterour they were. Wild, shouting, laughing, shamelessly assertive.
I’m not talking about being disrespectful or noisy to the annoyance of others or imposing on others. There are times when it’s important to be polite, quiet and respectful.
I’m talking about the importance of being ENERGETIC and ALIVE. If there is little FUN in your life, if everything is serious and shy, you are oppressing yourself. And if you oppress yourself, you will soon be oppressed. When is the last time you did something unsafe, loud or fun?
I was conducting a coaching yesterday. Me and the student climbed a fence, walked barefoot through a muddy track, plunged into cold water, sang loudly and said offensive things. No worries about looking weird or making mistakes.
In many of my seminars I’ve had people play wild and competitive ballgames against each other. Some come up to me and say “Isn’t this a spiritual seminar? Isn’t that activity too competitive for a spiritual seminar? Shouldn’t you be teaching non-competitive values?” It’s a misconception that “spiritual people” are always nice and peaceful. Competition is good, it develops will. If people stopped suppressing their competitive edge, we’d have less war. People think war comes from being too competitive, but it really comes from oppression/suppression of who you are, until you explode and lash out at others for oppressing you. But it was always you oppressing yourself.
If it’s okay to be angry once in a while, you will be less angry. If it’s ok to make mistakes, you make less mistakes. Stop wasting your time trying to be perfect or doing everything just right and you’ll improve more quickly.
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