Is the time of your death predetermined?

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Frederick Dodson

Is the time of your death predetermined?

I believe so.

Not because most of the world religions agree that “your days are numbered” and that “at the moment of birth, your date of death is already marked”.

I believe so because of experiences where I was going to die for sure but




got saved.

I was going to ascend into the blue but got saved out of the blue.

I’ve described these events in my books in detail. One time I was driving late at night after having driven all day. I was dozing off and about to get hit by another car when a loud voice bellowed for me to wake up. There was nobody in the car. It was a disembodied voice, yelling at me with a sense of urgency.

From that experience I understand that some things are predefined and some aren’t. My free will had gotten me to a point where I almost died, but someone wasn’t going to let me die before my time.

I’m given some free will, but not total free will.

Another time I drowned and was already gone but got saved by someone who appeared out of nowhere. I had been alone in a zero-population/zero-tourist area (common in New Zealand, where this event took place) so from where did this fellow appear? Nobody had known where I was and I had seen no cars or houses for hours. After I had gathered myself and was ready to get up, the person who saved me was gone.

From this I learned that supernatural beings can pose as humans and that someone has my back.

The idea that the moment of death is predetermined is a

relaxing belief.

It’s not something I need to worry about. If a killer were to try to kill me nothing that he does would succeed unless it were my time anyway. In this attitude, there’s no fear of death.

And where there’s no fear of death, there’s no fear of anything, because all fears go back to the fear of death.

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