Intuition Training

Intuition is the ability to understand something instantly, without the need for conscious reasoning. The Dictionary lists these synonyms: Hunch, Foreknowledge, Inspiration, Perceptivity, Premonition, Presentiment, Gut Feeling, Innate Knowledge, Insight. It also lists the following synonyms, although these are actually different than Intuition: Clairvoyance, Second Sight, Sixth Sense, Discernment, Gut Feeling and Instinct. As a humans evolve to their next higher version, they will live more from intuition than the old body-mind reactions. Contrary to popular belief, intuition is more accurate than any other source. I owe much of my own success and happiness to it. Many of my decisions are made in contradiction to normal reasoning. The purpose of this book is to look at Intuition from many different angles so that you attain a clear sense of this precious gift and take a leap to higher consciousness.

Reviews of Intution Training

Best Book on Intuition I’ve Ever Read!

Excellent book on intuition. I’ve read dozens of books on this topic and this one is an original with practical ideas for the serious application of this gift. Fred Dodson’s book are unlike any others on the market today. To me, they contain the ring of truth that gives me the discipline to practice, review, and apply the knowledge gleaned from the book. The rewards are enormous. Highly recommend.

This book will change everything. It is some of Fred’s best work. Full of rich content and wisdom for living from your soul

I had the privilege of narrating this book for Audible and I cannot tell you what a difference it made in my life, as narrator. This is the 5th book I have recorded for Fred as audiobooks and each time, the books have taken my own life to a much higher level. Fred is one of the prominent thought leaders today. His personal experience as a child (he describes it in Parallel Universes of Self) uniquely gifted him with wisdom and insight that most of us could only wish for. He sees through spiritual eyes. He lives what he teaches, so much of his material is drawn from personal experience. After narrating this book, I instantly found myself hearing intuition more clearly. You can hear an interview with Fred on my podcast – search Subconscious Mind Mastery in iTunes – after the audiobook is released (Mid-Dec 2015 on Audible & iTunes). We are going to talk about key points in the book and Fred will do an intuition coaching call with me. This is amazing material, and having done 5 books with him now, I’d say this impacted my life as much, if not more, than the others. If you want a real one-two punch, get the book and the audiobook and read while you listen. You’ll retain more of the material. Then, listen again. I’m on my 3rd time through and will repeat it until all of the rich content becomes a way of life. This is a GREAT book!

How to live life

Yet another book by Frederick Dodson which holds so many nuggets of wisdom. I listened to the audio book before buying the actual book and am glad I did so. The audiobook serves as a reinforcement to the written word and the book joins my collection of all the many other books I have by this author. This book helps to coach you with practical doable methods and techniques to follow and step-by-step instructions to learn to develop a listening ear to our inner voice, to discern the truth from fiction, trust and become in touch with your feelings, nothing is a co-incidence and all situations are in place for a reason. Excellent examples of how our intuition is always in place and tries to reveal itself to us, but a lot of the time we are not aware of it and ignore. A manual on how to conduct your life in order to dwell in the higher realms and to always know what to do. I highly recommend this book.

A. Taams

Intuition is information from your higher self or soul. You perceive it as a hunch or a feeling to make certain decisions. Many people attribute their success not to information or education but to Intuition.

– Frederick Dodson, Intuition Training

An Excerpt from Intuition Training

Table of Contents

1. Living from Intuition

2. Intervention from Higher Sources

3. How to Discern Truth

4. Intuitive Consciousness

5. The Power of Appreciation

6. Higher Self and Your Life Purpose

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