Instant Healing

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Frederick Dodson

If I had to guess I’d say I’ve witnessed about 300 cases of instant healing in my life.

Some were on myself, some done by me on others and the rest seen on others.

I’ve personally



experienced or

attended to

permanent healings of arthritis, back pain, knee pain, headache, asthma, nut allergy, cancer, half-blindness, toothache, multiple-sclerosis and many other ailments.

And yes, I have even witnessed an amputated arm grow back. I detail these things in my book “You can heal anyone”.

If you think all this stuff is crazy, far-out, a stretch, impossible, lies, exaggeration, deception, etc. I consider you immature, asleep. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!

Some of the instant healings were witnessed in a Christian-Pentecostal context with laying of hands and prayer. Others were in the non-religious setting of my coaching-practice, or consciousness, reality creation and energy-healing seminars (I’ve even witnessed an instant healing in a corporate NLP Seminar).

Instant healing requires either divine intervention or a radical shift in consciousness.

I’m not talking about quick healing of which I’ve witnessed much more. I’m talking about INSTANT healing.

It takes confidence.
It takes quiet mind.
It takes authority.

Self-forgiveness and Relaxation in the person-to-be-healed also helps.

Pharmaceuticals and supplements have nothing on divine will.

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