Increasing Your Energy – without Testosterone Injections

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Frederick Dodson

A low-energy student of mine went to the doctor. The doctor took blood-tests and found low testosterone. The guy is 62 years old and the doctor explained that it’s normal to have low testosterone at his age.

The doctor prescribed testosterone “therapy”, meaning injections.

The patient asked: “How long does this treatment take?”

The doctor said:


Hmmm. OK.

I don’t want to sound holier-than-thou but many doctors seem to have forgotten the definition of


Saying “lifelong” means there’s not even the pretense of wanting to cure the issue, not even the effort to find out the cause. I asked the student and he confirmed: The doctor never asked about lifestyle habits, nutrition, psychological issues, etc. The doctor never talked about how his testosterone levels might be elevated naturally.

The doctor went straight to a paid lifelong subscription to drugs.

This is not a healing or therapy model, it’s purely a business model.

Did the “therapy” work? Well yes. The guy got a new life: increase in energy, sex-drive, ability to work, clearing of mind-fog, etc. So of course now he’s hooked – probably for life. That’s how drugs work.

I’m happy for him and don’t mean to down-talk his success. But just a few months in and his doctor is already talking about the need for further supplements to mitigate the effects of the injections.

I wanted to tell him “I knew it” but kept my mouth shut. The drug-peddlers model is to always sell more. “This medicine will reduce the side effects of the first medicine I gave you”, etc.

An authentic healing model might sound something like this:

“We’re going to give you these injections for a few months, just to restore your natural levels. At the same time we want to look into what is causing this, apart from aging and what lifestyle changes and food changes and thought-pattern changes and habits can contribute to a higher testosterone level for you”.

A more responsible use of drugs – is it too much asked?

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