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We live in a world in which success is linked to hard work and tension. I`d like to suggest that this path to success only applies to low- and mid-levels of consciousness. As we grow and mature, we realize that more is possible with less effort, that a deep sense of relaxation and well-being can, in fact, attract improved circumstances into our lives.– Frederick Dodson, Increase Your Energy

The focus of this book is on increasing your level of energy, consciousness and health. It covers a broad range of topics from weight loss to addiction release, to experiencing states of flow, states of bliss and beyond. Within you find numerous techniques and principles that have been tried and tested in more than 30 years of consciousness research by international author and speaker Frederick Dodson.

Reviews of Increase Your Energy

Highest Praise: Most comprehensive, practical and yes Helpful LOA Book

.I’m actually pretty surprised I’m the first person to add an Amazon review for this book. As such, I’m pleased to know this review will likely be viewed by the author. Mr Dodson, thank you. While still somewhat new to the precepts of the law of attraction, thus the reason why I’m still a consumer of new thought writings, I’m still versed in the writings of all the authors I’ve listed below. As any like consumer of new thought books, lectures can tell you, it can become a little disheartening when, in search for enlightening material you stumble upon the same. damn. stuff. I mean, how many times are we going to hear authors tell the same stories about how we don’t need to fully understand electricity to harness its power, allude to Henry Ford, Orville and Wilber, or Rodger Banister? But FINALLY, some new content! And yes, while many authors claim to offer information that will “fill in the holes” of manifesting or “teach the secret not contained in The Secret”, only this book has actually been able to accomplish such a task. While absent of the hard core scientific backbone that uses quantum mechanics, particle physics, string theory, chaos theory or whathaveyou to give credence to the ideas discussed when speaking of the relationship between inner state and outer reality, it is, nonetheless, comprehensive and illuminating. My only objection is the book’s title and cover graphic as it does accurately convey the invaluable information contained within its pages. However, once other people actually find this book I’m sure these things (the title and its aesthetic) will readily take on new meaning. I look forward to the day when this book finds its way on the New York Times best seller list and I’m…well, that’s the fun part 🙂

Shannon Shamp, Amazon Customer
Absolutely Unbelievable!

.It’s amazing that you can go through life reading hundreds of books and you hear just ONE and you know it is the one you have been looking for the whole time. For me, this is that book. Thank you Frederick Dodson, I don’t know if your an alien intelligence or just a very gifted human but either way – thank you

Amazon Customer

A key to happiness and peace of mind is to stop looking for it. It is painfully obvious that the people who never began searching for happiness in the first place are overall happier.

– Frederick Dodson, Increase Your Energy

Excerpts from the AudioBook

Table of Contents

1 Deeper Relaxation

2 How to Stop Fear

3 Emotional Clearing and Releasing

4 Flow, Energy and Happiness

5 Energy, Polarity and Consciousness

6 Energy and Influence

7 Self-Healing and Health From Within

8 Weight Loss and the Law of Attraction

9 Your Unique Life Purpose and Missions

An excerpt from the Chapter “Energy, Polarity and Consciousness”
Male and Female Energy
In private sessions, I have often prescribed someone needing more or less “yin” or “yang” energy or “female” or “male” energy. If either a man or woman is being too aggressive, violent, domineering, restless, stressed, sex-addicted I prescribe more yin: meditation, creative writing, music, feeling emotions will relax and pacify them, help them feel more at peace and receptive to the gifts of life. If a man or woman needs to be more assertive, dominant, financially successful or sexually attractive and active, I prescribe more yang energy.
Unfortunately mainstream thought does not acknowledge yin-yang energy. When working with people unfamiliar with spiritual vocabulary, I therefore use scientifically accepted terms to express the same concepts. I’ll then say, “It would do you good to increase/decrease your testosterone levels”. The correlation of testosterone to male/female energy is not entirely accurate, but it’s close enough to make the point. The fact that high testosterone is not exactly the same as the ancient concept of yang energy can be seen in the fact that plenty of women have a lot of yang and plenty of men have a lot of yin.
According to contemporary science, testosterone  correlates to self-confidence, health, sexual attractiveness and success, but too much of it correlates to aggression and violence (and by extension, war).
When you are taking a walk in a bad part of town at night, in a place where many people have been mugged and you see someone walking toward you, what would worry you more: a married couple, a single woman or a single man? Like most people, you probably answered “a single man”. Women and fathers are statistically much less likely to engage in crime or violence. The highest crime rates are among teenage boys and young men. Why? Because they have an overabundance of  male energy. In order to divert that energy away from violence, young men would have to engage in sports. I am sure that in an enlightened civilization, international conflicts and wars would be fought on the sports field instead of the battle field. If your teenage boys are prone to aggression, give them physical activities.
A recent female student of mine asked, “Why do I always fall for such assholes?” What she meant is that each and every one of her boyfriends eventually betrayed and left her. It is one of the great clichés of human history that many women are attracted to high-testosterone men but that these will be less likely to stay faithful to their women, let alone raise children. She would therefore have to choose men that are just a little softer, or try to “reign in” and pacify the high male-energy boyfriend.
A recent male student of mine was having trouble with his wife because she dominated the entire relationship. She had more “male energy” than him. Her domineering ways could be seen in many small and simple details of daily life: when she ridiculed him in front of family members, when she slapped him on the head every time he said something “wrong”, when she let him carry her handbag while shopping, when she scolded him to “be a man”, and so forth. The solution that helped him was to explain what I am explaining in this article: She was the “man” in the relationship, but her high yang-levels were making her aggressive. He had to stop accepting being slapped in public like a little boy, and increase his own male-levels. He did and the relationship is running smoothly now.
Too much yang energy will make you brutish, but just some a few more doses of it will help you succeed in various endeavors. Lack of it leads to lack of confidence, fear of decision-making and a whole other host of timid behaviors. Consider this illustration for example:
When I have students with too much yin energy who wants more material success in life, I normally prescribe a little physical exercise or meat and protein eating or sexual arousal or hard music or a few thousand other things that create more yang. When I have a student with too much yang energy and I want to help them release tension and anger to find more inner peace and compassion, I’ll prescribe soft music, more vegetarian eating and a host of relaxing techniques. This may seem like a simplistic way of seeing things, but they work. Some people need more softness, others need more hardness. You can be water or a rock. Of course, there are other factors involved in success or lack thereof – most importantly, your inner beliefs. You could also simply visualize male or female energy-related things and that would already alter your levels. If you have been in aggression environment for years, a community of soft-spoken people will heal you. If you’ve been in a pampered environment for years, a community of go-getters will wake you up. What you visualize and who you surround yourself with shapes your overall state.
In my experience, the ideal state is when female and male energies are balanced. That means you can either be passive or active, receptive or assertive, gentle or strong, nurturing or adventurous, caring or confident. An enlightened being can be anything and is not limited by testosterone levels, not at the effect of hormones and chemicals in the body. The undefined nature of the enlightened self allows one to create new definitions-of-self whenever the situation calls for it. The important point here is to be able to detect the difference between male and female energy and help yourself reduce or heighten it as needed.

An excerpt from the Chapter “Self Healing and Healing from Within”

The Spiritual Cause and Cure for Depression

This section examines the cause and cure of depression more holistically than only seeing it “caused” by a “chemical imbalance”. Depression can be a state of fatigue, apathy, lethargy, numbness, darkness of mind, slumber, listlessness and exhaustion, often in magnified form. What makes it difficult to cure is that one has little interest or energy to do the activities that would cure it. You could suggest to a really depressed person “Do X! That will cure it!” But the problem is that they may not feel the motivation to do “X”. Physical activity and movement eventually alleviate depression, however, most depressed people will not bring themselves to go out and get that movement.

The following image shows ineffective and effective treatments for depression, “one year later”. It was taken from a medical research site called, “CureTogether”. The research indicates that while there are numerous popular treatments and pills that just don’t seem to work very well, there are also many things that have worked well, among them music therapy, art therapy, meditation, massages, breathwork, sports, EMDR, neurofeedback, Tai Chi, support groups, Xanax, Sertralin, Venlaxafin, Mirtazapine, Shiatsu, and many others.

The fact that exercise is listed at the very top does not surprise me. I have taught for a long time that the states of fear and depression are a sort of motionless paralysis and the best cure for them is movement, motion, action, doing (instead of waiting to “feel like it” before you go into action). If you suffer from depression or temporary depression, the list above shows you that most likely, not all possible cures have been looked into, not all options exhausted. Depression indicates that much more loving care of your body and mind are required. 

Not surprisingly, awareness-based techniques such as meditation, talk-therapy and love of a pet also rank high. The basic realization most people have yet to make, especially the depressed, is that well-being is not primarily connected to space (location) and time but to where your mind or attention is. To feel down you do have to focus your attention in a certain way, on certain things, for a certain amount of time. To feel more upbeat, you have to focus your attention in a certain way, on certain things, for a certain amount of time. I have had plenty of students who were diagnosed and self-diagnosed “depressed” and it’s really interesting to observe how they use their attention and imagination to get into really dark stories of the mind, how they avoid any sort of focus, thought or action that would even slightly elevate their state. Some are at a point where they require outside assistance to climb out of the dark cave. But most forms of depression are not that severe and can be self-cured with some loving care for oneself, a slow and steady shift of attention to more pleasant things as well as the list of remedies shown above.

Depression can mean a number of things for a number of people but what it means to everyone who claims to have depression is feeling down, low, exhausted, heavy, tired, apathetic on a lower level than is bearable over longer periods of time. 

Depression, like all other things, is physical, mental and spiritual. To see it as only one thing or the other deprives us of possible approaches for its cure. On a physical level it may have to do with imbalanced brain chemistry, bad nutrition or a bad environment. Mentally, it may have to do with negative beliefs and traumatic incidents. Spiritually, it may have to do with one not following the path of one’s heart and joy.

What all three have in common, however, it is not the low-feeling we label as “depression” that’s the problem, but whatever it is pointing to. This is an important distinction because as humans we often blame the feeling for being the problem when it is simply the body trying to point to the cause. Don’t try to heal the barometer; look instead for what is triggering that feeling. If, for example, you live in dire circumstances, then feeling low as a response to that is entirely appropriate. Would you want to feel elated and free in the face of horror? Probably not. Instead take action to remove yourself from such circumstances. It is then easier to let go of the low-state. Same with mental phenomena: If you keep thinking negatively, you should feel negative – it is very appropriate for you to feel that way. The negative feeling will only stop when you quit investing attention into negative thinking.

Once those chemicals or thoughts or circumstances are changed it is only a matter of minutes to release depression. If it even remains then only because you are de-pressing it, meaning pressing it down rather than letting it come up and go.

Miraculous Group Healings

I’ve witnessed many “healing miracles” in group settings. When three, four, five, six, seven or more loving people get together with the intention of healing one person, their presence seems to invite a superordinate energy field and space in which rapid healing can develop. These are some miraculous group healings I witnessed personally:

  • In 1984, when I was a child, I witnessed several instances of religious prayer to heal the sick and desperate. I saw broken limbs grow back, severe diseases healed and all sorts of problems washed away within fairly brief periods of time. Since I was a child I did not yet know that such incidents are “uncommon” and simply took it for granted. In retrospect, I understand that the directed group-energy had been the cure.
  • 1995: I was partaking in a large Group Awareness Course with 250 participants. One of the exercises involved one person sitting in the middle while eight people sat in a circle around that person radiating love. The person in the center of the circle was to play and act out their greatest problem. Within this exercise I saw several healings take place. One girl of twenty-two healed her bulimia in front of nine witnesses. She walked out of the circle and never had an eating issue again. One man acting out his problem so intensely that it looked as if he was having an exorcism, healed a skin condition. The rashes he had been having for a decade receded within three days of the session. This, and many other events, I attribute to the conscious-loving awareness of a group setting.
  • In 2002, during a Reality Creation Group Course I conducted a group exercise that involved someone standing in the middle of a circle communicating what they appreciated about the others in the group while the group gave feedback to the person in center of the circle about what they appreciated about him/her. The exercise also involved looking at others from “the eyes of the soul” in a very extroverted way. As a result of this session, one participant’s eyesight improved to a level that they no longer needed eyeglasses. I attribute this miraculous event to the group-appreciation and the extroverted focus on that day. (Note: Miraculous events are usually not repeatable by merely copying the exercise because the power is not in what you can see – the exercise – but in the unseen realm.
  • In 2007, a psychiatrist invited a group of spiritual people to his private home to attend a therapeutic session with a mentally ill patient. There were seven of us in the room partaking in the sessions. Our main task was to be present, but we were also allowed to ask a few questions. It took only three sessions (I had attended the second and third) to accomplish a permanent healing of the mental illness.

These were four examples of many dozens of group-healings I have eye witnessed. They form a basis for my belief in “energy-fields”, “attractor-fields” and the unseen as well as my vision that one day science will take the invisible side of reality more seriously.

If you, dear reader, require healing from something, I recommend you try so within a community, family or group of which every member radiates healing-intention in your direction.

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