In prosperity-consciousness, work is NOT about money

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Frederick Dodson

In prosperity-consciousness, work is NOT about money

This graph shows my book sales over time. Between 1996, when I started writing and 2010 I was making almost no book sales. That’s 14 years of writing without making money on it!

Why would I work that long, without tangible success? Because my writing was never about making money, it was about exploring things I was curious about.

If designed to make money, my writing would look, sound and feel different. I’d know how to make quick money with writing. Firstly, I’d have to dumb it down – to the level of movies like “The Secret”. I’d have to fear-monger, add urgency and spark desperate desire. I’d have to exaggerate.

So if money wasn’t the motive, what was? Was it charity or compassion? No. It was truth. I wished to know the nature of reality, how things work.

Today I sell enough books so that I would never have to work again.

That’s great.

But I still won’t write what people ask me to. I receive suggestions of what to write almost every week, but all are ignored because that’s not how intuitive people operate.

If I never have to work again, why do I continue? Because I love to. I’ll never retire. Retirement is for people who have lost purpose and passion – a path of decline.

I teach passive income (in my book “Magnetic Wealth Attraction) because it allows you to be free instead of having to work for money. You are then free to work what you like, say what you like, do what you like, with who you like, whever you like, whereever you like, as often as you like.

But guess what? I already did that when I was “poor”. I was already acting rich while I was poor. Nothing has changed. “Being rich” is an inner attitude, nothing to do with money. External riches are always followed by an inner attitude. But if you have the inner attitude, you don’t care so much about the external proof of money.

What did I choose to do with my freedom? More of the same as before: Write and Research. That shows freedom wasn’t my goal either. The goal was always to follow the purpose I had been created for: Truth. Write. Research. Follow curiosity! Money doesn’t change you, it reveals who you are.

My wish for you is that you find YOUR purpose, YOUR highest values. What fascinates you? What do you truly believe in? Follow that, regardless of money. THAT is true prosperity-consciousness.

You’ll always be provided for if you follow what’s authentically you.

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