I’m living the real life x-files

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Frederick Dodson

Realizing the 1990s show “X-Files” is more documentary than fiction, I started re-watching one episode a week about a year ago.

A strange parallelism between the episodes and my daily life began occurring.

One of my cats disappeared (may he be at peace). The same evening, I watched the next episode which was about animals being abducted by aliens.

I visited a reservation of the Cherokee natives in the Smoky Mountains for some research. The same evening I watched an episode about American natives.

I was conducted a laying-hands-and-healing session with a student. The same evening the x-files episode featured that exact topic.

These are three examples, but this has been happening on almost every episode.

I’ve described a similar parallelism with the TV Show “Twin Peaks” in my book “Parallel Universes of Self”.

The first times it happened, I thought nothing of it. I said “Wow…didn’t we just experience that today? That’s funny”, as if it were coincidence.

But then it kept happening and my attitude soon turned to “WTF is going on here?”

Different than what I described in my book, the events were happening before I watched the episode, before I knew what the episode was about.

Here’s a theory: I am pre-manifesting or foreshadowing.

Why it works: I’m not watching anything else and I’m relaxed and receptive these days – that makes my mind empty and imprintable.

Another theory: My higher-self is playing a prank on me. Being outside-of-time, it knows what I’m going to watch and provides a real life preview.

Either way, it’s a whole new level of crazy

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