Illumination of Consciousness


“It’s not enough to make changes at the surface of of your conscious thoughts. For lasting change, dive into your subconscious or make changes on the image you have of yourself. Removing negative thoughts is like file deletion. But changing your self-image is bulk file deletion.”

Frederick Dodson, Illumination of Consciousness

This book summarizes more than 20 years of intense research and experience into how Consciousness creates reality. It also contains a detailed description of “The Enlightenment Technique”, a 2-minute method of self-inquiry that will help you gradually release subconscious beliefs, roles and behavioral patterns that block your natural radiance, emotional freedom and success. 

Reviews of Illumination of Consciousness


I’ll trade all my self-improvement book for this one!

For the first time a book goes to the root of any problem and teaches a practical and simple way to extract this root. For the first time, a book explains the relationship between the creation of reality and letting go of the emotional turmoil that prevents this creation. For the first time, a book clarifies how futile is the effort to have positive thoughts and visualizations while the negative identity – the root belief – is not transformed. The other books are halfway perhaps because of ignorance or perhaps because that way the readers will continue to need to read more, never reaching the ultimate solution of their problems. But this book goes to the heart, justifying the price a little higher that the author asks for it.

Eduardo Homem

Great Stuff

I don’t know how to describe this book, except to say that it is very profound. Maybe I could use metaphor. Imagine living in the interior of an island, knowing nothing of the sea. All of a sudden, you come to the shore, and realize there is a sea, with seemingly no end, and a large boat to take you out into it. This book is the boat. Of course one has to have an interest in the sea… I do, and this book makes perfect sense to me. Spiritual teachers have always been hard to find, however in our culture we have books, that sometimes fill in. This book is like finding one of those native american elders who clearly know an incredible amount, and are willing to share it with those patient enough to listen. I have all of Frederick Dodson’s books. I don’t get anything for saying this. I believe Dodson’s books are about using quantum mechanics ideas, in a really fun way, in daily life, in simple language that is easy to understand. This book is a very nice exploration of consciousness. I would really like to get to seminars, to learn more of this, but as I have a small child at home, it’s not easy. So I have to read books. I don’t know how I could encourage Fred to keep writing more books, other than what I’m doing right now, so please keep writing, ok? I really want to understand what he writes about. 

Cheryl, Amazon Customer

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