Illuminati Energy Harvesting, SRA and MKUltra

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Note: This article sat unpublished for months due to its controversial nature. I have shortened and censored it so that it can be published without danger. Most of the people who call for “full disclosure” are at the same time unwilling to do anything to support, defend or protect the people who are providing disclosure. 



There are two ways to gain power. From within, through a personal connection to Source or stolen from others. My book Levels of Energy defines the lowest levels of consciousness as an energy-depleted state. Here, a Being is disconnected from Source with little energy of their own. At “level zero” you either die (unless you get outside help) or you descend to the next lower density-of-reality. Some begin to parasite energy off of others to evade extinction. The biggest problem in the world is clandestine energy-harvesting. At a basic level this involves attention-and-donation-harvesting through staged conflicts, news-media, drama and outrage-politics. At a much more sinister level it involves modern slavery, human trafficking, electromagnetic zapping of energy, negative-geomancy and harvesting human blood, flesh and spinal fluid for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and direct consumption. A public example of this can be seen in this Video: Young Blood – Using Teenagers Blood to Reverse Aging.

The reason this stuff remains “elusive” is because it takes place in the “twilight zone” – the borderlands of two densities-of-reality. There are beings from another density (dimension, consciousness-level) trying to leech off of ours. The good news: For this same reason, much of what is said here will never affect you personally, because “regular folk” don’t reside at that low of a consciousness-level. The average Joe and Karen live with enough integrity to get their energy from within. Btw: Fear and anger are the most commonly harvested energies, don’t allow yourself to get “triggered” as you read this.

People who vampirize energy from others can, for some time, appear “high-energy”, they can fake it and achieve “fame and fortune”, perfect youth, fantastic charm and charisma due to stolen energy. If this is hard for you to believe, consider that this theme is very common across mythology, folk tales, legends, religion and a wide variety of fiction. With stolen energy one can attain wild supernatural experiences, but at a price. On a smaller scale it’s like with drugs, where you can take DMT and have a peak into certain parts of the astral realm and other densities. It’s like cheating. You didn’t do the inner work and didn’t reach the maturity to access those realms. You’re forcing access. The experience is temporary and depletes energy because you haven’t built the electromagnetic field to responsibly handle the experience (I acknowledge there are some people who use psychedelics responsibly, but the higher ideal is to access the other realms purely from inner power).

It requires energy to shift densities of reality (see image below, an analogy of reality-densities). If you want a very quick shift, it requires enormous energy. Some people try to skip the inner work that legitimately opens the gates to higher worlds and try to get access through vampiric behavior.



SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse)

The terms SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse), MKUltra, Monarch Mind-Control Programming, child sex abuse, human slavery, human trafficking, entity-possession, demonic possession, torture and cannibalism are all linked and they are really about energy-harvesting.  In the U.S. alone, approx. 2300 children are reported missing every day (!). It’s estimated that of these 2300 daily reports, 500 are abducted by strangers to go missing permanently. That’s 182 500 children permanently disappearing a year – in just one country. Isn’t that figure enough to raise eyebrows? To perhaps at the very least realize that something strange is going on? In the last 30 years in the U.S. alone, there have been 12 000 fully documented cases of SRA involving the Testimony of victims, police officers, psychiatrists, social workers, a teachers and parents and yet in mainstream news, the whole thing is derided as a “baseless conspiracy theory” and “moral panic” by increasingly creepy “fact checkers”. Telling victims that their reports are “baseless” and “never happened” is itself abusive.

In the last 30 years I have been approached by only few victims of SRA and MK, but enough to arrive at a basic understanding. Three people contacted me specifically for healing from abuse. With another long-time-student, memories of organized abuse arose as a result of our work. There are hundreds of books on the subject, written by victims, psychiatrists, trauma-healers, religious preachers and occultists. I’ve read a about thirty books on this particular subject between 1992 and 2018 but still don’t understand it fully.

SRA is done in real rituals or mock rituals in which humans are sacrificed in a ceremonial setting. Human sacrifice is entirely common throughout all cultures. It is only in the last 100 years we started pretending “it doesn’t happen”. Not all rituals are to “Satan”. They could also be to “Mithras”,”Baal” or a long list of other entities. A more accurate label is therefore simply “Ritual Abuse”. In ancient times the rituals were done in “mystery schools”. These were philosophical and political clubs outside of the mainstream. Some of them were benevolent, others weren’t. At the dark end of the spectrum, a ritual can involve rape, mutilation and murder. Softer versions of the ritual involve “only” the abuse, torture and sacrifice of animals. An even softer version are mock-rituals where they pretend to kill but use fake blood. Some drugged victims are made to believe that the mock-rituals are real. SRA follows multiple purposes: To summon entities from other realms (which requires enormous amount of energy). Sometimes the entity-summoning is so strong that they are visibly seen as floating Orbs. Another purpose is to open interdimensional portals  or “stargates” to gain access to cosmic “mysteries”. Sometimes the event is filmed and used to later blackmail people involved in the abuse. The events are sometimes used to scare people into compliance, to split their personalities, to allow for entity possession or transfer entities to another person through sex-rituals. Some rituals are for harvesting blood or spinal fluid for consumption.

The Aborigines of Australia are considered among the oldest unbroken lineages in the world. Thus, they have a lot to teach humankind about the true nature of reality, both positive and negative. There is an old book relating to work done in the 1920s titled “Aboriginal Men of High Degree” by the anthropologist A.P. Elkin. There, one can see the teachings and practices of SRA reflected in the very ancient knowledge of these indigenous people. It’s used for positive purposes such as healing, deprogramming and self-empowerment. The same tools can be used maliciously. For example, initiated sorcerers were able to kill a person through thought alone. Crystals were wrapped around bones to be used as energy-weapons. Entities were summoned to enter individuals and give them “superhuman” strength. Cannibalism was used to gain illegal access to Heaven. For some people, all of these things have been “business as usual” for a long time.


Mind-Control (MKUltra / Monarch)

Mind-control is more science-and-tech based than SRA. A person is subject to drugging, torture and hypnosis. The purpose of trauma induction is to create multiple-personalities that cannot remember each other. Each sub-personality can then be given a set of specific tasks, such as assassination, sexual-seduction, spying and other things that may be useful to the “intelligence community”. Sometimes medical operations are conducted to erase memories or implant false memories. While SRA and MK are not exactly the same thing, the two “sciences” help each other and are conducted by the same people. The multiple-personalities and sub-personalities created in MK are actually entities (demons, jinn, spirits, astral-beings) that come to possess a person, just like in SRA (other researchers may disagree with me on this point). In the past 100 years they have convinced the whole world that such things “don’t exist” so that they can continue their energy-harvest without opposition.

There’s some debate around the extent of SRA and MK. Some mainstream sources acknowledge that both are real but they disagree that they are widespread and organized. Mainstream media claim that “the MKUltra Program, run by the CIA, was discontinued in the 1970s” and that “ritual abuse is only conducted by a few mentally ill people”. When they can no longer deny the reality of the horrific abuse, they typically try to “contain it” by assigning it to a certain time in the past  or a certain regime that is now gone. An example:



The article claims that thankfully these utterly horrifying human experiments done by your Government were “discontinued” in the late 1960s. Other sources say it stopped in the late 1970s. And of course, as all these journalists assure us, CIA torture was “discontinued” when it was exposed in the 1990s. The truth is this (and everyone knows it):  A group of people willing to do some very, very bad things at one point in time are likely to do other very bad things at another point in time. They are unlikely to stop doing them if there are no serious consequences to their actions. So when some online shill tells you “That’s debunked! They stopped doing that in the 70s!” use discernment.

The success of MK varies. It’s difficult to permanently bring a divine being under ones’ control. The programming wears off and memories resurface. Then the person under MK influence has to go back to “rehab” and get reprogrammed. This is why some “celebrities” who ar under MK-influence, keep going to rehab clinics. The soul is never touched by any of this. Under torture, the essence of a human returns to the soul-plane. This leaves the body temporarily devoid of a soul, containing only etheric and astral layers. During this time, entities can enter. The point? Entities wish nothing more than to get back to the physical realm “because our Earth is their Heaven”.

My position in the past was this:  If SRA and Mind-Control were real, they require research. And they’re not real, they also requires research. Either way, it’s a worthy topic. If it’s real, then there is horrific cultic abuse happening around the world that needs to come to light to be stopped. If it’s not real then there is a mass-delusion afoot and it needs to be brought to light and healed. Today I’ve matured enough to know that these issues are not only 100% real but at the core of most psychiatric problems we have today. Their denial, I realized, is a well-funded effort and the deniers are very creepy people, if you look more closely.

Another example of trying to contain a topic and assign a “long gone time” to it:


In reality, some so-called “royalty” practice cannibalism for energy-harvesting to this very day, so reported by countless SRA victims. This practice goes back thousands of years because it was believed that eating humans puts you above them in the food chain and that you could “steal a persons soul” by eating them. This teaching is not true. You can’t steal a persons soul, you can only steal their astral and etheric layers, but these are not the soul.

The Elites

The “power-elite” (LOL) routinely use these extreme methods. That’s how they cling to undeserved, unelected and unappointed positions of power. They don’t have any real power nor are they elite. They run on borrowed time and energy. Their temporary power comes from siphoning off of others. The legitimate elite are the gentle and humble people who leave others in peace and replenish their energy directly from source where it is free and perpetually abundant. These gentle people will inherit the Earth.

Luckily I’ve had almost no personal involvement with these underworld subcurrents, but I know several people who have. Some of them are “elites” who I’ve had in Coaching. There are a lot of good people among the “elites” – that’s something all these conspiracy-books somehow fail to mention. By the time I wrote “Levels of Energy” in 2010, I had already gone through two difficult Coachings with SRA/MK victims. In both cases I insisted that I wasn’t the right person to do the job, but they insisted. One of the cases was 15 months of coaching and it was so jarring I pondered quitting my job. It was the only time I considered quitting. The other case went for about 8 months and had so-so results. Today I’ve matured enough to no longer accept SRA-cases under any circumstances. The issue requires specialized help that goes beyond my field of expertise. For example, some MK-victims have suicide-triggers. These are hypnotic commands to commit fatal self-harm if healing is attempted. If this sounds like science-fiction to you, you just haven’t been around much. The suicide-commands often aren’t effective but they can still cause a lot of heart-wrenching drama. Even so, some really good material in my work resulted from the toughest cases. Working these cases also softened my heart, so a lot of good came from it.

Most people are cognitively blocked on these topics, as if under a spell. They either dismiss it or get tired when reading about it. Knowing requires a shift in ones entire model of “the world’ and also opens the door to other topics beyond your wildest imagination, both good and bad. Recently, someone on my Telegram Channel mentioned “Adrenochrome”. Someone then asked “What is Adrenochrome?” I was bewildered. “Wow…how can it be 2022 and people still don’t know?” Adrenochrome can’t be understood if Energy-Harvesting isn’t first understood. Adrenochrome is blood-powder that’s harvested off of terrified children. If you look it up in the Internet you’ll find that that’s been “debunked” as a “baseless conspiracy theory” that was created in 2016. But I first heard the word Adrenochrome in 1998 from the movie “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, based on a book written by Hunter Thompson in the 1960s. In the movie, drug-fiend Johnny Depp inquires about it. If this idea only arose in 2016, as fact-checkers say, how could I have been aware of it in 1998? Had I paid closer attention, I’d have noticed it much earlier, in the 1971 movie “A Clockwork Orange”, where a drug called “Drenchrome” is taken by the protagonists in a “milk bar”. They then go on a spree of rape and violence. Then I’d have also paid more attention to other Kubrick movies and recognized them as metaphors of SRA and MKUltra, not just his last movie “Eyes Wide Shut”. I’d have noticed that his movie “The Shining” is about split-personality MK-occultism. Of course it’s no coincidence that Hunter Thompson “shot himself in the head” on his “Owl Farm” just a few days after giving an intereview where he went into too much detail on Adrenochrome. Nor is it a coincidence that Googles graphics processor is called Adreno and their Browser is called Chrome. Once you understand the basics of SRA and MK, you’ll see many things, especially Holly-wood productions, with brand new eyes.

The collective information-block on these topics can only be released by coming to terms with the fact of people operating in the shadows, right under their noses in ways they’d never allow if they knew about it. If we wish to ascend, we first need to accept that there are energy-depleted people who aim to suck you dry. Their victims often become energy-deprived themselves, which turns them into perpetrators later in life. Some of the evil people you see out there were horribly abused earlier in life. Thus the victim-perpetrator cycle continues from generation to generation. Putting a stop to it is fairly easy when we stop pretending it doesn’t exist. I’ve sat with some very-well-known-people who speak of these topics abundantly in private but would never go public with them.

All of this closely ties into my teachings on reality creation.


Reality Creation teaches that the mind can be programmed. 

That’s bad news and good news. The bad news is that experts of mind-control can program you. The good news is that you can program, de-program, re-program yourself.

The topic of SRA and Mind-Control are the shadowy opposite to Reality Creation. One is ultimate victim-hood, the other is creator-hood. But your soul or heart cannot be programmed in any way. That’s why you best use your heart when you program your mind. Programming the mind without heart, as in MK, requires constant repetition and violence.

Fortunately most people actually know what’s going on, to some degree. There is a specific ancient cult practicing SRA and MK. Almost every human being alive today has heard the various names of the cult:



Deep State

Shadow Government

The Invisibles


Secret Societies

Most people know because they are secret-not-secret. What does that mean? Secret-not-secret means they reveal enough to keep people in awe, fearful and powerless. They want this stuff revealed. They publish most of the books against themselves, to hype up their reputation. But they never reveal it in the context of how to heal it and counteract it. Revelations are mixed with lies and only the intuitive among you can discern.

The cult have been around for a long time. They’ve been exposed several times throughout History. Then they go into hiding for some time only to slowly creep back up to the surface and places of power. They don’t exist as a specific race, culture or religion but more as entities from a lower density who temporarily occupy different bodies on Earth. This process is explained in my book Levels of Heaven and Hell. Most conspiracy-literature deems these people “the enemy”, but they are really just a part of life’s intended purpose. The purpose of earth-realm is to learn to choose, to make decisions, it’s a training-ground. The choice is always been love and fear. This evil aspect of reality is allowed to be there and ultimately serves the overall plan.

The Illuminati are not “the Jews”, “the Jesuits”, “the Freemasons” or any other specific group. They use all cultures and groups for their own purposes. The most accurate label for them, in my view, is entity-possessed people.

Their aim is total control, but that goal is always doomed because you can’t achieve lasting power without being aligned with Source. Aiming for world power always ends in tragedy. Even so, they attempt to recruit as many influential people as they can. They get these public figures to sign NDAs or have blackmail-material filmed on them. In exchange for being a cult member, they get “success”. They recruit among movie actors, the music industry, CEOs, politics, religious authorities and in the self-improvement movement. I’ve been approached a couple of times. If you had seen my social media accounts suddenly explode to Millions of followers, without organic and gradual growth, you’d know I joined. But success isn’t success if they can’t create it on their own. Many famous artists and actors have tried to succeed without allegiance to their record company or agent or film studio or other cult-assets but only few succeed for-real.

Their ultimate goal is annihilation in the “lake of fire”. These entities are so fed up with their existence they wish to be destroyed. One of their teachings is that if they descend to the lowest levels of consciousness, they will stop to exist and can finally get relief. This is, in my humble view, doesn’t work. All beings must and will eventually return to the source they came from, and that’s the ultimate relief.

There are positive counterparts to “the Illuminati”. There are positive secret societies, positive factions of the Illuminati and even positive astral entities. The cosmos is a crazy place. There are entities that are on their way back upwards, having recognized the error of their ways. The ancient cult are more threatened by healing, light, love, awareness than by conspiracy-theories. Popular culture is abundant on conspiracy theories but genuine methods of self-improvement are in short supply. Also, their main goal are not “riches” and “money” at all. That’s a popular misconception. Their main goals are energy-harvesting and narrative control. Narrative-control forms mass-belief. Mass-belief blocks perception.

Some mainstream institutions claim that tales of SRA and MK are “false memory”, but it’s not so. Many lawsuits have been dismissed based on the idea of “false memory”. For example a child abuser might drug the child and dress up in the costume of a giant bear. Later when recounting the experience the child says in court that she was “hurt by a giant bear”. Then the “false memory expert” comes in and gets the case dismissed as an “obviously false memory”. Hundreds of thousands of “alien abductions” have also been carried out by the cult. They drug and abduct people for sexual molestation while dressed up as “aliens”. Or why do you think so many “alien encounters” have involved “anal probes”? There’s a 1999 book called “Milabs – Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction” which documents these unpleasant facts in meticulous detail. As you might have guessed, this book is very unpopular in the UFO scene.

The main blocks to an understanding of the underworld (as defined in my book Levels of Heaven and Hell) are so called “Academics” who keep declaring that SRA and MKUltra don’t exist and New-Agers who keep saying to “stay positive” and not focus on this topic. But denial is not positive. The positive approach is to confront the truth first, then pivot to healing. Moreover, an honest person can easily spot the difference between people who are making up stories for sensationalist gain vs. real victims of abuse.

Moreover, the reality of MK and SRA don’t mean that “the whole Government is in on it” or “the world is a bad place”. There are different branches of Government. There is compartmentalization. 99% of your Government works legally. The cult uses the legal framework to make it appear as if all is well. They also use idealistic and benevolent people as fronts. Crooks always do this. The broad majority of people are benevolent. The cult is no more than 0.01% of the population, perhaps even less. If most people are benevolent, why do these horrible things happen? Because of ignorance of the nature of reality.

Elite Pedophile Rings

Every now and then a window to their worn-out world opens for the public to see. In the 1990s the “Dutroux Affair” became known. A large part of the Belgian Government and police force had to resign when it became public knowledge that they were involved in an SRA-based pedophile-ring. In the 1980s the “Franklin Cover-Up” became known to the whole world. It involved SRA, Mind-Control, Pedophilia and the Bush family. Then mass child-rapist and corpse-rapist Jimmy Saville and his gang of BBC journalists and “royals” became known to the whole world. In 2014-2016 “Pizzagate” became known thanks to Julian Assange. Suddenly cult-members such as Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Keith Raniere and many others were arrested and hundreds of “celebrities” and CEOs stepped down due to “sexual misconduct”. Not a single mainstream journalist or politician asked why all of these “sexual misconduct” cases were happening at the same time. Revelations were hijacked by the “me too” movement, which focused peoples attention away from SRA and MKUltra to mere “sexual misconduct”. Then Covid was created to strong-arm an awakening populace into a totally different reality timeline. Unfortunately their counter-attack succeeded and the world returned to foggy oblivion.

The only essential conspiracy happening is the secret harvesting of human energy. All other conspiracy-theories are secondary or distraction.

An example of a recent brief window opening in Utah politics:

As consciousness awakens one of the things people will have to get used to is that their “most trusted leaders” are involved in this kind of stuff. Consider these two news items in this context:



These are windows opening a tiny bit, allowing people a peek into the real world of our “elites”. As you’ve probably gathered, Melissa wasn’t “unaware” of what’s going on, she was involved. And of course the engineer in Gates home is a scapegoat. The files were found in Gates private home because Gates is a member of the cult.

Healing from SRA and MKUltra

Disclaimer: I am a success-coach. Treating SRA is outside of my area of expertise. If you are suffering from abuse trauma, please seek specialized professional help. 

Many of the books I’ve read on the subject were sensationalist, but there are some written by psychiatrists and healers who wish to help victims integrate their experience. If you are a victim of this kind of abuse I recommend you use your power-of-research to find someone who can help you. Please don’t ask me for specific recommendations, I don’t want to give any. I can tell you this much though:

  • SRA-Cults want you in fear. If you’re in therapy due to SRA, always take time to balance out negative imagery with positive imagery, negative memory with good memory. I have a video titled “The Good Memory Exercise” (free on YouTube). It’s a non-triggering process. I don’t believe in continually re-living a traumatic past once it’s known and you’ve recalled it, I believe in getting on with what you’d prefer to experience today
  • SRA-Cults want you disconnected from normal life and from opportunity to recharge. Any grounding-activity is helpful. Grounding means connection to your environment. To feel the earth under your feet, to feel the breeze, the sun, the water. If you have the chance to take care of a living being – perhaps a cat or dog – it can help your grounding.
  • SRA-Cults require your isolation. Therefore, keep in touch with friends and family or people you can trust (sometimes friends and family are part of the cult in which case you need to find other people you can trust).
  • SRA-Cults require a disconnection from your source and that you follow them instead. Putting attention on Source, Creator, God during recovery is immensely helpful.
  • SRA-Cults require you to give up self-responsibility and personal will, to “empty yourself” so that they can “fill the vessel” according to their intentions. Develop a responsible, authentic personality and establish Boundaries.
  • SRA-Cults try to gaslight you into thinking you are crazy, delusional or have false-memory. Trust your body – it stores memories of hurt and tells you whether you’ve been hurt. Trust your intuition. Trust your common sense: Have a close look at the person telling you that you are delusional: What do they look like? What else are they saying? Who do they associate with? If there’s a journalist debunking claims of SRA or shaming victims, see if you can find a photo of that person or hear their voice. Do they look, sound and act kind and friendly or do you get that creepy vibe from them?
  • SRA-Cults want you to believe they create your reality. I specifically recommend a regular practice of written Scripting, as described in my book “Reality Creation and Manifestation“.
  • SRA-Cults know that people decide to stay with things that are harmful because they feel familiar. If you feel that moving to another city or country or changing the job gets you out of the vicinity of members of the SRA-Cult, do so.
  • SRA-Cults are based on force. This means they are really powerless. To gain a better understanding of this, I recommend this lecture: Don’t force it, become attractive to it. If they are powerless, then why do they have all the worldly power? Because they go to the extreme to harvest it from us. But it’s not their own power, it’s borrowed power on borrowed time. They’re utterly doomed unless they change their ways and reconnect to Source. Frankly, the perpetrators are in more desperate need of healing than the victim. At least the recovering victim knows right from wrong. Always remember that the real enemy is fear and they are nothing to be afraid of.
  • SRA-Cults want you to believe there’s no way out. Research support groups and therapists who specialize in SRA and MK. Exchange with other survivors. Sure, some of these are fake and run by the cult. But the broad majority are good people. Always remember that the cult are a tiny minority and they have no real heart-power. If you have heart-power it makes you more intuitive, more wise, more resourceful, more discerning and less easily deceived. Creepy cult people are fortunately very easy to discern. All they have is violence, cash and outmoded esoteric beliefs, but nothing more. Evil is greatly overestimated. That’s why we allow evil to victimize us. We overestimate their power and reach.

The issues that afflict victims of SRA and MK are the same issues that trouble normal people. The difference is merely in degree.

This is a chapter from my upcoming book “Clearing Entities“. If you enjoyed this article, please share it.



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