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I’ll tell you a secret about Donald Trumps mother

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Yesterday I provided an “Ask Me Anything” session (the session is now closed, answer will follow in about a week). What surprised me a little is how many people sent me emails asking about Donald Trump! Even out of the spotlight, he’s still the most dominant topic on peoples minds.

One email claimed that I haven’t written anything about Trump.

My response: I have written about Trump, but you DIDNT SEE IT. The reason you didn’t notice, is because “the media” limits perception to either a “pro Trump” or “anti Trump” stance, with little question on who Trump actually is. My wish is that people overcome their perceptual laziness and look beyond what they are told.

Just one example: This is Donald Trumps mother.


Her name is Mary Anne MacLeod. My last article Fairies from Outer Space, was about the private beliefs of the MacLeod/Trump Clan. Knowing this, you can now re-read the article with new eyes.

Why didn’t I mention this fact in the article? Because mentioning Trump would distract from the main point, which is to show how various elites believe they are bloodline extra-terrestrials.

Some of you (who ask me about Trump), didn’t bother to read the article, because you wouldn’t expect it to have anything to do with the topic. Why not? Because no news-media have ever featured the Trump Clans belief in extra-terrestrial fairy folk. One side images the Trump family as modern day Nazis and the other side crafts them as devout Christians. Thus, this whole stuff about fairies from outer space, remains private and hidden.

I write this to inspire you to conduct more independent research on everything. One of the questions I received yesterday in “Ask Me Anything” was this: “Do you believe in the Afterlife?”. My answer to that is “Yes”. But I sure wish you’d done just some basic research on me. I’ve affirmed my belief in the afterlife in dozens of books and hundreds of articles and videos. Another person ask me whether I have ever heard of “the law of attraction”. I already got this question last year. My answer is “Well, no, I’ve only written 20 books on the subject”..

These kind of things truly amaze me because, by the time I write a question to an author I like, I’ve usually not only read ALL of their books but also every single interview they have ever given and even books about them written by others. When I read an article, it usually turns into reading several articles because I check other sources and references on what was written. It’s never just “reading the article”. I don’t expect anyone to be a reading-fanatic like me, but some basic research can go a long way in improving your life.

It’s a bad habit to take what you see and read at face-value, without questioning it. We think we “know” things because we have been told on TV or read it somewhere. But before we don’t check, double-check, cross-check and verified, we don’t really “know” a thing.

Maybe you “don’t have the time” to research things – anything – more deeply. In that case, your goal could be to use reality creation and disconnect from the rat-race to regain your freedom, time and dignity.

I was speaking to a friend the other day. He told me that he had read the entire 10 page packaging for a medication, before taking it. What that showed me is his prosperity. Someone who has the time and leisure to read the entire packaging, is prosperous. But one who takes their time to learn, becomes prosperous.


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