If you respect yourself and love humanity, stop using Goolge

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Frederick Dodson

If you respect yourself and love humanity, stop using Google.

In the illusion of access to ALL knowledge in the world, Google actually hides, restricts and blocks access to information relevant to spiritual growth, individual freedom, health and truth.

Google manipulates public perception with algorithims that promote certain views while downgrading others.

Google doubles as a data-mining and surveillance agency with connections to the CIA and military.

It’s on record that Google has lied to Congress, engaged in anti-competitive practices and deceived consumers.

Google reads your emails under the guise of providing relevant ads.

Google censors videos on YouTube under the guise of safety.

Google is at the leading edge of the planned global social credit system and NWO, being involved in AI, robotics, the pharmaceutical industry and smart homes.

Google has dictated its censorship program to other companies under threat of removing them from their app stores if they don’t comply.

There are plenty of alternative search-engines, email providers, video platforms, browsers, document sharing services, etc.

Yes, I realize Google-Maps is super-convenient and Google-Earth is just awesome and I’d be a hypocrite to claim I prefer alternatives. Even so, I reduce Google use wherever I can and recommend the same to any sentient, conscious and self-respecting person.




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