I follow a hidden agenda on social media

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Frederick Dodson

I receive a lot of emails and comments by people who are puzzled at my posts on social media. If I see something I don’t understand or like on social media, I simply move on. People have a lot of spare time on their hands it seems 🙂

I’ll now share the agenda of my posts on my Telegram Channel (mirrored on my Twitter Feed). My social media posts are a light form of reality creation coaching.

Everything I post on social media falls into one of these categories:

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Discernment
  3. Coaching
  4. Humor

The aesthetics posts are the most important, because just looking at beauty elevates your level of consciousness. A social media feed that only posts information does nothing to elevate your state. Online pictures are not as powerful as real life beauty, but it’s the least I can do. Many people don’t know that I post these images to raise their vibration, they think I just like pretty pictures. Some people think these posts are about guessing where a place is. But they are really about receiving the atmosphere or energy of an image and enjoying it.

Posts in the “Discernment” category help you discern truth from falsehood, which is an important part of raising your consciousness. Life is a balance of positive and negative. Discerning falsehood is absolutely vital to the success of every human being. Sometimes I post things that are considered “conspiracy theory” by some people. The purpose of those posts is to weed out low-IQ followers, no offense.

The Coaching part are posts related to my teachings and techniques. They are instructional, inspirational or empowering. But, unlike the aesthetic images, they have no power on their own. They get their power from being used, applied, acted-out.

The posts in the Humor category are just-for-fun. Actually, everything is just for fun. Sometimes my posts fall in none of these categories, they are things I came across and found interesting. People say “What’s the meaning of this?” or “Why do you post this?” or “What’s the reason for this?”. But not everything needs a reason. Fun does not need a reason.

There’s also a soft predictive aspect to my posting. Shortly before bitcoin started it’s steady fall, I posted that I prefer investing in real estate (and immediately got attacked by folks who thought I don’t like bitcoin – I’m totally fine with bitcoin, but there’s other stuff too, mind you). About a week before the war in Ukraine, I posted about war (a video of Julian Assange talking about how and why War is created). A week before “Elon Musk” came on the scene pretending to “buy Twitter”, I posted a couple of memes about Elon and his company Tesla, telling you how he is “sneaky”.

Because of this, someone asked me where I “get my intel”. But it has nothing to do with “intel”, it’s an intuition exercise. I get a hunch about something soon to come, then I post a hint about it. It’s to demonstrate the timeless dimension that intuition draws from. I don’t do this often though, so don’t expect it.

I always write or post to increase energy or awareness. But if I merely post fluffy self-improvement quotes like so many others, that’s really boring to me.

All in all, the positive effect of information on a screen is limited. It’s a greater effect if you close your eyes and meditate for 5 minutes.

Now that you know my agenda on social media it’s no longer a hidden agenda. 🙂




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