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Human Made Flying Saucers

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

I’ve seen flying saucers at different times. Once I witnessed three at the same time. They were performing the moves one can only perform with saucer-shaped vehicles, such as abrupt up-down and left-right. The event scared me. It made me think “aliens” because I had been conditioned to think “aliens” by what I saw on TV. If you don’t know what you don’t know, you don’t look for it. The event set me off reading about these strange aircraft for the remainder of my life. Today I realize the truth about flying saucers is concealed beneath three neatly crafted layers of disinformation.

Layer 1: “Flying Saucers are Aliens”

Layer 2: “Flying Saucers are Recent”

Layer 3: “Nazi Flying Saucers”.

Because human beings have strong intuition and can smell when something is fishy, the truth has to be hidden under several layers of falsehood and even then, it eventually surfaces.

During research for my book Extraterrestrial Linguistics, I discovered something extraordinary: The CIA (a rogue branch of the U.S. Government), secretly funded and promoted books on Aliens, UFOs and Flying Saucers from the 1950s onwards. I documented this amazing fact in a short chapter in the book. Blinders fell off my eyes instantly. If they were promoting flying saucers as “Alien”, then probably, because they weren’t! But why would they promote the idea? My guess: So that they can keep the technology in the hands of a select few.

Another lie uncovered, was that flying saucers are a recent phenomenon, rather than flown and witnessed for thousands of years. I’ve also documented and proven this in the book. This article is not included in the book, it’s a spin-off from it.

Between the 1920s and 1950s, there were  humans from different countries, designing, manufacturing and piloting flying saucers. Then, in the 50s and 60s, the “public narrative” and “image” of flying saucers changed from human-made vehicles to “alien” vehicles. To assert the new, socially engineered narrative, it was heavily promoted in an endless stream of Hollywood movies and hundreds of books.

Don’t get me wrong, I know aliens exist. I have encountered alien lifeforms (see my book “The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny”). The Universe is teeming with intelligent lifeforms. But why wouldn’t any of the flying discs many of us have witnessed, be human-made? Human Beings are capable of great things. I write this article to break the conditioning that automatically links the flying discs with aliens.

Then, if anyone ever tries to pull a fake alien-invasion on you, you’ll use discernment.

Rene Couzinet’s Flying Saucers

The images above and below are flying saucers by French airplane engineer Rene Couzinet, who also created many conventional aircraft. Named Couzinet RC-360, it was a vertical-takeoff aircraft that used two counter-rotating discs that were powered by three engines. Another model was designed with six engines by the firm Lycoming and a “Viper turbojet” by Marcel Dassault. His first flying saucer was completed in Paris in 1956. Soon after, Couzinet survived a car bomb explosion (miraculously without injuries). A little later, he abruptly “commit suicide”, due to “lack of success” according to Wikipedia. But I don’t believe that. He was successful with regular airplanes and happily married. To friends, he sounded upbeat. Several successful test flightsof his saucer had been completed and he believed that they had “surpassed conventional flight techniques”. Why would he abruptly commit suicide? Isn’t it more plausible that the same people who planted a bomb in his car, finally managed to kill him and make it look like suicide?



But by would there be people willing to kill for it? Because “Flying saucers” is a touchy subject. Research (presented in aforementioned book) taught me that the saucer shape has been the normal shape of interstellar aircraft for thousands of years. It’s not true that they just suddenly appeared in the late 1940s, as all the “UFO Books” tell us. They were there in the 1930s, 1920s, 1910s, in the 17th, 16th, 15th Century, 1000 B.C., 5000 B.C. and further back. Technology did not just suddenly start with the industrial revolution 200 years ago.

The CIA and similar unaccountable, rogue organizations in other countries, created both the myth of “alien UFOs” and also endless denials. They provided the fake, easily debunk-able photos and footage of “aliens” and they also provided the debunkers and “skeptics”. Providing both sides – the Alien-Enthusiasts and the Debunkers is the best way to manifest rumors as “truth” and obfuscate the reality of human-made discs. You can tell that most of these “UFO Skeptics” are paid operatives by the following fact: They make no mention of human made UFOs, nor of CIA-funding of UFO-Literature. That’s because they are are paid to attack the idea of “Alien UFOs” exclusively, as to convince more people of the opposite. It’s reverse mass-psychology in action. Two sides fight while a third remains hidden.

The “Flying Top” by Rudolf Schriever

This flying saucer was produced in factories in the areas of Dresden, Germany and Wroclaw, Poland by German engineers Rudolf Schriever and Otto Habermohl, Shriever test-piloted his own flying saucers.





As with others involved in disc-building, there is controversy about the cause of Shrievers death at age 44. He was said to have died in a car accident on the 16th of January 1953. Others say he died due to complications after the car accident. Yet other sources say he had a heart-attack. And then there are those who say he was murdered. Yet others say that he did not die in January, but rather October 1953. And there are those who say he died in the 1960s. When you have this many different versions of a story, you are dealing with some “agency” that is “seeding” false information. It’s routine work done by “intelligence” agencies to obfuscate “sensitive” truths.

Shifting Narratives

The “Gray Aliens”, small, lanky beings with big black eyes and enormous, bulbous heads, only began surfacing in the 1970s and gained widespread popularity in the 1990s. Before that, most UFOs were supposedly piloted by handsome blonde haired men and sexy women. This gradual shift in narrative is the clearest sign that the whole “Alien UFOs” myth is socially engineered propaganda. In the 1950s and 1960s, the UFO-pilots were our “space brothers” come to warn us of the dangers of nuclear war. Then, in the 1970s to 1990s, they were the “Gray Aliens”, abducting and experimenting on people, involving some kind of “anal probe” in 70% of reports. What about all these “anal probes” in connection with UFOs? This has been the butt of jokes for decades. But could it be that people dressed as aliens were abducting humans, drugging them, and then sexually abusing them? Who knows!

In the 1990s, commercial implant technology hit the medical market. Concurrent with that, there was an increase in “abductee reports” of the “aliens” giving people implants. UFO- and New Age Magazines were now full of such stories, but they weren’t before that!  As time passed and implants became smaller, the devices implanted by “Aliens” also became smaller. If we are dealing with “advanced extraterrestrial technology”, why did their technology mirror human progress?

Looking just at the bare facts, what we have are flying discs in our skies, witnessed by Millions of people. What’s so difficult about building a flying disc? Why does it necessarily have to be “alien”? If people weren’t as forgetful as they are, they’d see how the narrative shifted from human-made saucers in the 1930s and 1940s, to space brothers in the 1950s and 1960s, to Gray Aliens in the 1970s to 1990s. And today, in 2020? The field of “Ufology” is still full of that intangible, vague nothingness so typical of disinformation.

The Myth of Nazi UFOs

If you break through the disinformation layer that “flying saucers are alien”, the next layer you usually reach is that they were created by Adolf Hitler and deployed by Nazis and that these Nazis still fly them and have secret bases in the Antarctic or even on the moon. If you have never heard of this idea, you haven’t dug deep enough. Most people haven’t even dug into the “aliens” layer, because they can’t be bothered. But some dig and research until they hit upon this one.

This alternative socially engineered “narrative” is that the Nazis developed saucers they called “Vril” and “Haunebu”. Some add that the construction plans for these saucers were channeled by a woman named Maria Orsic, of the “Vril Society” and that these saucers have miraculous qualities such as anti-gravity propulsion, light speed, the capability to be invisible, etc. There are hundreds of books spreading these claims, without tangible evidence.

The naive, having once idealized and romanticized “alien space brothers”, now begin idealizing and romanticizing Nazis.

One might ask: If this fantastical Nazi weapon was so advanced and Hitler had it, why didn’t he deploy it to win the war?

A deeper examination and the whole thing falls apart. The “narrative” of the “Haunebu” UFOs was created in the 1970s. No researcher has found mention of the word “Haunebu” prior to the 1970s. The alleged “blueprints” of these “Nazi UFOs” (see image below), allegedly printed in the 1940s, were made with typewriter font common in the 1970s.

That doesn’t mean there were no Germans involved in flying saucers. Plenty of Germans were building flying saucers. But these weren’t necessarily “Nazis”, but rather private inventors and airplane engineers. Most of them did not want their inventions to fall into the hands of the Government.

I have previously showcased the Austrian inventor Viktor Schauberger, who is probably the originator of the flying saucer in modern times. Schauberger manufactured implosion-based flying saucers as far back as the early 1920s, long before the Nazis appeared on the scene (image below).

Nor does it mean that the Nazis had no interest in flying saucers. They were always on the lookout for advanced aircraft that could get them an advantage in their war efforts. But it appears that the vehicles being looked into, were more conventional, as in the example below.

BMWs Flying Saucers

This is a drawing of the “Flugelrad” (Flying Wheel), produced as early as 1938 by none other than BMW and designed by engineer Richard Miethe. BMWs interest in flying saucers is well documented, and was reported by dozens of witnesses who were involved in construction in the area of the Prague airport (Czech Republic), formerly Prague-Ruzyne. Manufacture and Test flights were also conducted between August and September 1943 at Prague-Kbely airport.


Flying Discs ascend vertically, within seconds. They fly in angles that conventional aircraft are not capable of. There is no known case in which they were shot down by normal aircraft. Flying Saucers are superior because a spinning disc gains flight momentum of its own, at greatly reduced fuel use. This you know from throwing a Frisbee. The Frisbee can fly at some distance, propelled by itself. When thrown in the right way, the spinning disc can float up and down on the air over an incredible distance.

The human-made flying saucers shown in this article, all use mainstream propulsion and mechanics. I am intentionally not showcasing anything out of the ordinary, such as alleged anti-gravity aircraft or discs with interstellar capabilities. My reason for doing so is to show that they could be more ordinary than the “aliens” narrative suggests.

Flying Saucers by Andreas Epp

Andreas Epp was the German inventor of several flying saucer types (as well as conventional vehicles). This is his successful “Omega Disc”, completed in the 1950s:

Andreas Epp is also the inventor of a prototype Hovercraft, which he claims had been stolen from him in the 1950s by a British company. His saucers proved fully functional, but they were, according to him, ignored by Industry and Government. Epp had a registered Patent on his disc in Germany in 1958, called in German “fliegende Untertasse”, in English “flying saucer”.


Andreas Epp claims that flying saucers were originally nothing more than improved, encased helicopters. The body of the saucer remained stable during flight or floating. The engines hung at the left and right sides of a crossbar that is also the steering bar. The pilot manually steered from the center. This is how maneuvers of up to 90 degrees are possible. Because the crossbar is connected to the cockpit, the engines are always turning when the pilot turns and always showing pointed in flight direction. Controls and fuel also run through the crossbar.

The Canadian Avro Disc

The Avro Disc, made in Canada for the U.S. Air Force, was claimed to have been a failure. But the fact that the project existed and 10s of Millions of Dollars were invested, shows how seriously flying saucers were taken.



Most people aren’t even aware that these projects existed. In my view, they did not fail at all. That’s why they are sighted by tens of thousands of people every year. If flying saucers had “failed”, we wouldn’t be seeing them fly!

So what usually happens when a UFO is sighted? Air Force and Government officials issue denials, while newspapers publish tongue in cheek articles about “little green men from Mars”. Very rarely is anything questioned or followed up on.



This is a drawing of the Turboproietto, a disc allegedly created by Italian Engineer G. Bellonzo. It was modeled after the example of a gyroscope or spinning top. As such, it self-stabilized. It was 10 to 15 meters in diameter. For propulsion, it possessed two ram jet engines. The outer part, with the nozzles, rotated, wile the cockpit remained in a fixed position. It was said to have used an air-sucking technique that prevented the vehicle from overheating, therefore allowing higher speeds.

In those days, eye-witnesses from around Europe had come forward, saying they have seen saucers at various airports, in fields and in the air, always attended to by humans, not aliens.

Finally, here’s a 1952 official CIA document, admitting to the reality of human flying saucers. The first major batch of books on “UFO Aliens” were published two years later, in 1954. From that point forward, the idea of “human made saucers” was eradicated from public consciousness.


The deeper issue at play here, is that there are apparently shady agencies that can create mass beliefs and make people forget them again. If you have good memory and attention span, you can’t be fooled. On our path to higher consciousness, we need to rid ourselves of organizations that create and mass-disseminate false information. Health and Abundance grow in true and reliable information.


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