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How you can help the world regain Freedom

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

“I’m so excited to get the vaccine. It gives you a lot of opportunities” said a lady I watched being interviewed before getting her injection. Wait, what? I thought. Really? A pharmaceutical company now gives you opportunities in life? 

Then I saw a headline: “Google is now mandating Vaccination for their employees“. Hm…wow. A vaccine does open up employment opportunities. Gosh. All those unvaccinated people will be treated like second class citizens. Like in Canada, where the unvaccinated walk a separate line at some airports (in a year or so, I’ll probably have to remove the word “some”).

A day later, I saw a headline: “The vaccines are ineffective for the new variants of Covid”. Aaah, I see where this is headed! A life-long Government-enforced subscription to vaccines, so that you may have “opportunities in life”. Hilarious. Or sad. Depending on perspective. I haven’t even taken the first vaccine and they are already gearing up for the third one!

A student of mine told me, that she arrived at work the other day and there were Government officials in the office. They had come unannounced and were vaccinating the entire staff. She was taken by surprise, peer-pressure was on, but she refused the jab. Her boss showed up and shamed her in front of the others: “You’re going to get us all killed!” Her employer is now looking for a legal way to get her removed from the company. Colleagues didn’t come to her defense and she was the only person, among hundreds, not to comply.

I recommended she seek legal representation. Just because everyone else in her office is complying, doesn’t make it right. My wish is that this company and millions of others around the world, get bombarded with lawsuits.

Nobody needs to sit idly by, while the soulless, hive-minded crowds (“I’m not responsible, just following orders!”) try to force their non-scientific and fear-based Covid-Religion on others. Many of us saw this kind of scenario coming from miles away. When they said “only two weeks to flatten the curve“, I didn’t believe it. Why? Because the whole thing was unlawful from start to finish. No vote, no due process or discussion. Just outright and instant removal of your rights, for no good reason (did you know, for example, that masks are 500 000 times the size of a Covid Virus?). A Government willing to break the law once, is willing to do it again. That’s why, already a year ago, people were saying “just wait and see…they are aiming for forced vaccination”.

Now, in 2021, some of us are saying: Wait and see, they are aiming for more than just forced vaccination. They are aiming for a universal, global and mandatory social-credit-ID. It’s not about Covid or even the vaccine, it’s about the remodeling of our society to full spectrum electronic control.

“Now, now Fred. That’s alarmist! What’s wrong with you? You used to be so positive!” someone recently commented. But I see it the other way around: If I need to turn on TV before knowing there is a pandemic, then there is none. Those who say there is a pandemic, are the alarmists. I’m the one calmly pointing out, why the alarmists use alarm (fear). It’s to get people to act, for the purpose of control, energy and money. In case you haven’t noticed, the problem-reaction-solution scam has been going on for thousands of years.

But how can you say there is no pandemic? I have a relative who got sick from Covid!” I hear you say.

OK. I also have a relative who got the flu. How is that a pandemic?

In France, Marcon was the first to eagerly announce that people would no longer be allowed to go shopping for food without a vaccine. Others followed. Then large corporations, such as Google, eagerly announced a vaccine mandate.  That’s not only forced vaccination, it’s also an unlawful breach of the most basic human right – choice over your body. The laws of every country prohibit this kind of thing.

If there were any real journalism left, they’d be asking questions like this: “Wow, I wonder why all of these “democratic” countries have suddenly and simultaneously all trashed their most fundamental laws and constitution without discussion? Might there be something much bigger going on in the background?”

The gullible assume that all is well and that these brazen breaches of common law are done for public health and safety. But quarantining and punishing perfectly healthy people is not done for the common good.

A reader of mine (now former reader) said that I should focus more on the “positive, life-affirming writing” that I used to have and less on this stuff. But I ask:

What is life-affirming about passively sitting around and letting people of questionable ethics run the show? The very least I can do is provide a counter-viewpoint. Have people already forgotten the totalitarian movements of the 20th Century, and how much destruction and deaths were caused?

Or perhaps they are not forgotten. Maybe it’s a humans nature to seek authoritarianism when he’s afraid.

An objection I sometimes hear is: “We simply care about people. There is nothing wrong with caring”. 

My response: If you care so much about people, then why don’t you address the 9 Million people dying of hunger every year? Imagine putting only a small ounce of the attention given to Covid, on Hunger! We’d have eradicated the issue within months!

Have you wondered why we don’t fix that issue and a thousand other more pressing issues first, before creating economic destruction for a virus that has a survival rate similar to the common flu? It’s because we have not been propagandized to think about Hunger, Cancer, Heart Disease, Suicide Rates and many more serious issues. Why not? Because Covid is not about Covid. And I am disappointed that so many people, including many who work in the field of consciousness, believe that Covid is about Covid. That’s because people who say what Covid is really about, are quickly removed from public discourse and “social media”. So all you get is an artificially fabricated echo chamber:



You do realize it’s your tax-money that is paying for hundreds of thousands of fake twitter-accounts, posting the same nonsense ad-nauseum, right? This is what the PR-Firms working for pharmaceutical companies call “creating a narrative”. The whole Covid thing is a fabrication. The appearance of consensus is manufactured. Even so-called “fact checkers” are not what they seem, being sponsored by the very same pharmaceutical companies.

Such fraudulent “fact checking” messes with peoples ability to discern truth from falsehood. Not knowing true from false leads to an overall decline of societal health and cohesion.

If History shouldn’t repeat itself, the totalitarian tendency must be identified, named and counter-acted through non-compliance early on. Otherwise it descends into worse.

I too have been told “I’m getting people killed” by not having taken the vaccine. I responded: “So you’re admitting that your vaccine doesn’t work?” The woman answered: “The vaccine helps, but it’s not a guarantee“. Not a guarantee is an understatement. The CDC says you can still get Covid, still pass on Covid and still die of Covid even if you’re vaxxed. And you certainly still need to wear your mask and social distance after you are vaxxed. Gosh, it’s almost like getting vaxxed didn’t make a difference.

I’ve been witness to a lady who went to get tested for Covid every week. Then she got vaccinated twice. But she still doesn’t go to public meetings “just to stay on the safe side”. She’s been working from home and living in fear for more than a year. Guess what happened? She got Covid! Gosh, who would have thought that fear attracts what it’s afraid of? Color me surprised!

But here’s an issue: This fear-person works in the HR-Department of a company I have done Coaching for. Upon learning about my views, she is trying to get me removed from their list of Coaches. I doubt she will succeed. But if she did succeed, I wouldn’t mind, because I’d prefer not to work with fear-people. I never would have dreamed that I’d be dealing with this kind of nonsense in 2021. I’d never suspected that we’d be collectively referring to the unvaccinated as “killers”. Is that really the way forward? That’s what I call “the totalitarian tendency” and it needs to be pointed out without fear or shame…

…but without making an enemy of fear-people. I sent this lady a wave of compassion. That relaxed her. While she wants to get me removed as a Coach, I send her another wave of compassion. As she relaxes, I can explain my viewpoint. And even if she doesn’t agree with me, we haven’t dehumanized each other.

A bigger issue than fear-people, are the ones who run this mass-media-machine and know exactly how to incite fear-people. I am truly impressed with how effective it is. They can now generate a global unified message across all platforms. The unified message is blasted out to reach news-agencies, newspapers, radio, TV. Then it trends on Google, Twitter and Facebook. Then it appears in movies on Netflix. Then it is parroted by the mindless mob, without question. Then it is seen as “fact”, because “everyone is saying it”.

I recall when this whole thing started, people were wildly gesturing, explaining how the virus came from a bat in the wet-markets of China. They were speaking with utmost confidence. I thought: How can they possibly know this, with barely a few days that have passed since the outbreak? That’s the power of the mass-media-machine. Back then I recall one lone person saying: “What if it’s a bio-weapon from the Wuhan Labs?” but nobody took notice, because they had been filled (in-formed) with what the machine told them.  Today, one year later, even Skeptics would agree that the Wuhan-Leak theory much more likely.

Daily mass-programming impedes ones ability to clearly discern truth from falsehood.

The bad news is that it’s pervasive and unified across countries.

The good news is: As powerful as it is, there is only one small thing needed to disable the programming:

Trust more in your direct experience than in external authority. 

Once a person realizes that external “authorities” do not have your best interests at heart, it’s game over for them. Then, nothing that comes at you externally, is taken at face value. And so, in one instant, you’ve dropped all gullibility and can no longer be brainwashed. You’re immune. I never got sick because I didn’t believe I would. And I didn’t believe I would, because I didn’t trust others authority.

This started early on. A scene from childhood. My mon called: “Come in out of the rain! You’re going to get sick!” and I instantly talked back: “No I won’t!” and I didn’t. That scene became the story of my life. My mom said “Don’t you talk back to me!” but I say: If the belief-system someone is trying to impose on you is negative, then by all means, do talk back! Right now, there are too many cowardly people who do not like what is happening, but they are not speaking up! 9 out of 10 colleagues of mine do not dare speak up.

In an act of non-compliance, I stayed out in the rain, against my moms orders. After another few minutes, she came out and dragged me back into the house by force. While grabbing my arm, she once again shouted “You’re going to get sick!“. To imagine that parents actually believe they are acting from love when they are affirming sickness! And the moment she said it, I thought “No I’m not“. And I didn’t.

And what if I did get sick? Even then, I wouldn’t give in to negative self talk. I will affirm my trust in the goodness of the Universe until the very last breathe…and beyond. 🙂

All of 2020 and 2021 I have been told by TV, Radio, Internet, Colleagues, Friends and Acquaintances, that I might get sick, but I didn’t. Nor am I going to.

Just one little thing – a healthy distrust of authority – collapses the whole construct!

A healthy distrust, not a total distrust. Not all authority is negative. I distrust fear-based authority.

People say “But why would the officials lie?” Well, it’s not everyone is lying. Most people are simply ignorant of the power of thought to create reality. Infancy is marked by dependence on external guardians or parents. The paternal protector or maternal comforter. If a person has not matured out of infancy, later in life, they replace parents with Governments and Corporations. That’s why it’s good and healthy for teenagers to rebel a little.

Some are waiting for a hero to save the day. That’s precisely the kind of thinking that gets us into trouble. There is no hero who is going to stand up for you. You must stand up for you. Last year I witnessed many who lost their Businesses due to lockdowns. There was no hero around to save the day then, why should there be a hero later? It is up to each individual to assert their freedom. I have. So I remain unmasked, untested, unvaxxed and unafraid.

So how can YOU help the world regain freedom? By these points:

  1. Treat fear-people with kindness and patience (regardless of whether these fear-people are pro-vaxx or anti-vaxx)
  2. Maintain your freedom and dignity in your own life and your relations.
  3. Give people examples of why external authority is not always reliable.
  4. Participate in non-violent protests or civilized debate.
  5. Boycott the system.
  6. Research and know your facts.

That’s how you can help the world regain freedom.

And by facts I don’t mean stuff you learn in the mass-media-machine. That’s not science, that’s PR. Just because someone dons a white coat, doesn’t mean they are a scientist.

I’ve been using boycott since decades. For example, recently, I cancelled a phone company because they were sending me Covid-propaganda that I couldn’t opt out of. The backlash against this kind of audacity hasn’t manifested yet on a mass-scale, but when it manifests, it’s going to be legendary! Years ago, I quit the private use of Google Search. If you don’t understand why I would boycott Google, you’re living in oblivion-land. I quit junk food. I quit pharmaceutical companies decades ago. I cancelled a Bank because of the way it treated a colleague of mine. There are only two negative companies left which I have not yet boycotted: Facebook and Twitter. But their clock is ticking.

If you think that boycotting these companies doesnt make a difference, know that they depend on individuals. Without us, they go broke. One person doing it, leads to another doing it and to another, until it becomes a trend. Finally, the dam breaks. Many brands have come and gone this way.

Protests should be enjoyed as non-violent events in which you align with like-minded people. If they go angry, they lose their energy. That’s why your friendly “Government” have been found to insert violent instigators into peaceful gatherings. The energy-wave of aligned, peaceful protestors is powerful, but the shouts and vandalism of anger-people isn’t. If the protest goes angry, Government feels justified to bring in police. They counter force with force and the energy is dissipated. But if the protest stays joyful, wave after wave of energy is created. Any Government that then uses force (against love and joy), quickly destroys itself. Many Governments have come and gone this way.

By the way – treating fear-people with kindness, includes not calling them soulless, hive-minded morons. I have done so in this article, to show that I sometimes fall into the bad habit. But then I catch myself, release the hardness and remember the higher truth: Kindness flows from seeing the higher truth. The higher truth is, that only treating each other well, will improve society. Learning to trust your neighbor more than “the Government”, will improve society.



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