How to quit wasting your precious energy

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How to quit wasting your precious energy✔️

I teach “increasing your energy” as a basis of all other attainments in life, so I have no energy to waste.

I strictly limit pointless scolling online, because it wastes attention-energy.

I give no attention to worries about the future or regrets about the past.

I never operate in haste, rush or time pressure because that disperses energy.

My phone is off most of the time because I will not tolerate attention-disruptors (“notifications”).

I don’t normally engage in arguments or trying to prove a point to someone because it’s wasted energy.

If any unwellness, nervousness or bad mood creeps up, I breathe and expand awareness to the free and empty space outside of the vicinity of my body, as taught in the programs on my website.

I am very particular about who receives attention. On social media, I don’t respond to lazy questions that I’ve already answered across a dozen books and a hundred free videos and a thousand articles (such as “Fred, what is the law of attraction?”). If I respond, it’s to people with sincere intent or to people I personally know (from coaching). I operate by intuition, not mind.

Having taught myself not to care what others think of me or my work, I retain all the energy normally wasted on approval-seeking and agreement-seeking.

Most people subconsciously resist and tense their jaws and muscles all day. I’ve taught myself to quit doing that. I don’t tense up in front of other people. I don’t tense up when receiving unpleasant news. I don’t clench my teeth when anticipating something. I don’t bite my nails when working on something exciting. I have learned to breathe and expand awareness beyond the tension.

I don’t follow every little in-detail “current events” update, it’s energy wasted. The news of today often turns out to be the falsehood of tomorrow. The news I care most about is that which relates to an increase in personal and planetary energy.

I give zero attention to ill-intended or dishonest people, which are numerous in our world. Attention = energy = reward. I reward good OR sincere with attention. If I’m at ease, i can quickly detect dishonest intent.

Not all my activities have to be “productive” there are phases of work and phases of just-for-fun. This ensures that I don’t get stuck in a rut of doing the same work over and over.

For energy-retention, I usually shift between projects. Today I am doing project A, tomorrow project B, then A, then C, then D, then A, etc.

There’s a lot more. See my free videos “Inceasing Your Energy”. And even more – see my book of the same name. And EVEN more – see my seminar videos on my website.

Keeping and retaining energy is an art, a skill and a great joy.

Once you’re on the path, you get better at it with every passing year.



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