How to heal people with your hands

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

This is an article series on how ancient sages, prophets, mystics and saints practiced otherworldly wisdom and the miraculous. The purpose of this series is to inspire and empower. This is article #10 in the series. Previous articles of the series can be found here: Ancient Otherworldly Wisdom.

I have personally healed several people through “laying hands” or “palm healing”. When I was 24, I had a student who was suffering from migraine and had been for many years. I laid my hands on her head and guided her through an energy exercise. The headache disappeared and never returned. That was the first time I did it in front of witnesses. The funny thing is that it wasn’t a Healing Seminar, it was an English Class. Even funnier, three weeks later this person sent her friend, who also wanted to be healed, under the guise learning English. I healed her too and she started spreading the word. Later, in official healing seminars, I stopped using hand-healing. Back then, I felt embarrassed to be seen as some kind of miracle healer and preferred if people heal themselves. Today I know that it is not “me” doing the healing, I’m just the conduit of source-energy.

I’ve done this many times since. The most important thing I have learned from this is: An invisible, spiritual healing energy or life force really does exist and it is more effective when sent with the intention of love. When I add love to the healing session, I can feel that love as a wave flowing from my chest, through my hands, into the persons body. Often, if it wasn’t healed by then, it is instantly “blown away” when compassionate love is added. 

While healing with hands is known and practiced throughout every culture, modern and ancient, this article will focus on its two most popular manifestations: “Reiki” from the East and “Faith Healing” from the West.


I open Wikipedia on the word Reiki and read: “Reiki is a pseudoscience and is used as an illustrative example of pseudoscience in scholarly texts and academic journal articles…there is no empirical evidence that such a life force exists”.

I’ve spent a lifetime experiencing this miraculous life force and yet, “official sources” keep telling me “it doesn’t exist”. Who are these official sources? Who appointed them?  I’ll close Wikipedia and simply go from memory of what I know about Reiki.

In the West, Reiki is known for the practice of putting hands slightly above or sometimes on people and allowing energy to be transferred for emotional and physical healing. Strictly speaking, you don’t really need an official label such as “Reiki” for it, any human being has this ability from birth. Mothers do it instinctively with their children, helpers do it instinctively with a wounded soldier, nurses do it instinctively with a patient. Your hands radiate heat and that’s a soothing factor, but not the only factor. There is also the strength of the intent of the mother, nurse, soldier, etc. When I’ve seen a person in pain, I approach them with a strong mental intent of healing, which I transfer to them. Other factors include the confidence of the healer, faith of the patient and the level of consciousness of the healer.

In my own Seminars, I teach ways for the healer to create a more dominant thought-form (belief). The thought of healing needs to be stronger than the thought of illness. If the patient too easily falls back into focusing on the problem after session, then the healing-thought is not yet dominant. But I digress, these are my own ideas, lets get back to talking about Reiki.

As in many other traditions, modern versions of Reiki are a degenerate form of its original. If effective, it’s often not because of what the healer learned in a westernized “Reiki Seminar”, but because of the power of the healer.

The creator of Reiki, Sensei (Teacher) Mikao Usui, was into long-term fasting, meditating and breathing-techniques. He underwent lengthy retreats of meditation and traveled across countries to learn from different traditions. That’s a little different than “attaining” a Reiki degree over Youtube. Being lazy (= unloving) about learning these skills, won’t make you a good healer. You might not get the results you expect and give up on it. To be a healer at the miraculous level, requires more depth.

Some westerners offer Reiki in a combo-pack along with massages, facial treatments and mud-packs. I guess that’s great for a temporary chill out, but it has little to do with what Reiki originally was. I’ve also seen it offered with sexual massages and channeling sessions. I’m not a purist, but it’s interesting how far a teaching can drift from its original intent. And then there are scammers who turn it into a subscription  model were you keep paying to “recharge your reiki symbols” or some such nonsense.

The founder of Reiki had something different in mind. Mikao Usui was raised a Samurai. He was born in 1865 in a small village in Japan. He was married and had two kids and ran a company. After some time, he renounced worldly life to explore the nature of Being. Usui learned Chinese, Sanskrit and Tibetan. He studied medicine. He traveled to China, India, Nepal and Tibet. It was in Tibet that he said that he learned the most about Reiki. But he was still not satisfied, feeling that he was missing something essential. Upon his return to Japan he spent more time meditating. One day he decided to climb the sacred mountain of Kurama for long-term fasting and meditating. He said he would not return from his fast until he understood the essence of Reiki, even if it cost him his life. That kind of single-pointed determination is sure to create results.

A life time of focus, finally culminated in the miraculous:After 21 days of fasting and almost nonstop meditation, an apparition of Avalokiteshavara, a Being of Love, Healing and Compassion, appeared to him and began teaching him right there and then. And so we see that, as with so many other movements, Reiki started with a supernatural event. These initial high-energy events are what spark the wide spread of spiritual movements. Without that initial spark movements fizzle out much sooner.

Now he felt he was fully initiated and ready to teach. He became a travelling monk, initiating more than 2000 people into Reiki. Reportedly, Usui was a humble man who did not seek riches but genuinely desired the truth.  He taught the importance of improving yourself because he himself had worked so diligently over the years. From his students he asked that they practice a variety of energy-exercises, fasting, self-inquiry and meditation.

Unbeknownst to many westerners, “Reiki” is actually a branch of the Chinese practice of Qi Gong. One would probably be better off to learn Qi Gong and then use Reiki as one aspect of that. Qi Gong does not only teach about transfering energy through the hands, it teaches management of energy in general and first and foremost on oneself, before healing others. Reiki is a mixture of a branch of Qi Gong, combined with what was revealed by the apparition on mount Kumara.

In 1921 Usui opened a Reiki school in Tokyo and conducted healing sessions for many. In 1923 a massive earthquake shook Tokyo and the amount of people seeking healing with Reiki quadrupled. Soon he became so popular that he opened a bigger Reiki clinic. Reiki spread quickly because it worked.

He died in 1926, leaving behind a huge legacy. He did not appoint a successor as widely claimed. Nor were there Masters, Grand Masters and Lineages, as is falsely claimed by some who would like to put a copyright on energy. By the 1940s there were more than 40 schools in Japan teaching Reiki in many variations. The school that Usui himself originally founded, still exists today, in Tokyo.

Just like we “in the west” teach a form of Yoga that is stripped of its original spiritual meaning and context, as if it were some kind of Gym stretching exercise, Reiki of the west has mostly been stripped of its overall context. In the west, Reiki is primarily concerned with the laying of hands for the purpose of healing and doesn’t teach about much anything else. Originally however, healing with the laying of hands was only one aspect of overall teachings on Energy. If you are a Reiki Healer, you can benefit from learning more about energy in general and also learning other modes of energy healing.

Usui said this:

“Reiki is love. Love is wholeness. Wholeness is Balance, balance is well-being. Well-being is freedom from disease”. 

Faith Healing – The Real Christianity

Anyone who has read four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) of the Bible, knows that Christianity was originally about healing. There was no Church, no Doctrine, no Rituals, no Pope, no Fancy outfits, no Donations and no Priests. It was Jesus and his Apostles walking around wearing sandals, clothed in rags, sometimes even walking barefoot. They spent most of their time laying hands and healing people of all sorts of illnesses. When they weren’t walking around healing, they were praying and fasting. Not only did they have no “Religion”, Jesus actively opposed and mocked the Religions of those days because they were rigid and closed-minded. He also mocked the academic class.

What Jesus taught was very simple. The disciples would have to cleanse and purify themselves through fasting and prayer. When healing, they could either lay hands or command the healing or a combination of both. Jesus and the Apostles often healed with just one command, as in “I command this illness to leave you”. That’s all it took. Nothing more to it. Raise your level of energy, then heal. Simple as that.

It was the Roman Empire that later made a whole Cult out of it. Because the Romans were already idol-worshiping cultists, they turned Christianity into a similar belief-system. For example, Catholics around the world go to “Mass” on Sunday and re-enact “the last supper”. They have a fancy name for this, calling it “The Eucharist”. Imagine that: 2000 years later, people keep reenacting a dinner you had, instead of doing as you did – healing the sick. For many, celebrating festivals such as Christmas and Easter, of which there is zero mention in the Bible, has become more important than fasting, praying and healing.

As a consequence, nowadays, there are very few genuine Christians around. A genuine Christian is a person who practices Faith Healing. And even among those who practice Faith Healing, there are many fakes. Just like there are many con artists practicing Reiki. I was looking for an example of Faith Healing on Youtube and found that most of the sermons and faith healing congregations were fakery and showmanship.

How do you whether a “faith healer” is faking or not? It’s a vibe. Smart people sense it. Frauds are a dime a dozen. Genuine Healers usually don’t seek attention or fame. The video below is an example of genuine faith healing that I found while browsing Youtube. I don’t know the guy and know nothing of his background or teaching, but it’s obvious he’s authentic. He acts in a humble, “regular guy” type of way. He doesn’t need to put on a show. He is not asking money and not using trickery. This you can tell by the fact that not all people are healed. Con men make it look as if everyone is healed. They will edit the footage to remove “unsuccessful heals”. Those who are healed are real people who are sometimes awkward. They are not paid actors who make all the right moves and gestures.

You’ll get the idea just from watching a few minutes:

Long story short: Suffering is optional, not obligatory. You can be healed or you can heal yourself. The methods discussed here were Reiki or Qi Gong and Faith Healing. A method I teach is Emotional Clearing. You could combine all of these methods and more, don’t fixate.

The reason you will hear the media-industrial-complex say that Reiki and Faith Healing “don’t exist” is because the pharmaceutical industry is worth 1170 Billion Dollars a year. The healthcare industry is worth 3.5. Trillion Dollars a year. There is a lot at stake. If everyone learned how to self-heal and heal each other through the laying of hands, the industry that profits off peoples illness, would collapse.

In Reiki, the hands are often seen slightly above the body, in faith healing they are often placed directly on the skin. Does it make difference? Not that I know of. I often combine the laying of hands with a guided meditation to let the person do some processing while I am laying hands. Sometimes I add prayers and words of power. Just like your hands emit energy, so your words carry vibration. Once, I spoke words of healing for an entire hour, while laying hands. In between, I kept asking ” is it now healed?” and at anything other than “Yes, it is healed”, I continued. Sometimes a healing session can be carried out like that, until it heals. At other times it’s good to take a break as not to deplete your own energy and to give the patients body some time to process the energy. Normally your energy is not depleted, you are a conduit for divine energy and you feel energized after a healing session. If you feel depleted, its because the Ego is getting in the way and you believe its “you” doing the work and that “you” are responsible and that “you” need to do it and that “you” are sending energy. Healing is more effective and fun if this “you” gets out of the way and simply allows healing to happen.




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