How to get rich at different levels of consciousness

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Frederick Dodson

At the lowest level of getting-rich you have parasitic consciousness. Unable to create something of their own, parasites live off the ideas and crumbs of others.

Some say you can’t get rich if you’re “low consciousness”, but that’s not true at all. Some of the richest people in the world achieved theirs through crime.

In fact, unless you’re either super-evil or super-good, it’s rare to get extremely rich. You need to be crazy in the negative or positive sense.

There’s a well-known company that rips off my course materials and sells it as their own. They make sure to send a person to my seminars to take notes. I’m aware of the company, I’m aware of what they do and I’m also aware of who they send, but I don’t say anything. I don’t take legal action. Why? Because they are already degrading themselves through their parasitic behavior. Before people are punished for their deeds, they are punished by their deeds.

The opposite of parasitic consciousness is

There are only very few people in the world you are sowing the seeds. The majority of people reap things that others have sown. ⬅️Important to know.

While it’s OK to reap stuff you haven’t sown (we all do – I benefit from a plum tree that I didn’t plant), it doesn’t elevate you.

A small minority are the sowers.💓Without them, this world would be a dystopian hellhole.

Above the criminal level we find the “hard work” level. The riches you acquire from this mentality are limited. A few hundred thousand. In rare cases just over a Million. It takes a long time because you believe you have to enslave yourself or work at the expense of good times to make money. This idea is common but I believe it’s alien to humankind, an external implant.

Hard work is to catch every fish by hand. Smart work is to cast a net. Invest effort in reducing effort. That’s smart.

The path of the sower, the creator, the giver is to provide value and service to others. This is the crime-free, no-strings-attached path to success. Here, your monetary income gauge of the value you provide. Don’t like your level of income? Increase the value or perceived value you provide. 🎁

That’s all there is to it.

The final level of consciousness in terms of money is to act in alignment with your Creator and your life’s plan. Money itself no longer matters. When you need it, it appears. If you don’t understand what this means, you’re not ready for it.

I don’t like to teach about level 4 because 80% of people have yet to reach level 3. Operating from level 3 will provide more than most people will ever need or want. I operate from level 3 and I’m happy.

(This lesson is taken from my “Money Training” Video Course)

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