How to get LIT

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Frederick Dodson

If I had my way with you, I’d

* blindfold you,

* drive you 3 miles by car in an area unfamiliar to you.

* Then I’d remove your blindfold, but also your phone and wallet

and have you find back home on your own.

Only just NOW are we talking true self-development!

All your senses, mind, intuition, remote sensing, remote viewing, survival instinct are suddenly active and brightly LIT. No more being pampered, no more comfort-zoning.

I haven’t actually done this with anyone in Coaching because of the legal hassles and health risks.

But now that you know that I would do it, you can do it to yourself. You can take a trip to an unfamiliar region, get blindfolded and driven three miles away from the Hotel. You give the person who is accompanying you your pacifier (smartphone) and your other pacifier (wallet). Then you find back to the house on your own.

And what if you don’t?

So what?

You’ll find to some other house. And via that house, to yours.

But what if there are wild animals?

Break a stick off a tree.

What if there are killers in the woods?

If that’s what you think goes on, you need to stop watching Netflix.

What if I get lost?

Enjoy it.

The quickest way to develop all of your powers is to be put into a situation where you have to use them. It may be challenging but you’ll feel alive.

What’s your most comfortable place? Lying on the couch with a laptop? Then anything other than that will help you develop.

Is 3 miles too scary? Then start with 1 mile and work your way up. Or, is this entire exercise too much for you? Then, at the very least, get out of your comfort-zone at least once a day, in your own way. Like…when was the last time you told someone what you really think of them (Positive or Negative)?

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