How to get 100 000 followers on Social Media – and why you probably don’t want to

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Frederick Dodson

Dear Marketers,

I don’t want 100 000 followers on social media.

It’s not about quantity, but quality. I know what I’d have to do for 100 000 and I won’t do it.

Interesting content attracts quality people. Being angry and manipulative attracts a quicker/larger quantity of people.

Among the normie-sphere, outrage and negativity get the most clicks, likes, shares, follows.

The average human will click and stare at something longer if it’s negative. They’ll spend more time looking at a train wreck than a picture of yellow flowers. Why do you think all well-known tv-shows are dripping with emotional drama? In psychology it’s called the human negativity-bias, a well known phenomenon proven in countless studies.

If I want to get noticed by the algorithm of X or YouTube I need to use words like

totally destroyed!

If I wanted my account to grow in lightning speed, I need to go animal-level. As marketers say

“If it’s more enraging, it’s more engaging”.

But I won’t do it. I don’t want to be surrounded by low-vibers.

99% of my students say they want MORE customers.

Let me ask you:

Are you sure about that?

Be careful what you wish for. You can achieve more with 10 lions than with 100 000 sheep.

If I wanted those 100 000 “followers” I’d have to force you to spend more time on social media. Consider this statement by Sean Parker, one of the early inventors of Facebook:

“We asked ourselves: How do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible? (We were) exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology…and we did it anyway. ”

Read it again. Realize what you’re dealing with.

The business-model of social media is that if you spend more time on their platform, they get more money from their advertisers. They don’t want you spending time out in real life.

So my post will not get boosted if I link to my website. The link takes people away from here. My post will not be boosted if it’s short. Unfortunately, not many will see my post if it doesn’t follow the algorithm rules.

The post you are reading right now will be shown to more people because it makes you to spend more time on X.

Facebook, Instagram, X, etc. will follow your reading and posting habits and an AI program will learn what triggers you and then try to deliver more of that so that you spend more time…

…scrolling and scrolling
…wasting your life away on cheap emotional triggers.

They will feed you whatever it takes to keep you scrolling. When you quit scrolling, they will make note of that and stop feeding that to you.

This is why some of my friends, who only follow a couple of people online, including me, have NEVER seen my posts on their feed. Why not? Because some of my content has a de-hypnotizing effect and that’s the last thing they want. Teaching people conscious attention runs counter to everything the NWO is planning for you.

You break the hypnosis by pausing before you click, pausing before you scroll.

Do I really want to continue?
Why am I here?
How much time will it take?
Where is my attention?
Where do I want my attention to be?

Everything online is geared toward being addicted to staying online. Once you know this, you’ve partially broken the trance.

Another way I could skyrocket to 100 000 followers within a year or two is if I brabble on incessantly. I’d have to comment on a dozen posts a day, quote-retweet all the time, and just go blablablabla. All the big accounts here do it. They don’t disappear for days, like i do. They have to be here all the time, slaves to the system.

But I don’t wanna. I wanna chill and share interesting stuff.

I don’t play the game: I link externally, I do short posts, I often retweet without comment, I don’t interact with as many people as the all-go-rhythm (get it? All go the same rhythm) wants me to.

Now you know how to get your 100 000 followers.

But 100 000 followers doesn’t mean you’re “successful”. My highest paying customers don’t even have social media! Successful people don’t have all day to spend on social media, they are busy making money.

Finally: If your Business is dependent on Etsy, Amazon, Instagram or similar, you’re vulnerable. Rely only on what you can control long term – you’re own website for example.

All that said, is it possible to get 100 000 followers with positive and uplifting content? Certainly. It may take longer or require other avenues of endorsement, but it’s always possible.

Even so, it’s in my heart to tell you that more is not necessarily better and social media is overrated when it comes to success.

I wrote this post because most people actually believe that “nowadays, without an active social media account, you can’t be successful”. That’s not true. Your success is 100% dependent on your vibe, on who you are, on what you radiate.



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