How to fix stuttering

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Frederick Dodson

About a dozen people have been coached by me to overcome stuttering. My success-rate so far has been 100%.

I have no degrees, no credentials and no education in speech pathology.

My exercises around

breathing, etc.

were a sufficient fix.

One of my main techniques with stutterers has been to let them stutter intentionally every time they stutter. If they stuttered, I had them stutter again on purpose.

The exercise breaks the resistance/shyness, they are finally allowed to stutter.

What you re-create intentionally, ceases to be unconscious, outside of your control.

The next step was to consciously form the intended word or sentence. So the steps became:

1. Notice a stutter

2. Re-create the stutter intentionally

3. Create the preferred word intentionally

This simple process was taken to successively more challenging situations.

First at home, just us two.
Then while meeting strangers.
Then in front of a group.
Then under stress (once in a rollercoaster, another time while lifting weights, etc.)

Another technique I used was define the speed of speech on a scale from 1 to 10.

“Show me speech speed 1”

“Show me speech speed 2”

“Show me speech speed 3”


Then we figured out at which speed stuttering sets in. Then we slow down speech to a point there was no more stuttering. If “Speed 3” was defined as a no-stutter level, we’d have conversations on speed 3. The conversation in slow-motion was funny but effective. The stutterer realizes that slow-motion increases control.

After some time, I’d ask: Do you think we’re ready to progress to level 4? We ever so slightly increase conversation speed. If the person goes back to stuttering, we revert to speed three.

This was a tedious process that took hours, but it worked. “Stuttering” is basically speech not being under your command. Stuttering is a sort of unconsciousness paired with tension or unprocessed trauma.

I used other techniques but nothing specific to stuttering. I use these same methods on many other issues.

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