How to attract higher-quality customers

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Frederick Dodson

In 2023 I quit offering online/zoom-coaching. All coaching had to be in-person.

The improvement was encouraging.

There were no more low-effort, half-hearted people in my sessions. All were high-commitment individuals that were fun/easy to work with.

The common dogma is that the more convenient and easy, the more customers you attract. That’s TRUE.

But in some lines of work it’s not just about quantity. If you want quality, raise your prices and the effort it takes to work with you. It takes effort to make the long trip for an in-person meeting. It’s a joy to work with people who will go the extra mile (pun intended).

These people are like me. If I want something, I’ll travel anywhere, pay any price and do almost anything (legal) to achieve it.

I often receive a message offering “advice” on what I need to say or do to “attract more customers” or “attract more followers”.

I sometimes respond: Who said I want to attract MORE customers?

That puzzles them. They’ve been programmed to think it’s all about quantity.

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