How to arrive at the truth of a thing

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Frederick Dodson

Finding the correct explanation for something is an art and skill. The phenomenon described above, for example, could have many explanations:
1. Spiritual intervention
2. The Church secretly had photo technology
3. Extraterrestrial Intervention
4. Hoax
And several more.
One of the weaknesses of the human mind is to jump to conclusions too quickly. By choosing one option, the mind becomes blind to others. For example, most people have already, subconsciously CHOSEN to believe that no photo technology existed before the 1800s, so option 2 isn’t even thought of, NOT EVEN CONSIDERED.
That only leaves ETs, a spiritual being or a hoax. Or does it? Of course not. Those are merely the options that seem the closest to what we know.
People often ask me “how do you research?” I use intuition, common sense and I look at a thing from many different viewpoints, without forming a final conclusion. I am still open to all four explanations. But having OCCUPIED each viewpoint/belief for some time and also seen in the context of other apparitions, option 1 is the most likely, but I’m not closing the door on option 2, which is the second most likely. Because I kept the DOORS OF PERCEPTION open, my views about this changed over time. Twenty years ago I was sure it was option 3.
The technique I just described can be found in my book “The Intuitive Awareness Method”.
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