How they compartmentalize knowledge

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Random House, the biggest publisher in the world was going to consider my book “Parallel Universes” if I removed mention of extraterrestrials and subterranean civilizations. These topics, they said, don’t fit to a book on self-improvement.
And if you’re going to do a segment on the TV show “Ancient Aliens” you’re not allowed to talk about angels, because it doesn’t fit to the topic.
And if you’re doing a religious show, you can’t talk about extraterrestrials, because it doesn’t fit the topic.
A famous PR agent recently remarked “You have to make up your mind – are you a success coach or an author on alternate history? It confuses people and dilutes your brand if you do both. One segment repels the other. People aren’t that open minded”
Compartmentalization is meant to keep people dumb as a rock.
Contrast, Comparison and Cross-over allows you to see patterns and makes you smarter..
Intelligence-agencies always use compartmentalization so that they can keep their secrets. Every employee is only told what they must know to do their job, but nothing more. This is so that if the employee gets captured by “the enemy”, not all the intelligence is handed over.
From a purely materialistic standpoint, this makes sense. But in the spiritual realm, compartmentalization kills creativity and the ability to “connect the dots”.
In reality, everything fits to everything else. Everything is connected, entangled, related. No matter what topic you study, you are really studying consciousness because consciousness is the underlying common factor.
Without diluting your primary focus or project, venture outside of your common thinking once in a while. Read a book you’d normally disagree with every now and then. Follow an account on social media you normally disagree with. Learn something new.
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