Success without Strings Attached

How Reality Creation was used to Escape Imprisonment

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

I was browsing through the 1990 book Escape from Controlled Custody, from my Library of Survivalist Books. One chapter, features different ways that prison inmates have escaped from confinement. I discovered that most of successful escapes use the method of Acting-As-If, which is one of the essential Reality Creation tools.

Even more interesting: The role-play or acting-as-if method is used by prisoners of war (soldiers and officers),less by common criminals. Criminals use more simple (but much less successful) methods, such as tunnel digging, whereas POWs use the more successful role-playing. That says something about the difference in consciousness levels!

From the book:

I have a few stories of my own. Many years ago, I was contacted by a South Korean, who wanted me to help her sister escape North Korea. She had some way of getting messages to her sister, but naturally wouldn’t share them with me. I instructed the sister to go through the entire successful escape from start to finish, in every detail and every day, for months – backwards. She was to start by imagining hugging her sister and then work back from there: What happened before that? And before that? And how did you get to that point? And what happened before that? She was priming her subconscious and body-memory to a successful escape.

The most crucial part of the escape was a river in the wilderness. It was awfully cold. Most who attempted to escape on that route, in the winter, died. But if one could survive it, escape was fairly straightforward. That’s why visualizing warmth and comfort during the crossing of the river, was the most important part of the daily visualization. Every day, she went through a meditation routine where she would see herself going the whole journey. I cannot share more details of the story, except to say that, in the end, it was successful and also involved elaborate role-playing after she had reached China. We had forgotten to add any visualization for the trip from China to South Korea and it proved almost ass difficult as escaping North Korea. In the end, she achieved her goal and is now safe and happy with her sister, the last I heard.

Whether we can leave or enter a place, is not only determined by external factors. It also depends on our inner state.

When I was 17 and 18 I used to get into dance clubs by saying to the doorkeeper “They are with me”, pointing to my friends standing behind me. This implied that the doorkeeper was somehow supposed to know who I am and that my VIP-status entitled me to get other people into the club. 9 times out of 10, this trick worked. If I didn’t use the trick, we’d often be rejected at the door. Only once, it did not work and the gatekeeper boomed “And who the fuck are YOU?”. It was an embarrassing moment. All the other times, it worked because only a VIP would talk that way and the doorman and they wouldn’t dare question it.

Once, I entered a country on an expired Visa. It had expired months ago, but neither the airport check-in, nor the immigration officers, noticed. What helped was, that I didn’t know it had expired. I only discovered that while flipping through my passport on the way to the Hotel. Because I assumed that all was well, I felt well and so all went well.

This article is not to imply that you should embark upon a career as a con-artist. It is to say that, if you ever find yourself in a critical situation, it is important to maintain a good, calm, joyful inner state. Even if you had a gun pointed at you, you should not give in to fear. Keep attention on a more pleasant scenario. This could save your life. It is impossible for you to feel good, at a fundamental level and experience something bad.

If you ever find yourself in a crucial situation, learn to maintain a good state. Even if you have a gun pointed at you, do not give in to fear and keep your attention on a more pleasant scenario. It is impossible for you to feel something good and experience something bad. But if you succumb to fear, a bad experience becomes possible.



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